Welcome to October! Read on about what messages I received for the general population when I channeled my Guides.

“Are we there yet?” “Hang on- we’ve almost arrived! ” Many have been feeling ‘caged’. That life has been this roller coaster: one moment things are looking up and then when we seem to reach what we want it all falls apart/goes in a different direction. A feeling of being this hamster on the wheel; just going around and around and getting nowhere. Or so it may seem, especially when others are observing us. But that is not the case, because this year has been about making progress internally- finding ourselves, opening up the spirit/soul part of our lives, not looking and counting on the external/material world for our true happiness. It’s been tough but soon enough those that have taken the time and effort to heal their internal wounds and face their fears will see results occurring in many areas of their life. It’s been about finding out what really matters to you- you alone – and not following the crowd’s idea of what is true and important. Those that have been ‘carving out’ their own individuality by accepting, acknowledging and being confident with ‘this is who I Am’ role, will find the coming year to be rewarding and abundant that will become visible to oneself and those around us. Where others have judged/criticized/questioned you, your motives, your choices the tables will turn sort to speak. These individuals will notice those that exude self-confidence, self-assurance and self-worth will be sought out for their knowledge: wanting to know how to get that, have that and be that. This is great but once again be aware of: are you learning to be empowered OR are you allowing a person/group/system have power over you. We are moving into a direction where values, traditions, and motives will be in focus; challenged and questioned. What we want to know is this: do your values align with your true self, whose traditions are you following, and are your motives a win-win for all those involved?

October is a #8 month. Combining the meaning of this number with the #7 year makes for an interesting and sometimes tumultuous month ahead. It will go very well for some and for others tough times. We know this sounds ‘cliche’ but it can go either way: a see-saw back and forth analogy for so many of us- so do not despair when things are down and yet do not get cocky when things are going well as the energy of the number 8 is “What goes around comes around”.

The number 8 represents the material world and all things on a large scale: finances, large corporations, business & career matters, the law, government, the Bank & Insurance industries, and the ego part of our lives. It has a strong energy where one has to be aware of not being too pushy, arrogant, and an attitude of having to be right all the time. Some people and organizations will try to exercise their power over others- an expression of trying to ‘throw their weight around’ to get what they want no matter the consequences. However, it’s not all bad, as we will notice everything is Yin & Yang, Light & Dark, Positive & Negative, this is the energy effect of the number 8.

A good month to find answers, solutions, solve problems, especially if you can trust your gut instinct- the first feeling that comes to you when making decisions, both big and small. Where you felt like giving up before especially in matters related to career, a renewed sense to try again and keep at it. A “not giving in” attitude will be a big influence in our day-day life but remember the #8 effect- what goes around comes around- pick your battles wisely. Wanting to reach some sort of achievement and accomplishment- for those that can combine and align their intuition with their action will see success. The challenging part with this though is making choices based on your heart and not with your head- try not to let your ego get in the way.

Take care of your finances. Really trust your instincts when it comes to making major purchases, signing important documents, and seeking loans/advice. Keep hearing “try not to break the bank” at this time. There’s a polarity with money going on and becoming apparent as the month progresses- overspending in areas that gives us pleasure/feeds our ego and under-spending in areas related to meeting our basic needs. Once again many are worried about money, of not having enough, feeling poor materially. Here’s a tip/exercise to try: focus on areas in yourself and your life that are rich; such as your family, friends, home, food, all the things we take for granted but should be more thankful for, this includes the qualities you like best about yourself.

Lastly, this is important: many of you will feel “I want this/that right now!” strongly, the trick is while it’s great to go after what you want, be prepared for: “At what price will this cost me?” Your dreams and goals will be important to you this coming month, so if it feels so right to you then Go For It! Whatever successes come your way, the big and small ones, to share your good fortune whether it be money, time or advice to those that could use a helping hand. The more you serve from a place of an open heart, the more the Universe will reward this kindness. It’s time to share your gifts, to live your dream(s) and to believe in yourself. No more hiding, no more being in the background- allow your light to shine!


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