Welcome to the second month of the year and it will feel lighter than last month. An ease and for some as if a burden has lifted, a weight off one’s shoulders sort to speak. Please read on for what the number means for this month.


Finally! It will be a better month for many. Especially those that worked on personal issues such as control, fears, and forgiveness last month. Those that did, will be in a better place, a better mood and excited to move forward with new goals and plans. If you were able to heal past wounds in January, accepting and letting go of personal traits, habits, beliefs and shedding what no longer works or does any personal good will see that things will turnaround for oneself this month, a reversal of fortune, yet those that denied and/or avoided their truths will see that life seems to be stuck and almost wanting to blame their misfortunes on bad luck. So whether or not you did personal healing, life will happen fast, things changing quickly, at times not able to think things through, just doing and some will feel ready for this type of energy and others will struggle. This is a month of new beginnings. Making plans and setting goals but being patient as not all of them will be realized this month as some will need time to flourish. Depending on your personal cycle number this year, you’ll be taking charge in one main area of your life, wanting to be the boss and finding out that although it is nice to seek advice, that your initial idea is the right one. The number one is a physical energy, so those that felt tired/sluggish in January will feel more energized and a good time to begin a new diet/exercise/healthy lifestyle. A good month to try new things, so if you have been scared to do something specific in the past, now is the time to go for it. A brave and enthusiastic energy. Take that chance, keep at it, and look at new and creative ways for solutions. A month where things will happen fast, new perspectives and ideas will occur. “A-HA” moments for many. Those that are single, a good month for meeting someone new/dating and for everyone no matter what your relationship status is presently, to pay attention to those that you meet as they will play an important role in your future. Watch your temper and what you say as some will be too outspoken. Be aware of fire: so make sure appliances/candles/ anything that can cause an explosion or fire are safe and extinguished when away/done with. Be careful of the following: sharp objects, speeding, rushing around as accidents related to these areas are higher than usual. A powerful month, and be mindful of your choices: really focus on the positive side of everything.

Please read on if you are interested about February’s channelled message from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

“LOVE IS IN THE AIR. EVERYWHERE I LOOK AROUND. LOVE IS IN THE AIR. EVERY SIGHT AND EVERY SOUND.” *Please note that my Divine Guides were playing these lyrics from a song that I looked up to confirm the writer and words as they will send me messages in forms of music. These words are from the song ‘Love Is In The Air’ by John Paul Young.*

Aah…L’Amour! The one thing that makes the world go round, the heart pitter patter and yet is so elusive, so challenging for many. We understand that this is the month of St.Valentine’s Day, which is of great importance for many on Earth, whether you are single or not, whether you say or think you care or not, because love is the greatest gift of all. It fulfills many needs and desires, soothes the soul, and eases loneliness. Some would prefer being in the company of whomever than risking the effects of being on one’s own. Why does solitude scare you so? Why does romantic love become so necessary this month? Why has it been allowed to escalate to the point where true love, finding your soulmate and marriage are what makes a person? Because we say that LOVE IS EVERYWHERE! Can you see love as a Universal concept. That love IS everywhere. It is in you, in those around you, in nature, in all that is created by God/Allah/Creator. Because if you can see, focus and appreciate the beauty of all that is created, you will feel the love. Yet, we are not denying that romantic love is wonderful, is important, but that love encompasses much more than what is laid before you to believe in. We want you to notice the basic concept of love in all things. To feel, to send, to be love. Because the more love you have in you, the more love comes to you. Do you love yourself? Do you love who you are? Do you love all that is in and a part of your life? Let what isn’t of love fall away. Do you not deserve love at its highest good? If you were to be gifted with the ability to talk to your past or future self would you be speaking with love? So why deny love to yourself today? Do not be discouraged if you are single, you are alone, you are ….’fill in the blank’ as many of you are quick to notice/point out the negative in oneself, in one another, in all that is around you before the positive. Do not allow fear to deny the love you want, you deserve, you desire. Treat yourself better, with great love and care. Be the example of what love you feel inside you and may it be a source of great light and joy.

Until next time, We, The Counsel of Divine Light and Love, send you and all creations from the One, many Divine Blessings.

©Tina De Luca