Wow! December already! Another year almost completed and where has the time gone? Please read on for the messages for this month.


In Numerology, the number 11 is considered to be one of three Master Numbers. It is a highly spiritual vibration, an intense and heightened intuitive energy. It represents many of the characteristics, traits, strengths and challenges of the number 2 but on a stronger level. Our feelings and emotions will be influencing many in their day to day activities and lives. We will feel on a deeper level and be more sensitive than usual. Be aware of your moods and how they may swing from one extreme to another. It can be where one moment/day you will feel peaceful, joy and then it will change to worry, sadness. It is especially beneficial to be as creative as possible. Any activity, hobby that brings you calmness will help soothe your uneasiness and bad mood. Try things such as painting, coloring, writing, baking, cooking, crafts, dancing, anything at all, the choices are endless, no matter how good or bad you think you are at it. It is interesting that the number 11 is occurring during the holiday season as its characteristics is reflected with the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas that some want us to remember. Inspiration, hope, peace, universal love, cooperation, kindness and compassion will be demonstrated often and in focus. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear and see many wanting to give and share more than receive. Whether it be to a charity, a stranger, a loved one, or an acquaintance. Also the giving and sharing will include things that cannot be bought, such as giving of time, a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand – all things that come from the heart will be noticed. A ‘goodwill towards men and peace on earth’ will be a goal for many. This energy also represents the spiritual and metaphysical world/subjects, but to a higher degree. So many may either become interested and/or curious about matters that cannot be easily explained into words. Experiences that seem to be ethereal, angelic and Divine-like will be profound for those that believe and are open to it but also possible for those that are skeptical. It is a time where the intuition will be strong and proof that the heart knows more than the mind. Any choices or decisions where one can rely or listen to what the heart feels will be better than trying to listen to what logic wants or thinks one should do. Trust your initial ‘gut’ reaction. Be patient, understanding and forgiving with yourself and others. These traits will serve one well in the long run, as time will show the answer(s), opportunities and gifts to problems and difficulties. Also the number 11 is attuned to water, music and daydreaming. All being very therapeutic and important to one’s well-being. Make sure you get lots of water, both drinking and eating foods with high water content. Using water as a healing tool, such as swimming, baths, looking at water images. But also be careful with water, a high chance of problems with this resource occurring. Be aware of water pipes, plumbing, open waters (this can be pollution, accidents, shortages), and weather related water formations. Incidents with ice for those that live in colder climates. Music will be a popular gift and activity to bring people together. Daydreaming is a simple form of meditation. So if you find yourself lost in thought, take your imagination to a positive and joyful scenario. Many will want to spend this month on a more intimate level – this doesn’t necessarily always mean sexual, but in a way of connecting to one another on a deeper level. This would be thru conversations, sharing personal details/stories/histories/feelings and/or joining like minded groups. Many want to feel like they belong and are special. So if you can, hug and be expressive with compliments as much as possible: you may never know how much you improved/delighted/contributed to another’s life by reaching out.

The following is a channelled message from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

MAGIC. BEAUTY. LOVE. LIFE. BREATH. What do all these things have in common? They are abound but are you noticing? We want you all to start with taking a deep breath, letting all that is wondrous and alive fill you and every cell. Slow and deep. Close your eyes and feel the beauty of life. Take your time and be present. Now let out a deep breath of all that is: the pain, the sorrows, the negative, as these emotions and thoughts are not serving you and those around you any good. Be and feel lighter with each breath. If this means it takes multiple times and days to be this way then so be it. Time and numbers so not matter- we are not keeping count nor should you. We want you to be aware of how beautiful and full of love you all are, especially at this time of the year. So much is dependent on the making of this season, into the illusion that it takes the spending of money and energy to create magic once a year yet we say that there is magic in you and all around you at all times, without much effort, resources and finances. It is easier said than done as you think too much about it all. Worry and stress on the perfecting of celebrating the holidays. Why do you choose this route? Why do you believe in this philosophy? Why is it such a struggle for so many of you to feel the magic, beauty, love, life that you breathe in YOU? Just the simple act of breathing is all that: isn’t it amazing? That your mind doesn’t have to think about this action, it just is, does, and yet you all take it for granted and not use it to your advantage? Sometimes the answer one seeks is as simple as taking a breath. It clears so much, yet so many do not understand this simple act. It can afford not only clarity, but inner peace, a calmness to which one can feel better, clearer and in tuned with your own inner guidance. We can communicate and guide so much better and easier when you take the time to focus on your breaths. in with the good, out with the bad. It is as easy as that. There are those who choose to remain and remember the worst, the sadness, the emptiness. Reliving loss and allowing fears to become self-defeating. Be gentle with yourselves. Forgive. Become enchanted with life and yourself. Celebrate all that is: the past, the present, the possibilities.


Until next time, sending each one of you Divine Blessings, Love and Light, The Counsel.