Yeah! A part of me is excited that the energy of the number 9 cycle is in its final month this calendar year as it feels enough is enough. No disrespect for those that have 9s in their chart, as I admire the inner will it takes to accomplish and accept the traits associated with the number 9. Some of the major themes of this past year cycle has been associated with endings, letting go, forgiveness, the past, truth and integrity, not easy values to work through yet there are many gifts within these areas once we learn to release what is no longer in our best interests whether we realize it now or later. For those that are wondering why is this the last month for the #9 year cycle, over the last 30 years that I have been doing Numerology, my insights and experience has shown me that the cycles start to change 2 months prior to the actual birthday/changing of the calendar. So, even though the physical essence of the year 2017 begins in January, the spiritual essence/energy of 2017 starts to emerge in the month of November 2016. There are many websites and other Numerologists that write about the cycles and there will be different beliefs and methods, and I am not discounting any of them by saying my way is right or better, as I am sharing what I have come to know up to now. My intention is to write an article about 2017 in November, so for those that are curious what the next cycle will be about, I will highlight the post on the Facebook Page to make it easy to find and read; a ‘heads up’ on what energies will be at play for us. Alrighty than, with that being said, hopefully without any confusion, let’s focus on what this coming month has in store for us.


Well, this month may be trying for some of us. The energy of October has to do with anything that is new, yet the influence of the calendar year, 2016, is about endings. When looking at this from an intellectual perspective, these energies ‘clash’ but the spiritual essence of what they mean go ‘hand in hand’; to become or start anew, things must come to an end. It feels like there will be a boldness in how we each approach what we want to accomplish and receive for oneself this October. Yet some will be ‘bound and determined’ to keep things as they are/have been. This will not work. And what concerns me about this stance, are those who will be argumentative with their personal agendas: be aware of clashing, of losing your temper easily, as the idea is to do what you feel is right for you but in a way that doesn’t feel pushy/bossy to those around you. Your personal goals and beliefs may not be in alignment with others, so do take care as what you want may not necessarily be what others want. There will be tendencies to take the lead, think ‘it’s my way or the highway’ and when push comes to shove, your way may result in some relationships and/or plans coming to a bitter end. Be prepared for letting go of what you have been holding onto tightly, as the fear to move forward, even though it has felt for awhile ‘it’s time’, will play out this month. There is an emergence taking place, whether we are conscious of this or not, it is time to get in touch with who you truly are and make new plans for how you want to be, to live: What kind of life are you wanting to create? Who am I? What am I about? These are questions that people will want to address and the events that take place in our lives will be about putting each of us on the path to self-discovery. Our inner strengths will be put to the test. There is also an aloneness energy present: the realization that even though there are many tools, people, organizations that assist us to overcome struggles, the truth is: it really comes down to the self to come into one’s own being. Self-responsibility, taking a deep look into the mirror, finding some peace with it all, as we are shedding our old selves to move in a new direction in our lives. There will be periods where one feels ‘gung ho’ to get things moving, feeling excited and then it will feel like you are getting nowhere, that as soon as you start, the momentum comes to a sudden halt: this is normal with the energies at play this month, so do take care as to not rush or speed through…take your time, be thoughtful and patient. It is about trying as many new things as possible but also considering past ways/solutions/experiences that have garnered success. We may even find that putting a new twist to old ideas becomes the solution(s). I feel that some ideas and beliefs from the past will be re-visited and that there will be some truths to them, that we have discounted certain old notions and discover that they do have a place and meaning in the grand scheme of life. We are conditioned to think, be and feel certain ways, sometimes to the point where we only want one solution to our problems and yet on a Universal level, that is not how the energies play out…there is an abundant amount of information we have yet to fully tap into and integrate. The #1 is a masculine energy, very physical, and we may find find ourselves expressing this side of ourselves in particular areas of our lives…it may also mean that the men in our lives will have more influence. It would be wonderful on a general level, men come to demonstrate they can do better by us all; that they consider the individual, each person counts and is important. That being the ‘man’ is not necessarily what we have been led to believe for many generations. Whether it is a male or the masculine side of a female, the urge to want to control will come on strongly. Preferably, it would be beneficial to witness empowerment over power.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Honour your individuality and do your best. I encourage and appreciate all likes, comments and questions. Please feel free to share this post. For those that are interested in a reading, I am available via telephone and Skype, please contact me via private message on my Facebook page: or via email:
Thank you to you all and many Divine blessings!

©Tina De Luca