Hmm, September, the beginning of my favorite season of the year. I so enjoy the Fall and as each day passes, the evidence of Autumn approaching becomes visible more and more. Ironically as nature prepares for hibernation, the numbers for this month supports the notions of shedding what no longer serves us. To get a sense of what the energy is reflecting, please read on.


Wow! September will prove to be a powerful month. We are in a #9 year and this month is a #9 plus it is the 9th month of the year. Whenever numbers repeat as such, the energy is intensified because each component has the same meaning; it’s akin to peeling off layers but finding the same results:“This again?, This again?, This again?”; it’s like the needle on the record is stuck. If it feels like you want to run and hide, sorry, ‘it ain’t gonna happen’ as avoidance will not work for anyone. The number 9 is the last number when it comes to the cycles in Numerology and this is exemplified by death in many forms (i.e. loss of job, relationship, beliefs) and on all levels (emotionally, physically, etc.). Now, many people are uncomfortable with the subject of death, let alone the word can bring up many uncomfortable feelings and emotions, yet I do feel that for this coming month, many of us will be experiencing endings in various areas of one’s life. In general, we all know, have dealt with or will be dealing with losing loved ones to physical death, but now it feels as though the impact of this type of loss will be more amplified; it’s as if the subject of death will take centre stage somehow and someway. I am not trying to scare or spook anyone by saying that your ‘time is up’ but that whether you experience someone you know or through someone you know that is dying, this will make you take stock of yourself, your life and your surroundings more than usual. Are you the person you want to be? Are you living the life you want? We may find ourselves opening up more about death; talking and exploring what it means, what it does, how we cope and react to this area of life. A wise Medicine Woman once told me that “death is about the living”. Back then those words hit home with me, gave me some comfort during a time where I did experience much loss in a short period of time and honestly her words still feel so truthful to this day, yet Western society doesn’t support this notion. So will this be the month where the collective comes to this style of understanding? That death is marked by the living. We have to deal with the pain of loss, of what could have been or should have been yet where can we find peace to those feelings and questions. I feel that there is not one way or an easy way but that healing can come in many forms and that we live with the residue of loss in various degrees. I know what I have shared so far has been ‘heavy’, maybe some will feel discouraged by it but my intention is to speak up with Divine love and respect. This leads to the truth and integrity part of the number 9. We will find ourselves being faced with “our we living in our truth(s)”: whether it is a large corporation, a government party/official, or individually; there will be times where the truth ‘comes out’, or asked to ‘tell the truth’. The idea is to honour and be sincere when it comes to the integrity of who you are, or in cases where it is about larger groups: owning the decisions that impacted the collective and wanting to end certain beliefs and practices that do more harm than good. This month there will be many instances of the past coming back, whether it is a reminder or an actual re-occurrence, as these events/people/places are connected to the gift of learning and being able to let go. They will show up in different ways, affecting different levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.). It is an energy where it teaches forgiveness, unconditional and Universal love. This brings me to a very important message for this month.

When I tuned in with my Guides and asked what they want me to share with you all from them is this: SELF-CARE. Although the #9 energy is represented by the Universe and All That Is, without each of you there would be no Universe, that it all goes hand in hand. Taking the time to honour, cherish and acknowledge your soul self; this means listening to what you feel and know in your heart of hearts and following through on this guidance. If it means letting go, putting an end to something, speaking your truth by simply saying no, asking for help or seeking counsel from spiritual sources, be mindful of how certain choices affects your well-being. Is it not better to stop hanging onto or trying to do it all as it wears not only your body but your spirit? Take moments to pause and reflect, to remember what makes you feel alive. Having self-care is a gift of Universal love. Use this time wisely as it is a season to clean and clear what no longer serves your soul.

Until next time, I and my Guides, The Counsel, send each of you Divine Blessings of Love and Light. Be well!
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