I am so late with writing and publishing this month’s forecast as half the month has passed! It’s as if I have been distracted, unable to focus in one sitting, (yet it is most likely for good reason) where the time has crept up on me, so I apologize for the delay. The numbers change twice this month: the calendar year of 2016 number starts taking affect, and the number for this month is reflected by this. To be clear about what I mean I will show the calculation:

2016= #9 YEAR NOVEMBER= 11th MONTH…. #9 Year + #11 Month= #11/2 MONTH

For this article I will focus on the #11/2 month energy forecast. I will publish a separate numerological forecast based on the 2016 year sometime this month. In the meantime to get a sense of what November may be like please read on.


This is a Master Number because of the double digit of 1. Master numbers can feel intense as it has a strong energy of bringing experiences that teaches the soul to be authentic and connected to the Divine. Emotions run deep. Literally it is about ‘mastering’ the true meaning of life. It is a highly spiritual and intuitive energy where the goal is to seek enlightenment. To listen to and be in tune to the energy of what your soul is feeling. The path to this isn’t easy or for everyone but instead many will find themselves drawn to seeking answers in particular parts of their life and/or themselves which has not been realized or healed from the past. Many will feel ‘tested’. This is where having the grace to be patient, compassionate and gentle with yourself and others will bring a deeper sense of understanding and harmony. Try to cooperate and share kindness as much as possible, including to yourself. But the drawback to this is to be aware of not being taken advantage of and used like a doormat: set firm boundaries and speak your truth as much as possible. It will be beneficial if you are able to listen to what your intuition says. Those that are unaware and unsure of what their personal intuition ‘sounds’ like can practice with the little things in life, such as what route to take home or to work, to call that person if they pop up in their mind…over time you will get to understand your inner voice. Whatever unfolds this month will be a reflection of you, and what you do to the other will rebound to you. There is a mirror effect present. The power of love is very strong this month: send love energy to as many as possible, even to yourself. Some of us will be feeling overly sensitive, that one’s mood changes quickly, and at times for no particular reason. Whether you believe in energy or not, it is a time where picking up on and absorbing other peoples’ and places’ energies is easier, so what you feel may not be yours. Using water and music will help release emotions and feelings. Drinking water, showering, bathing, looking at water…any of these is therapeutic. If listening to music, singing along will be a good tool to release as well: so turn up the tunes and allow the sounds to do the healing. The other key point about the number 11 is relationships. It includes all kinds of relationships: intimate, family, friends, work, acquaintances, and even pets. The issue of trust is relevant and key to what the #11 is here to teach us : what kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Do you trust yourself? As this is a reflection of ALL the relationships you have with others, no matter how distant or close the bond is. So if you are wanting to improve your relationship(s) with anyone, to take a look at yourself…the way you feel, think and believe about who you are will show up in those around you. Finally I want to bring up the subject of daydreams. Some people feel it is a waste of time and is destructive. Yet it can be a source of calm and connection, especially if your thoughts are positive and inspiring. I believe it is a form of meditation, and therefore is relaxing. So if you feel overwhelmed, take a break and get lost in your thoughts: make it the movie of your dreams…imagination is a powerful tool…include all the images you love. May each have a Divine month!

The second part of this forecast is a channeled message from my Guides, The Counsel.

And so it is. Good day. We come forth in love and light with messages of comfort and well-being for all. We seek and speak of truth so that each being can reach their highest potential. There is a sense with many on your planet of times becoming more troubling. That what is occurring is chaotic and unbearable. That many are seeking solace to the actions of those that are causing pain. We advise for you to keep calm. To be the grace under pressure. That it is wise to go within and reach for the heart centre of your being. To feel the light. We do not have the sufficient words that can explain and justify the dark journey of life. Yet we can see and understand its’ purpose. It is not about condoning and allowing. It is about loving. And this will take some by surprise; some by being baffled, some being angered and some being able to understand the simple statement. Be a source of love: to yourself and to all. Imagine a bright light, the colour being brilliant, radiating and flowing through you, around you, above and below you. For the source in each of us is Divine, and the Divine is LOVE.

Until next time, we, The Counsel, send Divine Blessings of Love and Light.

©Tina De Luca