Hello everyone! I realize that we are almost halfway thru this month and I’m only now posting this forecast. Some may be thinking or wondering “Why so late?” and “Why bother now?” Good questions as I myself have been wondering why it took so long for me to connect with my Divine Guides and receive the messages for November. If only I could record what I see and hear, as it is easier to make sense of. I am jumping the ‘gun’ sort to speak as I want to share what this month’s numbers mean first and then the messages I channeled from the Divine Counsel.


Although we are still in the calendar year of 2014, the energy of 2015 is starting to be felt, as we all are feeling shifts on an energetic level whether we are aware of this or not. The number 1 represents new beginnings. A time where new ideas, plans, goals and dreams will be felt and thought of. Depending what cycle you are in, each individual will be focusing mainly on one area in their life: this can be career, family, home, health, personal appearance, finances, whatever speaks strongly to you right now. It is a good time to act upon these new ideas, the more the better, but to remember that some will need time to prosper/take affect: be patient. Some will struggle with the new as they relate it to change and feel safe with what they have known, done and felt for so long even though it can be better and it is time to move on, to begin a new way. Try to be brave, even if it means listening to those who inspire you via a friend, family, a movie, a book, whatever makes you feel safe to venture out of your comfort zone especially a negative one. It is a good time to try new things, whether it be cuisine, a class, a book, whatever you may generally decide against, you may find yourself drawn to pursuing this. Pay attention to the people you meet, as they will have an impact on you in one way or another- either by showing you a better way, or by seeing something within yourself that needs to be addressed/healed. It’s an action time- meaning that whatever you have been putting off doing, now is a good time to get things going and/or done. Many will feel (pardon the language), ‘no more bullshit’- get to the point and this is how it is- just the facts. So those that are generally sensitive will find they have more courage this month, a backbone- so this energy will guide them to standing up for themselves, showing how strong they can be. A take charge energy, so be aware of not being too bossy and pushy. The number one is masculine, so anything to do with men’s issues and concerns will be popular. Watch tempers and handling sharp objects as it rules these categories. Many will feel more energized and busy: a go-go-go and rushing around energy. People feeling wanting to be independent and yet lonely.


The following are the messages I received from a group of my guides whom I refer to as The Divine Counsel. “What’s the hurry? Why do you feel it needs to be NOW? Where’s the fire? ” Although most are in a habit of keeping busy and getting things done, the first half of the month for many has been about endings, letting go of what no longer serves you on many levels: materially, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The material and physical are easy to complete, end sort of speak but the emotional and spiritual essence has been harder. Many have felt like they suffered some sort of blow to their heart, to their beliefs, to their ways of thinking and knowing. This is unsettling, as you are called upon to explore and find new methods, new ideas, new ways of healing and seeking comfort and release from the pain. What hasn’t been beneficial has come to an end and now you find yourself on a new path. So can you see the delay in our message, that the energy of endings and new beginnings are intertwined, they go hand in hand. Because that is what life is all about. Many think in terms of the physical: alive and dead. Yet we speak in terms of day to day events, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, they are in constant motion of being alive and dying. So yes it is nice to have new things, but it is better to have a new attitude and strength to move forward with what your heart has desired for so long. Be not afraid, be bold, be courageous, and take the steps that you have been putting off but have known for some time what needed to be done. So either you have started to move forward or you needed our help sort to speak: physical signs showing up that make you pay attention and leave you no choice but to do. An awakening time for many. Feels as if you have been asleep for so long and just realizing now: “Why didn’t I know sooner or take action sooner?” Be gentle- as it is all good. Lessons learned the hard way make a more profound and meaningful impact, as this is how it is on Earth. We want you to feel the fire but in terms of your passions, what drives you and makes you feel enthusiastic- Yes! This is a very empowering word we want you all to use. Enthusiastic! Find it and let it guide you to bigger and better. Not necessarily with things, items but within yourself- be proud of your gifts, your talents, your traits that show you at your best and be enthusiastic about them. It will catch on like fire! We would love it if many and /or most of you start a personal journal. It is a start of the new you. A more joyful and peaceful you. It is a book about your desires, your dreams, the positive, all the things that are small to big with a focus on you: Who are you? What do you like about yourself? What areas within yourself do you want to improve and grow? Take a deep breath and start this new beginning, this new you with an inner strength and knowing that we are here by your side watching and waiting with our deepest love and light. Until next time, we send our Divine Blessings!