So, here we are in the month of May, and this month’s energy is vastly different from April. Many will notice a difference in how things feel and unfold. To understand more please read on.


The number 4 energy has a more serious vibration or tone. It is about focusing and feeling the need to get things done yet what is unique about this action is that it will feel ‘taking one step forward, two steps back’ occurrence, so this is where the hard work energy comes into play with this number. Many will be wanting stability, balance, security in their lives, especially in particular areas as it depends on what your personal numerological cycle you are in. Many will be practical in their lives, a ‘getting real’ energy, so wanting to organize and simplify the physical aspects of life. This means tackling debt/finances, storage issues, cleaning and ridding of possessions and also wanting to improve one’s own physical appearance through diet and exercise. This number also rules the nervous system, so many and generally speaking, an atmosphere of feeling and being nervous comes into play often. The mind will be busy with to-do-lists, work issues, planning, and getting things done. This energy will hinder being able to relax and possibly having sleep issues so my suggestion is that you try to exercise everyday, do something that tires not only the body but the mind, so that when you hit the pillow you fall asleep quickly and soundly. Also diet will be important this month, protein and root vegetables/fruits will help with replenishing your physical energy. Although many will feel rushed to get things done and that there is no time to ‘play’, the opposite of this energy is being lazy. Ask yourself when you feel obligated to do something: Is it because I want to, have to, or will it be rewarding? Where last month had a ‘go with the flow’/unpredictable energy, this month is more aligned with matters/actions/events adhering to schedules: this means any plans, appointments, etc. will stick as originally made. Most will want to stay put, not make drastic changes, and/or think things through carefully beforehand. Also many will feel ‘cheap’ this month: not wanting to spend money unless absolutely necessary, this means just getting what is needed, and shopping for the best bargains. A good time to budget, save money. This could mean that news about the economy will be in focus and decisions made on a broader level (through governments, agencies, corporations) will occur. This can mean many will feel restricted. A month about focusing on the details of life, what works and what needs to be done for a better future. Making choices more with the head than the heart. This can be a challenging month (personally I have a hard time with the #4 energy), yet if you can make lists that are practical and not so time-constrained, than it can be rewarding as you will eventually see and reap the benefits of a job(s) well done. Finally, try not to be so hard on yourself, as it will be easy to do.

I also channelled a message for this month from my Divine Guides, The Counsel. Please read on:

RELAX. It will all be ok. We sense an urgency in the atmosphere. A need to hurry and get things done. A feeling of wanting more but having less. As if there is less time, less money, less of joy. Why feel so overwhelmed? Where do you feel yourself pull towards? A feeling of being let down and a ‘this is it?’ to life. Wanting so much more than what is lead to believe by the practical side of life. Yes we know that you need money to get by, to provide your basic needs, and yet it is so hard to believe that it can be so much better. We want you all to take the time to be in Nature this month. Focus on the wonder and beauty of the surroundings. The trees, the flowers, the birds singing, all the animals, plants, insects…see how they all are separate yet work together. They create a natural balance that we so much want you humans to emulate and be. Yes, you want to get things done in your lives, but we also feel and see that many can work on themselves, tackling personal issues that many so overlook. Are you the type of person you want to be? Can you take the personal challenge of improving your inner self? It will be difficult, yet a rewarding and cathartic experience if you so choose to do. Be strong, yet love yourself through it all. Don’t worry so much. Do the best you can. Know that all is in Divine order. Release what is no longer working and needed…and know we are cheering you on every step of the way! Until next time, we are surrounding and sending each of you, many Divine blessings of love and light, The Counsel.

©Tina De Luca