Hello to all! Please read below the messages and insights for this month both by what the numbers mean and than from what I channeled from my Divine Guides of 3, The Counsel. Spring is almost here!


A few months back, in December 2014, the energy for that month was also an 11/2 number. So there will be similarities but also expect a few differences as the number sequence differs. This is a highly intuitive number, wanting to master what lies within an individual by attracting challenges that test a person’s will. It’s about trying to heal, handle and accept what comes your way by mastering your emotions with ease and grace. Being as patient as possible. Now it is normal to have moments where frustration, tears, anger, sadness and disappointments get the better of you so this is where being gentle with yourself and others helps. Get the negative out and release all attachments but try not to stay stuck in the negative for too long: music, fresh air and water (in any form: i.e. swimming, baths, drinking) will help alleviate the negative moods one feels and is holding onto. It is a very emotional time for many, and for some questioning why they are feeling strong emotions that normally in the past wouldn’t affect them. It will feel like a roller coaster of moods, sensitive to your surroundings and people, both close and unknown to you. So some may not be aware that they are picking up on the energy of what is around them as some of your feelings may not even be yours. It’s not intentional, that is why and I repeat, being gentle, kind and understanding will be beneficial. Trust your instincts, your gut feelings as they are highly in tune/in sync. It is a feminine energy, meaning women will be in focus this month, via news, stories, headlines, etc. Also many will find that women will be playing an important role in one’s life: either a combination of personal and/or professional matters. For those that are struggling this is a time to seek others for help, especially in small groups, cooperating and sharing one’s knowledge/advice. Helping others by inspiring one another and raising the vibration to a more enlightened level will get fantastic results. Being of service and caring. Showing compassion, empathy and love. In fact this number rules the heart area, so either you can feel love or feel broken, the choice is yours. Because this is such a high vibrational number, many will be prone to daydream, to fantasize, to escape in their thoughts. This can be healthy as it is a form of meditation, especially for those that have trouble with quieting their mind of thoughts, so go with it: dream beautiful, dream wonderful, dream all is well but be careful not to become obsessive/delusional. It can be a magical time for many, as long as you learn to believe before seeing. Trust issues play heavy for many, meaning they will be dealing with matters that affect trust. A big part is learning to trust yourself, your intuition and just knowing your inner truth speaks louder than what society tells us what we should believe and do. You know yourself best and this month is about believing, feeling and following your heart, your true you. Finally for those that want to connect on a spiritual level, this is an excellent time to start…follow your inner guidance to what tool and/or teacher may help you begin the journey to a higher level. This month the path won’t be easy but it will end up being fulfilling for those that allow their heart to be the guide. Be hopeful and optimistic.

Please read on for the channelled message for March.

BELIEVE. BREATHE. BELIEVE. BREATHE. AND BELIEVE. AND BELIEVE SOME MORE. We are repeating ourselves yet it is through repetition that many learn from. So it is as if we cannot say this enough: BELIEVE. You are well. You are love and light. BELIEVE. Say it again. “I AM love and light.” BELIEVE. We see, hear and feel how so many are done and unhappy with life’s unfolding. A sense of urgency and panic about what the future may bring. All is Divine. All is well. And we want you all to take a deep breath and BELIEVE life is so much more than what you see. It is time to feel. Time to be present. Time to believe that life can be and is love and light. BELIEVE. So many practicing lack, worry and fear, believing in the lack, allowing these negatives dictatorship of your heart. BELIEVE that you are infinite, that the Universe is abundant, ready to meet your heart’s desires. Because the time is now to ask yourselves: “What am I really worth? What do I value? How do I value and honour my true self? ” Tina has spoken of ease and grace. Wise words. Is it not easier and more graceful to send yourself love and light? Is it not easier and more graceful to send all those around you love and light? Start now. BELIEVE you are so much more. Listen to and allow your heart to speak. BELIEVE the answers lie within you. BELIEVE the heart, the soul is truth. So, do you BELIEVE you are a source of light and love? Do you BELIEVE you can be a source of light and love? You each have the choice of what to feel and this will dictate your heart, your soul’s journey, whether by ease and grace or by fear and worry. May your choices be filled with light and love. Be well.

Until next time, we send each and every one, many Divine Blessings filled with Divine Love and Light, The Counsel.

©Tina De Luca