Wow! Can you believe we are halfway through this year already?! Feels as if the time has been passing by quickly. For those that are interested and curious, please read on to get a sense of the general energy of what July has in store and may bring to the general population. The number of each month has an influence on each of us in directing what we bring our focus and attention to: both as a whole population and on a personal level it has an affect according to what your personal cycle is. For example, if Jane is in a #1 year cycle and this calendar month is a #6, some of her influences will be about new beginnings with family, career, responsibilities and personal care/hygiene and appearance. If any of you like this article plus any previous ones I have written and are interested in knowing what is coming and influencing your life during this calendar month and/or year please contact me to set up a reading at:


This is a month where the energy of responsibility comes into play often. For some that will mean taking on more responsibilities, or delegating responsibilities to others, or having to be responsible for the choices made. This can feel burdensome as some do not like facing the truth of the personal role one takes in each and every decision, in fact it is daunting for some to come to the realization that you play a role in everything that has happened, happens and is about to happen…this is the type of responsibility that is the hardest to always make peace with. It is easy to take credit for ‘good’ choices yet if there is a struggle, a mistake, a regret with choices, many find it easier to place the blame on another person, place, thing, circumstance…the more you try to accept personal responsibility for each and every choice and I mean all the little ones from what to eat to the big ones: what do I want to do in life to how will I react/feel will have an easier time. It is about personal growth, learning and teaching, not only in the classroom, but in everyday life situations and interactions with others. It is an opportunity for us to learn as individuals what you are all about, what you truly want and where you want to be. Now, this number is also about the family, immediate and extended members, which ties in beautifully with the education and responsibility part of the energy as our biggest teachers in life has been our family, whether it is/has been positive or negative experiences. Issues and focus on family will play a role for many, may even get dramatic for some, and interacting with family members more than usual. This can also be about creating and/or extending the family: pregnancies, engagements, step-children, anything that has to do with these areas have possibilities of increasing. Also on a whole, countries become more patriotic, focusing on issues and matters closer to home. Those that have struggled with where to live, settle down, etc. this is a good month where that can all change, but looking at the combination of the numbers to get to the #6 vibration, these changes will take place by surprise, unexpectedly (almost a ‘hit by lightning’ expression), and in an unusual/unique manner. Some may feel the urge to make their home in a place far from where you grew up, lived or were born from and those from cultures far from their native country may be in the spotlight with news/stories, this can be about immigration policies as one example. Communities will play an important role this month: if joining a group, class, organization, volunteering, anything that happens close to your home this is where you may find what you need. It is about where and what kind of family you want to be part of and that may not always be with your own family: including those that are from different backgrounds but feel connected to. Creating and wanting to entertain at home more. Beautifying, renovating, improving your surroundings and yourself. Getting a new haircut to eating better to exercising to buying nice clothes to getting a health checkup…it’s caring about yourself inside and out. The #6 energy is the best time to go shopping for anything. Those that are in careers/jobs that are unsatisfactory will feel the urge to make changes…sudden for some, so quitting, getting fired or laid off will happen. Industries related to healthcare, education and family services will see big changes. Real estate will also be affected, unpredictable and surprising news about homes and the housing market, whether it is through ownership or rentals. Those that vacation this month will either feel drawn to visit family or travel to areas close to home. If you have been wanting to change habits, improve your health, this is a good month to start yet the opposite to this is being aware of not taking on other peoples health concerns: meaning if those around you complain about a certain ailment it is easier for you to also develop that health issue as well, for example: if Mary says she has a headache and complains alot you may find moments later that you also have a headache. The trick is to focus on well-being and the healthy/positive. Be aware of anything connected to electricity, and there may be a higher than usual amount of electrical storms (thunderstorms) and weather patterns will change quickly: unusual and unpredictable weather forecasts. Generally use this month to improve yourself and your surroundings, creating a community that brings people together and learning new skills/traits to move forward in life.

Each month I also channel a message from my Guides, a trio of Divine Source Energies, whom I refer to as The Counsel. Please read on:

Greetings to all. We come in love and light with our message. There is much beauty present for those that choose to focus their personal energy on this notion. A chance to make amends with all that has come to be for yourself, your family, your community and for all living things on your planet. Know that all is Divine and lay no blame on each other and within yourself. We are all one big family and the Universe is one big home. Yet all you need to do is start with you. Be the student and teacher. Know that each moment is an opportunity to grow, to create, to be aware, to allow. Understand that community starts within yourself and it takes only one person to affect change. Your own thoughts, ideas, and feelings do matter. Complaining is a big part of what many of you do. Have you not learned that this does no good? That turning your complaints to compliments can affect big changes within yourself and your communities? That laying blame does much harm and breaks the connection that is present. Be the student and teacher: learn to be a Divine Source of Light and Love, just by doing this you teach others by your behaviours: it is that easy yet a challenge for so many. Allowing distractions in many forms takes you away from your connection to the Divine. We are all right here. Will you learn to allow the Divine Source flow within and from you? You all have this, but some choose to connect and others block it. You each are responsible for what occurs in your homes and communities: it starts with you. What vision do you have for the world you want to live in? Learn to get in touch with your true self…allow your inner beauty to shine…you will be making your world a better place and others will want to follow suit.

Until next time, we, The Counsel, send our Divine Light and Love to each and every one of you. Be well.
©Tina De Luca