Aah..relief is coming…especially for those that found the month of May to be so restrictive and serious. This month many will feel it’s time to make changes in their lives, as it is about how to attain more freedom to do the things in life that brings one pleasure and satisfies the sense of being able to do what you want when you want. Depending on which personal cycle you are in, there will be one area that you are drawn to change and this will have a ripple effect in other areas of your life. It will be about what can be simplified to make life easier. Communication in all forms is ruled by this number, from verbal, written, art, music, dance, and technology so if are wanting to express yourself in any of these forms this is a good time to feel inspired yet you also need to be aware of saying and/or doing things that will surprise and shock others. Some may comment on your actions as being out of character, and yet you will feel like no one can stop you, this is where it can turn out or look like rebelling. People will be either be too honest or deceptive…turning on the charm and lying are other traits related to this number so be careful of any ‘too good to be true’ claims, gimmicks, and false advertisements…really try to go with your initial gut reaction when you come across anything that sparks your interest. If you are the one lying, you will eventually get ‘caught’, not always right away, but in situations that catch you off guard so try to stick with ‘white lies’. Unusual and unique experiences will occur and wanting to take risks, gamble on people, situations, events but also with money, be careful with your finances and especially with items related to personal identification: this is an energy of theft, both with material items and identity, so I advise taking extra precautions and double checking all transactions made during this month. There is an energy of passion: this can be expressed in so many ways, but especially sexually, whether you are single, married, dating, or in a common-in-law relationship: it’s about releasing and expressing one’s desires. Even though July and August are months where most travel and take vacations, many will be drawn to getting away during the month of June instead, even if it is a short distance, or many small trips, but feeling the need to explore and expand one’s horizons. Transportation and traveling by vehicle will be popular yet the downside of this is possibilities of more accidents, careless/reckless drivers: pay attention to the road and your speed (there is the rush of going fast and getting there in a hurry prevalent with this number). Also the teen years and teenagers fall under the number 5 category, more focus, including the news, stories, trends related to them will show up. While others may form groups to protest situations/governments/corporations, any rules and regulations that affects the personal freedoms of individuals/rights to be expressive will occur in many parts of the world. This can also lead to those acting out in rebellious ways by being destructive. Music, dance, languages, cultures and people from all classes fall under this category too: look for the interesting and unusual coming to be in these areas. As far as weather goes, the element of wind is related to the number 5: expect a very windy month and take care of outdoor items that could blow away, cause/get damaged. Addictions are associated with the 5 number, be careful with substances and activities that can lead to being hooked on: the common ones are gambling, alcohol and drugs, yet also food, shopping, video games, anything that becomes more important than anything else. This is an energy of action, being impulsive, restless, wanting better and having/wanting different experiences. Many will aspire to stand out and be recognized for their own individuality. May each of you choose wisely and be your best that benefits your life with positive outcomes. Your attitude and actions will play an important role in how things unfold this coming month.

Please read on for a channelled message received by my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

Greetings…we come to you with our message in light and love for those that have been troubled and wanting release from the norm of society’s rules and ways of life. So many have felt governed by a set of laws that do not sit well with your core being anymore and this can lead to acts of self destruction, repetitive occurrences of physical and emotional harm taking place. It’s time to break free from what others want and expect of you and to explore and acknowledge your soul by going with what feels right: allow your passions to become the spark you seek on your path of personal freedom to be expressed in light and love. We do not talk of “anything goes” yet if this means “anything goes” because of free will than it is so because it is all Divine. Many do not like the negative, the ugly, the bad but it is a necessary contrast to heal, to grow, to become the Divine Soul you are meant to be. It is ironic that often one’s most difficult experience(s) can become their beacon of light to a better path of being. From our vantage point, we do not wish for or condone any specific behaviours but that each person expresses, lives and loves their soul even if that means the path has involved dark and deep incidents. It is hard for many to believe and accept that hurt, sorrow and struggles are a ‘necessary evil’. It isn’t. But your reaction, your choices, your focus determines what is good and bad. It’s the Yin & Yang, the light and dark, the positive and negative that benefits and balances life on Earth: it sets the motion into more light and love for some and for others more dark and despair. Freedom = Free Will…this means the life you want is determined by you alone…you make choices at all times, at all levels, from your thoughts to your actions, it all counts and manifests into your world whether you are conscious of it or not. Many say and want freedom but do you truly understand this concept? And do you accept that each of you have your own definitions of freedom that will be expressed in your own way that will not be agreeable with all? Will you allow the freedom of all to be? It is a profound and concerning message we share this month, one with which that will not sit well with some of you, and for others that will understand. Yet whatever you feel after reading our message we know that your reaction is Divine. Until next time, we are sending and extending Divine Blessings to each of you, The Counsel.

©Tina De Luca