Are we having fun yet? Tired of being tired? Ready to throw up your arms and say: “OK, I give up. I’m done.”

Because so far this calendar year, the energy of allowing, of having faith in the Unknown – be it God, the Angels, the Universe, Divine Source – whatever you name it/us, has been the main theme/objective for all.

Wherever one is in their situation/ life, it’s been about going within. Listening to your inner voice/ your intuition, connecting to your spirit/soul to receive the answer(s).

At anytime when you have forced or pushed for an outcome, you may have found that the result has not worked out to how you wanted and thought it should have. This is because we want you to believe in the mystery, the wonder of what the heart/soul can feel and not about what the mind/ego wants. Once you do it’s like magic, your life unfolds in a series of coincidences/miracles. It’s about learning there is more to life than the material, the physical. Many are feeling lost or disconnected because they have been putting their faith into what others think and say how they should live their life and not listening to what their soul wants. During the course of this year, different emotions have been intense and varied. So whenever you were sad, happy, angry, or any other emotion, it has felt it was magnified by 10-1000, it was like a roller coaster and at times you wanted it to stop/get off already. We ask you have you been honoring your soul or your ego?

As September approaches the energy of the month is about inner reflection. Connecting to your true self. It’s a challenge in today’s world, especially with technology, marketing, societies values and rules. That is why some will believe in extreme behaviors (such as radical, violent, abusive actions) and others will find their own truth, even if it means combining different ideologies from different sources. A strong sense of wanting to fulfill personal meaning in their lives, so please be aware of whom and what you put your faith/trust into, as some groups are serving their ego selves and not there to assist you in helping you grow and find your own inner voice and way. It is very important to go with what feels right for you. Ways to cope and help in this process is spending time in Nature, listening to meditation cds, alternative therapies such as massage, reiki, intuitive counselling. Many will feel exhausted and tire easily: get as much sleep/rest as possible. Eat well, not only is this common knowledge but many will find they are sensitive to foods more than they usually are. Important to pay attention to what triggers emotional responses and taking the steps to clear the negative from one’s life. Because of this some will feel they are facing a deeper and darker side of life that is uncomfortable: remember find a safe and positive resource to help heal this part of you, your life. The more you let go of controlling your life and allowing it to unfold the better and easier it will be. Your personal trust and beliefs are tested and rewarded depending on the choices you make. It all counts and it is all a positive learning experience.

I am going to share a few messages that come through regarding local and world issues particularly for the month of September.

Early fall: Autumn coming sooner than expected in many regions. September will have cooler than average temperatures, damp, fog, ice (be it in form of frost, sleet, rain). Some will believe winter coming early yet this winter season will be better than average: mild temperatures, drier, some days breaking warm temp records, many sunny days. Still a season of extreme weather conditions in many parts of the world.

Real estate and finances: It’s been a sellers market and seeing that changing soon, prices falling as expected sales dropping due to high volume of homes for sale and to high cost of living. Less disposable income for many – an energy of wanting to clear debt ASAP, and get ahead financially. Feeling many are ‘panicked’ about money situation, not having enough cash to pay for items.

Province of Alberta: Regarding the upcoming Provincial Conservative leadership race, looking at each of the 3 candidates numbers chart and none are well suited for the job and their timing in running for office is not favorable. All 3 are in a cycle where secrets and control prevalent. Feels as if whomever wins will not be the new Premier for long (yes, again!). Feels as if each has a hidden agenda, not disclosing the truth and direction Alberta is going. Keep hearing ‘backroom’ deals being made to benefit their own career and financial advancement. Not good but feel it will shake things up for us citizens, a wake up call, as not everything going as well as it seems to be here. Economy in spotlight- overspending, cutbacks, bankruptcies, news about adding a provincial sales tax.

Canada: Focus on employment, education system, healthcare, housing. Changes in these areas that will impact the country’s economy and well being. Affordable housing and meeting one’s basic needs becoming more challenging and cause for concern. Social services in spotlight-many government programs will be cutback or stopped, this means many of us will ask or rely on charities/the community to help in times of need. It’s a time where we can no longer count on the Government for assistance. A lot of attention on family issues, especially in regards to poverty and domestic abuse.

United States: The country’s status and direction will have an impact on many parts of the world. Economy not doing as well. Energy of Government being more focused and pulled into fixing other countries problems instead of their own. See them sending a large contingent of land troops/forces into battle in the Middle East. Doesn’t bode well, nobody wins. Dealing with issues from the country’s past as in their policies, choices, beliefs arise and in spotlight. Truth and integrity of the country and its citizens challenged.

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