Hello to all! Here we are, the final month of 2016 and I must say it has been a trying year for many. It feels like some are looking forward to a new year. For those that are travelling during the upcoming holiday season, be safe and well. Whether you celebrate or ignore any kind of festivities, I want to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas. Please read on for the possibilities December has in store for all of us.


For those that understand the math of Numerology will notice that my addition may be off. Although we are still in 2016, by my experience, the energy of the new year starts to take place two months prior (November), meaning 2017 is a #1 year plus the 12th month (3)= #4. So far so good?
Ahh, let’s take a breath, because this is a time of the year where many feel busy and we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of all the common practices associated now. It can also be a difficult month, as not everyone looks forward to Christmas, it’s more sad than merry. For those that do enjoy Christmas, including being one to spread cheer, there is a more serious tone in the air this December. The #4 is about getting down to the basics, striving for simplicity. Totally opposite of going all out or overboard with decorations, gifts, celebrations. I wonder for those that do like to adorn their homes and/or workplaces with lots of Christmas ornaments and such, will either tone it down or feel like not decorating at all this year. It will feel too much, cluttered, and this energy likes places to feel and look organized, clean, minimal. It’s not all humbug, as there are positive attributes to wanting to keep things simple. Some will save time and money, some would rather spend time with loved ones or help others in more meaningful ways, and many of us will be thinking of implementing traditions that may seem new or are new to others. There will be a focus on wanting to give and spend wisely this month. Ideally it is to learn about quality over quantity. That may include giving more hand-made or small/local business gifts. The #4 prefers to watch the ‘bottom-line’, therefore, making lists and budgets will be strict. Extravagance is not the style of this energy. The other issue that may arise is shortages occurring. Often a ‘not enough of…’ is present, so in regards to shopping besides the obvious being not enough money, there could be shortages in items, either sold out early or not enough of the product(s) were made ahead of time or whatever reason comes to be. This may lead to buying gift cards, gift certificates and/or making the gifts. Could be bad business for big retailers counting on making lots of money where their profits could drop. However you decide to give, I feel that most will appreciate the thought and may even prefer something small, that has some meaning to them, including the gift of your time, being able to do something together. I keep hearing “old-fashioned’, this is where the ideas of introducing holiday traditions come into play.

I’ve been focusing on Christmas so far for this forecast and although it is a major holiday, I want to share other messages associated with the number 4. Ironic or not that I mention the 1st paragraph being about one theme as focus happens to be a trait of this number. We will set our sights on particular plans, no matter what area it is, and will work hard to see it through and/or come to be. In other words, we will try our darnedest to not let others, situations or excuses get in the way of reaching what we want. An ‘eye on the prize’ is the ultimate goal no matter what. This can be beneficial in regards to working smarter than usual but can also cause anxiety. Sleep, even relaxing will be difficult, our minds always thinking, endless thoughts keeping us awake at night. I recommend doing an activity during the day that not only tires the body but your mind as well so that you get some sleep. For some, reading or laying in front of the TV may help to unwind. It feels busy and thoughts of wanting to get things done will feel important. We make lists upon lists so be aware of not getting overwhelmed, try to focus on what you do get done not what didn’t. Being early and or ahead feels necessary, so those that are usually late or likes to take their time won’t be in the good books of others left waiting. A feeling of “I don’t have time for this” can occur. Being prepared, as researching will be a tool to help get better organized. Even wanting to organize your living spaces, workplaces, anything that has to do with getting rid of unused and unwanted items. Budgets and focusing on finances; wanting the best deal possible. People will want to feel secure, want more stability and looking at ways to gain, wanting better for the future. The number 4 is represented by the intellect and resources. Retaining information comes easily, yet it can also be restrictive as there is a tendency to over-analyze and overthink. Expecting others to be rational, get to it and get to the point! No ‘diddle-daddling’ and ‘just the facts ma’am/sir’ attitudes. Time, etiquette, rules, laws, obey and respect are in focus. A good time to start a routine, get matters in order and participate in activities that helps to feel more grounded in life. All in all, I want us to remember that there is enough, whatever that may be, wherever you feel a lack in or of, as it will be easy to forego and feel poor in some area(s) of our life. May the magic of the little things in life find its way into all of our hearts this season.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please feel free to comment and share with others. I have been an Intuitive for most of my life, specializing in Numerology and Regular Card Readings for over 25 years. Please send me an email at tina@inlightinenergy.com if you would like to book a reading and/or have questions about the process.
Many Divine blessings to all!
©Tina De Luca