December has arrived and with that the holiday season is upon us whether we feel up for it or not and celebrate or not. We are in the final month of 2015 yet the cycle number for December is reflected by the 2016 calendar year. This means that although 2016 is not for another 31 days the numerological energy of 2016 started 2 months prior, in November 2015. I don’t have proof to show this but am speaking from experience. I have been doing Numerology for over 25 years where I have seen and noticed that the numbers change energy ahead of time, easing into the traits of what that number means. To get a sense of what December may bring for us on a general level please read on.


This month the energy is more light-hearted as the focus is about the fun and social side of life. Anything that is serious or taken too seriously will not work out and is meant to be put aside for another month or time. This means lightening up on subjects and matters that can be negative and feel too grown up. Trying to be more child-like in our approach and view life with a natural curiosity. The more one can have fun and see the humour in everything, the easier this month will feel. Laugh as much as you can! If one feels this is a difficult task, try to make a game out of areas in your life that are mundane and necessary. Make time to play everyday, from dancing in your room to singing in your car to doing a hobby or activity that is pleasurable. The #3 is represented by children, so there may be a focus on all matters and subjects related to them and areas from one’s childhood: examples are toys, traditions, activities related to childhood may be popular, talked about and shared. Stories and events related to children and childhood are frequent. It is also a month where socializing will play an important role. This would be about making connections with others that may have an impact on you and your life either presently or in the near future: so try to shine and show your positive side. It’s a good month to raise your popularity and/or become popular, hopefully it is for the right and good reasons. Also one very important trait I want as many of you to remember for this month is this: GO WITH THE FLOW. There will be situations where events, plans and appointments that are scheduled will not turn out as originally intended. Be prepared for disruptions, changes, cancellations either by your own doing, someone else’s doing or by other causes. Keep a sense of humour when these situations arise and think of positive reasons for these occurrences. Make the best of everything this month! Some of the negative traits with the number 3 is being indecisive, scattered, blunt, too forward, meddling, cranky. Another reason to put off serious decisions this month is the feeling of being unsure and confused with what to choose and do. Going back and forth with options, and a feeling of when you do make a choice, regret coming up as thoughts of something better is out there. For example when shopping, one may be looking for shoes and has a hard time deciding on what pair to pick as there is only 1 pair needed, but finding that you either buy more than 1 because you can’t decide for sure which is best and you like them all or buying the 1 pair and returning them because when you got home your thoughts are with the other pair you turned down at the store. There will be moments where one feels scattered. One’s attention is easily distracted and it becomes difficult to get things done: there may be many projects on the go at once with nothing being completed or not feeling completed because one wants to change something about it again and again. Although I mentioned earlier in this forecast that curiosity is beneficial, be mindful of not taking this too far. One may be asking questions that are too personal and inappropriate: it can come across as being blunt, tacky, rude. Another behaviour to be mindful of is acting immaturely. Although you may think or say to yourself that you are quite reasonable, it can be surprising how the energy of the #3 arises when things don’t go your way or ideas are not agreed with: you may find yourself pouting and/or cranky, very childish emotions surfacing. Finally I want to say that this can be a wonderful month if you can feel, see and focus on all things that make your inner child smile. Remember the best part of your childhood, when you felt invincible, joyful, loved and hopeful? Reconnect with those feelings, thoughts and beliefs so that you can bring them into your present life. Yet if you feel you had a miserable childhood, create and care about yourself like you always wanted as a child but didn’t receive. Sending you all many blessing and be well!

This next paragraph is a channeled message from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

Greetings one and all. We come forth with our message in Light and Love. Being the Source of One as we all are One indeed. We are aware of the festive season coming upon you beings this month yet there are many who do not feel very festive. The light within you has gone out and there is diminished hope present. Yet we say, there is so much for you to celebrate right now! You are Divine! But so many feel that this is not so. You are so much more than physical and material. See the gifts in you and in all that is around you. Make lists if this helps. Take note of all the wonder of the season. Smile. Be enthusiastic. Embrace your innocence. We ask you to sit in the presence of the sun’s energy everyday. To feel the vibrations of its warmth, light and strength. Feel the rays enter your being, energizing and igniting your soul. Visualize the brightness of the sun running through you and around you. Shine your light this month! SAY YES TO YOURSELF AND LIFE!

Until next time, we, The Counsel, extend our Divine Light and Love to you all. Many Divine Blessings!

©Tina De Luca