Hello to all and welcome if this is the first time you are reading one of these forecasts. It feels like February will be a heart centred vibration, meaning most of us will find ourselves feeling our way through day-to-day life. The energy of receiving and giving love will be important as it will be about deepening, healing and creating bonds that have meaning and substance. A month where trust, truth and integrity in our relationships come to light. Please read on for more about this month’s forecast.


It is noticeable that there are two numbers present for this month’s forecast: 11 & 2. The reason being is the number 11 is a Master Number that has many similar traits as the number 2 but the vibration of the 11 is more intense and acute, as it operates on an elevated and deeper level. This means the experiences are both profound and extra challenging, in which the destination is to trust the intuitive and spiritual side of life. There will be times that the energy will waiver between both of these numbers, noticeable by how strong one’s feelings and instincts are. It will not be important to focus on which number is present as the intention is to share the knowledge of what they mean and how it may play out during this month. There are many characteristics associated with the #11, but its’ main focus is to seek enlightenment. Not easy, as the energy takes one inward deeply, areas that have been avoided: facing fears, doubts and any emotions that are considered to be painful. The journey begins when one asks for answers that cannot be satisfied via the ego/the mind. The goal is to understand those aspects of oneself because to attain the light or become enlightened, one must visit and walk through the dark. It may sound overwhelming and undesirable, but sometimes it is as easy as acknowledging the fear, the doubt, the pain and making the conscious choice to change thoughts, behaviours, beliefs. In general, you will know when an area in your life is seeking enlightenment as your feelings will take you on a roller coaster ride: up and down, feeling repetitive and emotional. It will be easier to feel sensitive and moody. When this happens, try to focus on your breathing: deep breaths in and out to calm yourself, as many as it takes to relax your mind and body as it will help centre you. So what areas will be in focus? The #11/2 vibration is about relationships, all types: intimate, distant and especially the relationship with yourself. A mirror effect shows up often: what you see in another person, any qualities both positive and negative, no matter how close or distant the bond is, what you notice and feel during these interactions is about you. Many will want to feel love, be in love, improve the love between intimate partners, family members, friends and the best way to achieve that status is to begin by loving yourself: including the parts you find unappealing, shameful and shy about. I know it is often said true love begins with loving yourself, yet we forget this fact and this month it will become apparent to master this belief through our connections with others. Yuck or yeah, depending on what you pay attention to and what rises to the surface. These are opportunities to trust and/or surrender to these emotions, being vulnerable, and allowing the energy of love to come in to help heal and release. Basically the energy of love will be in focus often this month: stories, movies, news, anything associated with love on all levels in all manners will be prevalent and isn’t it ironic that Valentine’s Day happens to be present during this forecast. So if you find yourself not being loved to your liking (this includes if you are not wanting to be single), how about sending love vibrations to yourself and see what happens. The #11/2 is a feminine energy, areas associated with women and females will play an important role this month whether it is noticed or not. Compassion, kindness and fairness will be keys to succeeding. Intuition is strong, try to listen to what your heart or gut says as much as possible. Feelings of wanting to connect with something bigger, better, or on a higher vibration as the void of something being missing or incomplete wants to be satisfied: this means many may look into the metaphysical and spiritual side of life. Creating an environment of peace, calm and equality will feel urgent. There may be groups reemerging or forming seeking to bring those attributes to the forefront. Water and music are two areas that capture our attention more. Headlines relating to water, from the usage of to weather activities such as fog, ice and rain. The music industry will also be in focus. They are also two tools that can be very beneficial to our well-being: drink lots of water, swim, visit waterways, relax with baths/showers and listen, dance, sing to music as much as possible. There will be instances where it serves your best interests to escape from reality yet the key is to be safe and not get lost or consumed by any bad habits. Daydreaming can be a positive way to cope. I would like as many of you to imagine yourself and your life in a more pleasant, loving manner: try to imagine your hopes coming to life, feel them with lots of love and peaceful energy. When you focus on your heart’s desires, it’s best when you are calm as one of the downfalls of the #11/2 is worrying. Again, breathing, water and music will help alleviate tensions related to anxieties. A good time to imagine any past hurts and disappointments being cleared and carried away by Angels, Spirit Guides, God: any image or belief of someone or something taking the matter/feeling/memory from your soul. It’s time to surrender with grace whatever has weighed your heart down. Be gentle with yourself and others. Supporting one another is another way of showing love, so trust yourself and your abilities when situations arise for your help. Serving and caring with your heart will be cathartic.

From the hearts of my Guides ‘The Counsel’ and I, sending each of you Divine Love and Light. Be well this February.

©Tina De Luca

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