Hello to everyone! This past year has been challenging for many, overcoming issues related to the past, learning to let go of any burdens that weighed us down physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. From this month forward, the energy lightens up, we will feel invigorated and inspired to take action in moving forward during the next 12 months. By my experience in Numerology, the calendar of 2017 starts its’ cycle two months prior, so although 2017 starts on January 1st 2017, the energy related to the 2017 year emerges this month. On a Universal vibration, the number for the year 2017 is a #10/1 cycle. I will be writing a separate forecast based on the 2017 cycle year and will be posting it on this Page and on my website. For now, I will share messages for the month of November. Please read on.


Energetically speaking we will notice a more lighter feeling as the month progresses compared to how we felt this past year. Although we still have problems and obstacles to overcome, many will feel more inclined to want to have fun, to play rather than work or focus on serious matters. The #3 is social and is about focusing on the brighter side of life. Any areas on any levels that feel troublesome, the idea is to find the humourous side to it and/or make it fun, a game, to help get through any difficulties. If this means distracting yourself by watching a comedy or listening to music, these will be helpful tools to get into a better feeling groove. It will be a challenge to focus on one thing at a time, easily distracted and having at least a few or many things on the go at once (a good example of this is it has taken me awhile to write this article as I kept getting up to do other things). It can be and feel messy; literally and figuratively. So if your goals are to get certain projects/tasks done this coming month, it will be exasperating as your mind will be scattered and doubtful to the choices you make, you will either keep changing ideas or leaving it for another time (another example is not only did I kept procrastinating in writing this forecast but I kept changing it as I had moments of doubt creep in). One of the lessons of the #3 is to learn to be present; to be in the now. Be aware of appointments/undertakings/jobs not going according to plan as the energy doesn’t follow a schedule or a routine. In other words, plan for plans to be disrupted by anything or anyone, be prepared for lateness/delays and for anything that can take place or change at the last minute. I would like everyone to try to remember to ‘go with the flow’ this month as it will be easier to handle. Be light hearted and easy going when it comes to irritations. Remember to play and enjoy life as much as you can!
I feel a sense of confusion in the air occurring often this month. I keep hearing “what’s what” as shared information doesn’t make sense or contradicts. There will be times when the answers seem obvious but the actions are not in align with the words. People will say one thing and mean or do another, it’s as if something is amiss. It will feel like things change minute to minute and what is communicated isn’t consistent because others change their minds often or what appears to be the one answer isn’t so. Some areas in life will appear to be backwards or upside down. Be aware of what you say, as a ‘war of words’ may take place; saying things that are immature. The #3 is about not having favourites: it likes to decide in the moment by how it feels and/or by what it wants.
I see the art community in focus, creative endeavors and ideas take centre stage. This not only includes paintings, drawings, sculpting but anything that is innovative and imaginative…ideas that look or feel new to us. It’s a good month to receive ‘light-bulb’ ideas; all of a sudden we get a solution that will either be followed through or we procrastinate in taking the inspired action.
The #3 is represented by children and although they are in the news, this month there will be more headlines featuring children via world-wide stories or those we share in personal circles. Yet what also comes to the forefront are childish behaviours. I see and feel many adults acting out; whether it is pouting, sulking, throwing a temper tantrum or just being plain ole silly, especially when they don’t get their way or what they want right now. It could turn out to be funny witnessing these actions (or not!). Positive traits to the child energy are playing more, being curious and taking in the wonder of your surroundings.
The weather comes up for me as I am writing this article. So far it has been warm in my area (central Alberta) and it feels that this trend will continue, possibly seeing temperature records being broken. Unsure how many parts of the world will experience mild weather, but it feels dry and sunny most of the time. I do see grass fires happening in some regions and flowers come into focus; so maybe they will bloom unusually early or unexpectedly and/or flowers become a popular gift.
Finally I want to share messages related to the upcoming USA Presidential election as so many people are concerned. I see and feel Hillary Clinton winning as I keep hearing her always being introduced as “The First Female President of The United States of America”. But I also see and hear the word ‘one’ around her, not spelled ‘won’ as in a win but spelled ‘one’ as in the number. So this could mean many things, but I wonder if it is related to how long she serves in office…one year, one term, etc.. With Donald Trump, he steps down and away from politics after his loss, and I keep hearing him refer to his election run as it was ‘a joke’, dismissing his campaign as a game/farce. If so, now that would be a good example of childish behaviour as related to the energy of this month. We will all have to wait and see what happens on November 8th or the the 9th for election results. I will include more messages about the USA, including Canada and any other regions that comes into focus in my yearly forecast article. *A note update as the USA 2016 election results are final and my message of Hilary Clinton winning did not come to be. I apologize to those that had faith in this prediction and have no reasonable explanation as to why my insight did not align with the outcome.*

I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s forecast and that it gave you some insights. I welcome comments and questions and I enjoy replying to each one. Please feel free to share this post with your friends, family and Facebook community. A friendly reminder that I am available for personal and group readings, please browse my website www.inlightinenergy.com or visit and follow my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/ for more information.
Sending everyone many Divine Blessings! Be well!
©Tina De Luca