We are already past the halfway mark of 2015 and I am hoping that what I share in these forecasts helps and inspires others to make the most of the energy. Not always easy but can bring some clarity and confirmation when times are both challenging and simple. Please continue to read on to find out out what this month has in store.


Once again the #7 energy comes up this year. Opportunities to withdraw and collect oneself. To go within and feel things out. To take as many breaks as possible from the hustle and bustle, the stress, all and anything that distracts our personal attention from the material, physical and mental side of life. Some will feel withdrawn, keeping to themselves, so don’t take someone’s quietness personally. Others will want to know everything by trying to control as much as possible whether they have the power to or not. The way all this energy plays out will make many feel tired or exhausted more than usual. So if you can, nap and sleep as much as possible. Try not to feel guilty or self-conscious about getting extra sleep this month as it is needed and will be beneficial for so many. Even though it is still considered summer holidays, make the time for oneself everyday, a quiet space or spot to just daydream, ‘veg’ out, to be by yourself without distractions so that you can recharge and rejuvenate. For those that have a difficult time with this, try sitting in nature, even if it is a park in the city or in your backyard, as it is about using solitude to gain personal perspective and gains on an internal level. The number 7 energy is focused on the soul part of life, revealing what truly matters. For some, ‘baring one’s soul’ either to another or to oneself will play out effortlessly and for others it can be overwhelming, where it is a struggle as the sense to keep everything under control doesn’t work anymore and becomes evident by things not feeling and going ‘right’. Having faith when there is no evidence/no physical proof to show otherwise is important at all times but especially now. Be aware of where your thoughts go to as there will be manifestations of what you think occurring frequently. Again have faith and be optimistic: it’s about believing before seeing, following your instincts and if that is too hard or puzzling, following what guides/pulls/speaks to you. If you find you feel sad, lost or doubtful be conscious as to not get too deep into these emotions as anything related to mental afflictions can happen more quickly, from depression to suicidal thoughts: take steps to take care of your mental health. This can be a magical month if you can quiet your mind and use your intuition as a guide. For those that are unsure, seeking and consulting with a professional Intuitive can help: ask a trusted friend or family member for a recommendation if they know of anyone who does readings/counseling/guidance (I am available!). Mysterious experiences occurring, being talked about are in focus this month. Whether or not you believe in the unknown, Angels, to life after death, these topics will be popular. Those that have loved ones, including pets, on the Other Side (meaning passed away), there will be chances of dreaming of them, getting signs from them and/or a sense of their presence being felt/heard/seen. If you are wanting to improve and/or maintain a sense of well-being this month, foods that include nuts, deep and dark greens, vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood will be best. Try to avoid meat and ‘heavy’ foods as much as possible as keeping things light will help your energy, especially if you are feeling drained. The number 7 energy is best when we incorporate a natural approach in all aspects of our well-being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of our life.

I want to share some messages for this month. I get a sense of family being the centre of attention in terms of secrets revealed, histories and stories being told that have been hidden from each other. This will either be healing or hurtful. A time to be able to break free and carve your identity within or away from them, depending what serves your needs best, a ‘step away from the pack’ image. Many feeling alone even if surrounded by many and/or in a relationship. A time where those that have been single for so long and are tired of it will want to attract a partner but the interesting part of this is by still keeping your own identity and sense of independence. The word ‘unbelievable’ comes up frequently: so this can be about how it is expressed: verbally and emotionally. Unpredictable month: many ‘experts’ not getting their predictions right, from financial markets to weather to trends. Be prepared for an anything goes in all areas: listen to your initial instincts. Weather wise: many times the opposite happening to the expected forecast, ‘freaky storms’. Those that are very sensitive/emphatic will feel more and it will be quite intense…clear and ground yourself everyday. The unknown being revealed in its own time, so if you question or wonder why something has happened unexpectedly, leave it be and have faith it’s in your best interest: this is a month where the magical and miracle can happen, there are no coincidences. Many wanting to take time away from responsibilities and focus on themselves: dreams, hopes and wishes. Not counting on the expected and holding others to their part in how things have happened: meaning wanting others to take responsibility for their words and actions. Alternative medicines, therapies and resources popular and seeked out. If seeking medical diagnosis, try to get a second opinion or postpone until next month. Difficulty getting things done, but this month is more about working on your inner self so be easy on yourself and others if the physical stuff gets behind or put aside.

Lastly, a message that I channel from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

AAH..doesn’t it feel good to get lost in thought. To daydream and allow everything to fall away and have the mind go blank from all worries, concerns and needs. We say: GET LOST! Let your mind wonder from the days tasks and stresses. It doesn’t matter if you go away for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Just be still. It does the body good. There is an expression “Calgon, take me away” and whether this is your source or not, let yourself wander and wonder into a world of endless possibilities. Relax into a dream of total bliss. Ease yourself into a state of quiet solitude. Stare off into space…we promise no one is watching. Find your centre, your core, your soul, and connect with the dreams, hopes and wishes you have set aside because of ‘life’. It doesn’t matter what is going on and is real, create your dream world in your daydreams. Close your eyes but open your heart and feel. Let your soul guide you. You just need to believe then you will see! Allow us to work on your behalf. Try not to control everything and everyone. Just be. What we know to be ‘normal’ are called miracles in your world. Feel, Believe, See! Let those three words be your mantra this month.

Until next time, we the Counsel, send everyone love and light. Divine Blessings to you all.
©Tina De Luca