Happy New Year to all! Welcome to 2015! Please read on for the numerological message for the month of January 2015.

I will also paste a link at the end of this post to the numerology energy forecast for the year 2015, an article I wrote and published on my website in October 2014 for those that are interested and/or curious about what this coming year’s energy will bring.


It is going to be an interesting month. Most cultures and societies have traditions regarding the New Year, making it about resolutions, giving up bad habits, letting go of negative influences, things, and people, anything that has to do with shedding the old to make way for the new. This month with the number 9 energy representing endings and letting go it seems like a good fit. Yet it also represents truth and integrity and this is where it can become challenging and difficult for some when it comes to endings and letting go. It is easy to make our resolutions, we each have good intentions to be better, to follow thru on them but the energy of truth and integrity will influence us to take action and get it done. Do you really have what it takes to face the parts of you and/or your life that you don’t like/accept/want? Can you face your own truth and finally walk your talk? Because there is the possibility that if you do not take action than whether it be via a health ‘scare’, an event, or a person, it may feel for some that we are forced to clear and end whatever negative influences are part of one’s life. These negative influences will vary from person to person, but in general it is a month about letting go, getting rid of what no longer fits/serves you or holding you back, releasing the past, finding a way to finish projects/ideas that were started awhile ago. It is about facing our worst selves, be it the beliefs, habits, traits and fears that one has that isn’t benefiting not only oneself but all those around us, near and far. Forgiving and unconditional love. Seeing the bigger picture in life and how one person can make a difference, hopefully it will be a positive one. It also represents the Universe, both on a physical level but especially on a metaphysical level, so this means subjects specifically regarding “Is there life on other planets?”, astral travelling/projection, UFOS, aliens, time travel, and gurus. There may be frequent news/stories and interest about these areas. Many will experience more drama in their life, either by their own doing or being drawn into it by others around them. Stop and try to find a way to not get caught up in the emotions of anger, sadness, shame, and guilt: this is a ‘test’ to see what patterns you usually resort to when coping and dealing with these types of situations. If you can be self-aware during these episodes it will help you determine what negative traits you need to let go of to create a better and happier you. Reflecting on the past and for some this can mean people and/or situations from long ago turn up again. It is a chance to heal, make amends and let it all go. Make room for a new and better life.

The following is a channelled message from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

This is the time of year where so many look forward to it because it is ‘New’ on the calendar, where hope is strong, dreams and goals are formed. So we ask each of you: What do you want to do this coming year? What are your goals? What kind of life do you dream of for yourself? Who do you want to become and be? Do you believe it is possible that they can be achieved? Write them down. Draw. Paste words and pictures. Make it a masterpiece! A creative and fun project that is inspiring and beautiful to look at. You don’t have to fill up the page as it is an ongoing and endless project: growing and changing as you do, as each day is NEW. There is no time limit or deadline to this project as life isn’t about limits or deadlines. Choose with your heart. Include feelings, thoughts, moments as these are things many are led to believe are ‘little’. They are all significant. Very important. Focus on positive images, words and what you appreciate. Let your imagination go. Forget what is happening now. Get lost in this project, whether you get it done in 5 minutes or 5 days or 5 months. Come to it over and over again, keep adding to it, and removing what is no longer important or feels right. Let go of preconceived notions of what life is supposed to be like. Who says so? The government? The establishment? The corporations? Your culture? Your family? Your friends? You? It is about finding and discovering who you are and what is important to you. Some may be surprised, disappointed, scared, and/or disillusioned with this project idea. Give it a chance, TRY, as you will learn NEW things about yourself as your project unfolds and your life transforms into a more meaningful experience.

©Tina De Luca

Until next time, we send each and all our Divine Blessings.