Finally! I am posting this month’s numerology meaning and possibilities. I apologize for being late but ironically it does tie into what the number represents. Please read on.


This will prove to be either a fun month or a frustrating one depending on how well a person handles spontaneous situations. The number 3 is often represented by the child energy, both in terms of an actual child and by traits and behaviours similar to that of a child. So for many, children will be in focus, whether you have any or not, as it would be beneficial to pay attention to how they cope, communicate and go about their daily lives as they are so often in the present moment…they don’t care about tomorrow so much as we adults do, they want what they want now and whether it is good or bad most children know how to release the emotion and carry on. They are about what gives them joy, what feels good and what is fun and they are very good at trying to get what they want as much as possible. Also many of us will be thinking back to our childhoods, remembering and reminiscing, perhaps even wanting to recapture something from childhood, whether it be an item, a memento or a feeling. At times we may encounter situations that will bring us back to when we were children that can either be joyous or painful. If it is difficult memories that keep flooding back, try to heal the situation(s) by taking a step back and soothing/comforting your inner child with love, patience and kindness: be the ideal dream parent to your inner child. The other important factor for this month is that many will encounter situations that do not go according to plan. Specifically appointments, schedules, meetings, anything that is set to a timetable, will either be changed by your own doing, someone else’s doing or what I like to refer as Divine intervention (this is when the mysterious or unexplainable shows up). The energy of the #3 is about going with the flow, so if you are one that likes order it will be difficult to cope with delays, cancellations and interruptions. Try to see the humour in it and most of all remember that it could be a blessing in disguise when something gets rearranged or disrupted. It is a great month to be social and creative especially when trying to find solutions, get ahead or move forward. Try to accept as many invitations as possible and have fun as it is likely that a significant connection will be made. Those who take on a happy-go-lucky attitude and are positive will start seeing results, while others will feel pessimistic, sad and get irritated easily: be aware of your behaviour(s), are you acting out like a pouty child or a happy one. Life is about all the simple things we take for granted, such as flowers, clean air, friendships, love, I could go on and on but recognize and appreciate all of these things and more joy will be easily attained. Friendships and pets will be important this month, wanting to share and spend more time with them rather than with family. Because this energy can be a scattered feeling, meaning it is difficult to make firm decisions, confusion and doubting ‘what is best’ will play out, so if possible delay important choices until next month. This especially applies to shopping as the #3 represents this activity. So for example if you see a pair of shoes you really like but can’t decide what color, you may end up buying all the colors or going back to the store to exchange for a different color if you bought 1 pair only. It is comical yet also a ‘grass is greener’ expressive attitude. It is not a month to take life seriously and to not focus primarily on the ‘serious’ side/parts of life but to rather be curious and carefree. Finally, to get an all over well being energy, the sun, laughter, citrus fruits, and playing are also represented by the #3. Go out and play in the sun, sing, dance, laugh with abandon, and get plenty of fresh fruit so that all these fun activities help you love and enjoy life to its fullest because we all need a break, to be silly and carefree. Hope everyone has a fun month!

The following paragraph is a channelled message from my guides, The Counsel:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Day…notice how we begin each salutation with the word ‘good’. That’s because we want to emphasize ‘good’. Life is good, if you choose it to be and yet so many are feeling sad and confused. From our vantage point we can see all the good possibilities wanting to come forth yet so many push back. Reluctance, doubt and discouragement as so much is not what it seems anymore. What is falling apart and away is masked by leaders as a path to destruction and chaos yet it is not so. It is a time for each of you to hear and follow your higher calling, your heart’s desire yet so many are fearful. What does your soul cry for more than anything else? What will it take for each of you to just allow and follow that path? Why do you think that society’s ways is the way? We want you to think back at a time when you felt your best, when you felt anything was possible, when you felt fearless and when you were just being you. Remember it well? You will think of the accomplishments, the dreams, but most importantly remember the feelings. That is the place to start from: the feelings. Can you recapture and feel the joy, the lightheartedness, all the good feelings you had at that time and allow them to flow through you once again? Believe in yourself. Be good to yourself once again. You are at a time in your life where so much has changed, everything coming and going so quickly, the pressure to be this and that, to be here then there. STOP! Pull your energy inward, go and get lost…lost in music, lost in nature, lost in an activity. Forget what should and shouldn’t be. Instead go do something that is fun, be in the moment of the activity, laugh and play and you will see that a relaxed mind and body does the soul good. There has been so much seriousness, so much emphasis on being, looking, acting and even living a certain way that it is tiring to keep up. Let loose and be natural. Allow your goodness to shine bright.

Now we bid you Good Tidings and until next time, sending each of you Divine Blessings, with love and light, The Counsel.

©Tina De Luca