Hello everyone! I realize that half the month has come to pass, but I still believe there is value in going ahead with this article (I’ve tried to make it not so long) as it may give a sense of understanding for what has been occurring and what is possible for the next few weeks. For those that are interested, please read on.


Happy belated New Year! I apologize for the lateness of posting this forecast. This month emotions run high. We are trying to find our place in this world, lots of soul-searching. The month adds up to a #11 but in my experience I also take into account the single digit of this number, which is a #2. There will be moments where the energy sways and flows from #11 to #2. Now, you don’t have to know about numerology to understand when this happens, as it will be felt. The #11 is considered to be one of the Master Numbers, which simply put means the vibration is more intense; we feel and experience things more deeply. While the #2 has similar traits, the vibration is more toned down. With the #11, the idea is to ‘master’ what is happening in the moment, however long it may take and it is connected to the emotional and spiritual side of life. For example, if you feel sad, ask yourself: “Is it my sadness?” as in: “Do I have a reason to be sad right now or is it a sadness that I feel coming from another person or event that I encountered recently?” The difference between the two questions has to do with your answer; if it is your sadness, you are feeling the vibration of the #2 whereas if it belongs to someone or something else, you are feeling the vibration of the #11. Make sense so far?

So what is in store for us as a whole? When I tune into the energy of this month, I feel the vibration of love strongly. There will be many who want to feel they belong, to bond with another person or group. Whether it’s through intimacy or friendship, individuals want to be with someone where they feel they have a deep connection. Loneliness, feeling empty comes through, questioning our varied relationships; marriage, family, friends, co-workers. But there will also be moments where one wants to be left alone, that they can’t relate to those around them anymore. Many are craving more meaningful relationships. It’s as if something is missing. Our senses want more. The acts of touch, such as hugging, holding hands, kissing and even eye contact feel important, as one would rather share the energy of love in some physical form. There is a feeling of not being seen and heard by those around us and whom we care about or for. We want to be acknowledged and appreciated! It doesn’t have to be romantic, as it can be about kinship, togetherness. People want to share common interests and fit in, to feel that “I am part of something, that I am worthy and valued.” I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an influx of people joining or forming various groups, accepting and/or inviting others to be a part of a ‘tribe’. That’s great to create closeness but the challenge for the month will be about learning to accept and understand oneself through others. There will be many mirrors presenting themselves via interactions and relationships of all kinds. This is to teach us that when it comes to triumphs and challenges with others, whether they are strangers or well known to us, that how you feel and relate comes down to you. Whatever sets ‘you off’ in regards to the emotions being triggered when being with one individual or a group, ask yourself “What is going on with myself that this particular emotion surfaces for me?” The gifts with questioning our feelings are being true to oneself. Getting to know and discover who you truly are and what you want. Be gentle as much as possible and you will notice the changes within and around you. Stories about love, kindness and sharing between people (even pets/animals) will be in focus. This is to demonstrate proof of what is possible and exemplify the affects the power of love can do. Trust issues arise often; shedding light on ourselves and many areas in our lives. There will be patterns where we feel sensitive to the words, actions and manners of those around us; it will seem we take things so personally. Trying to be kind as much as possible will help ease emotional pains. Be compassionate with others and yourself.Be the love you seek.

The #11/2 is intuitive, learning to trust your instincts will be beneficial. It’s about listening to your heart. Taking your time, deep breaths and relaxing into the new year. Rushing around and getting excited defeats the purpose of paying attention to what feels right and good to you. Patience pays off.
Women and feminine energy are represented by the #11/2. Females will be in focus and will impact us in many different ways. There will be opportunities to shed light on matters that are close to one’s heart. Areas related to beauty, whether it is physical or internal, human or nature, will be discussed frequently. Elegance and grace will be popular. Manners will feel important.

Finally, on a different note, I do sense issues with driving. I realize in most of North America that winter is here and that affects the conditions of the roads, however this feels more related to drivers. Regardless of the weather, please be extra cautious and aware of not only your own driving skills but of surrounding drivers…I see speeding as the main issue we all need to be paying attention to this year.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it has some meaning for you. Comments, shares and questions are welcomed! A friendly reminder that I am available for intuitive readings and guidance. I have over 25 years of experience in Numerology and Cartomancy. For more information about myself and what I do, please visit my website: www.inlightinenergy.com
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Until next time, sending everyone Divine Blessings of Love and Light!
©Tina De Luca