Hello, welcome and thank you for taking the time to read about this month’s forecast. I find it interesting that in the month of September it often feels a time of reevaluating and regrouping. Nature is preparing for winter (or summer depending where you live), and the air has a sense and energy of changes that also seem to reflect in our lives. It often has a stop and start flow where what is ending is also making room for new beginnings.


This month’s forecast took me some time to consider what to write about. Even though the number eight has a material energy, meaning wanting to physically go after certain goals, I have been feeling quite contemplative this first week in. This can mean that the #17 aspect to this #8 month is influencing the energy. So although many will be wanting to strive for achievements and results, there seems to be one where focusing mostly on how you feel you want to go about matters, dreams and goals will play a major role in what you attract into your life this coming month. Having periods of time where you feel energized to take action and accomplish tasks and then stepping back to assess the steps you took. Taking your time and looking within for answers before you go ahead. Some will feel they have had enough of what is going on in their life and finding out they have the personal power just by thinking and feeling differently. I keep hearing many saying ‘I am fed up of…’ and filling in the blank with whatever issue keeps nagging you in a wrong or negative way. Some will avoid, some will abandon and some will leave it alone. There is no wrong or right way, it is about what serves you best in the moment so that you can carry on in one way or another. It is best now not to make judgements about yourself, your life, and that of others. It is about finding your own voice and listening to what you truly want and finding ways that empower you to achieve these goals whether the results are immediate or not. At times relying on your own intuition and figuring out yourself what solutions are best…keeping some of your plans secret until you know they are happening. Affirming and believing in yourself without trying to rely on others for validation. If you find you or those around you are more quiet than usual, try not to take it personally…it’s the energy in play. Some will think or say “I don’t care’…yet it isn’t necessarily that they really ‘don’t care’, it’s that they are worn down from the persistent thoughts of ‘I should’, ‘I worry’, and/or ‘What if’. So although you may suffer from a lack of… (fill in the blank) and pick however many and whichever matter(s), it is a month of “where I am going to find the easiest and best solutions” or “this is what I want” from a point of trying to attain/achieve via laws of attraction. So for example if you are able to think of a certain person or song and then voila! you hear from that person or hear that song on the radio, that is a law of attraction occurrence. Finding out that there are no coincidences if you have been wondering why certain things happened or didn’t happen in your life thus far, the reasons become known. A month to understand all the blessings in disguise. My advice for many is to focus on all your achievements, your strengths and assets, especially the ones that relate to your inner being/your personality, your experiences and to appreciate how far you have come and grown even though it may not show materially or financially. Those that can feel blessed with the basics (i.e.: shelter, food, eyesight, hearing, etc.), basically all the things we often take for granted, are going to see how this simple act can be rewarding and influence how abundant one feels and attracts. Be your best this month, but this time from your inner soul level: acknowledge and honor what your true self feels, wants and needs and go for it! Finally I want to give a heads to those that don’t normally get winter tires, to please do invest in a set as I am getting a sense that this winter will be harsh: lots of snow, ice and cold. However this month unfolds for you, I am wishing you all to be and do well!

Please read on for the messages my Guides, The Counsel, would like to share for this coming month:

“AAH” (letting a big breathe out). “WHOOOO” (breath sound akin to a low wind). “MMMM” (breath sound akin to a low hum). And so it is. We are coming forth with much great love and light to share with you all our message of the greatness you each have within you. So many are doubtful and concerned with world affairs, whether it is happening to you or not, yet we ask of you to take a moment to collect your thoughts and breathe slowly, take your power back as we need you to calm and centre your inner self. So many are wondering what is going on in this world today. Yet do you truly believe it can be so? Can be resolved? Can be so different? We are not saying to ignore but to make space for quiet meditation. A space where these images and words are not present when you sit in a state of well-being. Can your thoughts change your world? We say YES! But how if you sit and look and listen to all the wrongs time after time. Whether it is by your own doing or not. Whether it is near or far. Whether it is to yourself or to another. Find the room to practice these sounds: AAH, WHOOO, MMMM. Say them over and over again. It can be 3 times or 3000. It can be for 5 minutes or 50 minutes. The number and length of time doesn’t matter. Nothing needs to come to you. Nothing needs to happen. It is about allowing these sounds to calm and centre you to a state of well-being. Can you then see and feel the difference once you emerge from this state of well-being? How easier it will be to send your prayers, your thoughts, your positive energy to those that are hurt. Even your own negative thoughts about yourself, your surroundings, your own government can heal by doing this simple exercise. This is to bring an awareness of raising everyone’s vibration to a higher, lighter, calmer and loving state of being. Some will say but how can this be so? or will this really work? or even find it hard to believe. You don’t have to question or believe this technique. Just trust and do. Get back in touch with your true self, find your oneness and emerge from a being of love and light. Because we ask of you: What do you have to lose or gain from this simple activity?

Until next time, we, The Counsel, send many Divine Blessings of Light and Love to you all.
©Tina De Luca