Here we find ourselves in October where it feels as if the year is passing by quickly. From my experience with Numerology, October marks the last month where the numerical value of the calendar year finishes, the energy of 2015 which equals a #8, comes to an end. In November we will start to feel the energy of the calendar year of 2016 even though our timetables do not reflect the new year until January 1st. But I do not want to get too ahead so let us focus on the possibilities October may bring us.


This may prove to be a month where we get a glimpse of the energy of what 2016 has in store for us as the numbers will be of the same value. The number 9 cycle is the last in this series as they go from #1 to #9. This is a time where the focus is primarily connected to endings and I am not talking about “the end of the world” and any other dire predictions. The endings will be about systems, traditions, beliefs and habits that we hold onto and that no longer serve us either by personal choice or not (as in some cases it will feel forced). This will affect each of us on different levels as it will depend what personal cycle you are in but in general, it may feel ‘heavy’, as in emotionally draining and difficult: it has a serious tone and vibration. It is a time for cleaning and clearing what holds us back, to reflect on the past (whether that be the past 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months, 5 years…and so on): the good, bad and ugly, forgiving and letting go as much as possible. Revealing and seeing the truth in it all, on all levels, and standing in one’s own integrity…trying to avoid or run from the past will not work. At times will also feel like one has to ‘go back to the drawing board’: revisit, redo and/or reassess choices. Whether it is an individual or a large corporation or government, anyone or anything that tries to hang onto old ways/habits/ideas that are not in the best interests individually and of the collective will discover how difficult life can be. It is better to look back to see what one has learned, take the good and heal the bad, let go of what is no longer useful: material, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Some will feel emotions profoundly as the #9 energy vibrates on a deep level: try to take extra care of yourself. The #9 represents the Universe: this means our planet, the solar system and beyond…it is about ideologies that include life on other planets, Spirit Guides, astral travel and reincarnation. When people talk about the ‘Big Picture’, this month may truly start showing us what that actually means. How connected we are no matter how close or far one lives from one another, one’s culture, one’s belief system, etc. as we are all One and this is the main objective. This doesn’t mean we have to agree, follow or do as what the other says, it is about accepting, allowing and knowing that we can co-exist peacefully if we each speak, talk and walk in our truth(s) in light and love. Speaking of light and love, it is also about Universal love for mankind, wanting and striving for each person and living thing to do well, to give and be of service in the highest way possible. Highest way possible? What does this mean exactly? For each person it depends, but ultimately it is assisting each other to reach their individual place of understanding, acceptance and truths without forcing one’s own ideals and beliefs. Showing the way by example and experience: how you feel and live your life with the utmost care and concern for yourself does affect our fellow man/woman/child and all its inhabitants. It would be akin to the saying “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. Each person will be drawn to wanting to finish certain tasks and/or matters which feels it needs to be done with. This can range from projects around the home, at work to ending negative thoughts, patterns, to ending negative relationships. Simply put, it will feel it is time to clean up certain areas and attitudes so that you can make room for the new. As one of the themes is about endings, ideas/plans and projects that are started this coming month especially by larger groups/associations/corporations/governments will not succeed as it isn’t an ideal time for new beginnings…they will and can try but sometime in the coming months to year it will become evident that it isn’t going anywhere. Does this mean not to try anything new? I don’t discourage it but work on what needs to be released to make room for the new. The other side to the #9 energy is that it has a stop and go flow: nothing seems constant or consistent, a feeling of going around in circles. People, situations and lessons from our past either show up or are replaced by those who remind us of the past. It can cause regret, rethinking and negative thoughts that may paralyze one into thinking there is no way out/better or hope. Some will feel they have reached the end of their rope while others will be ready to put a stop to what bothers and defeats them. Be mindful of what you hear as it will not all be true and cause a fear based reaction. Some may try to use religion and/or history (including ancient philosophies/traditions) as a means towards achieving a ‘higher truth’. Be aware of what is shared and said before making a choice or following a path. Whatever this month brings some words of advice if you struggle: look at what tools or methods you have used in the past that has helped you cope and heal, what remedies from mankind’s history are beneficial and finally look at what challenges you have dealt with before and marvel how much you have grown and learned from. Finally, the #9 is also about the death (death in terms of not only physical but on a personal level: being in touch of what is ‘dead’ symbolically and figuratively) and the dark: this means the shadow, the negative side of life that many either like to stay in or avoid yet at times is necessary to learn and reach the place of light. This doesn’t mean bad things will happen more frequently but think of it like one of those healthy cleanses: to remove and release the garbage, as to become more enlightened. So each person will be in a role of being the light and/or needing someone to be the light to get through any challenges that arise this month. However this month unfolds for you, may you each be well and safe.

Part two of this article is a channeled message from my Guides, The Counsel. And I would like to share that when I connect with them (The Counsel) and receive, they are Ones who get to the point, wording it as simply and gently as possible, and often are repetitive with certain words and phrases because they are from a Source where what is present is so focused on what is natural, common and only as. That is often why their messages are short in length and positive. They do not dwell and are not present in the negative and the dark as we do, yet they know and are wise to our experiences, our journeys. The understand the true meaning of ‘Life’ but also have intentions of allowing and acknowledging each soul’s Divine purpose and potential. That is also why the insisted I spell ‘counsel’ as such and not as ‘council’: their presence is about providing support and not governing. I hope this sheds some clarity on the who, what and why of these Divine beings. With that being said, please read on for their message:

Good Day and Welcome! We come to you with our messages in Light and Love. We are here to acknowledge the Divine by sharing our counsel.

It is with much Divine Light and Love we hold for all inhabitants on your planet. Many are finding your world to be reflecting much pain and chaos. Turmoil and an upheaval taking place internally and outwardly. And we unite from soul centered hearts to tell you that this does not have to be so. There is great light and love in each of you should you choose. We say nothing is ‘set in stone’ sort to speak yet there are those who use their power in keeping the continuum of fear and lack present. You are both the problem and the solution. Letting go of what is and what was. What has transpired is done. To shed the dark and invite in the light. It is time to stand in your truth. To claim the Divine being you all are meant to be. See yourself as the child, the woman, the man and you will find that we are all One. We are all connected. But each chooses to vibrate on different levels. Would you rather be your fears or be your joys? The question is a matter of where do you place your power? What do you focus on that vibrates through your very being? The potential for greater and better is always here, always present. Begin to trust your soul. Let it all go. Allow the joy, the love, the peace, the beauty back into your hearts. You are ready. The time is now. Be the Light. Be Love.

Until next time, We, The Counsel, send each and everyone and everything, Divine Blessings of Light and Love.

©Tina De Luca