Hello to all. Usually I like to write an introduction of some kind, but for this month’s article, I feel it is about getting to the point. I will honour that, and without further ado, please read on to get a sense of what this month’s energies has in store for us all.


When I take the time to tune into what the numbers say, it is also about channeling messages that align with what is going on in the outer world. The effect on the individual, or in your own inner world, depends what area of your life is in focus for you during this month. For example, J may have family issues and concerns that are needing attention before work/career matters; there will be an influence of what the numbers mean this month in the area of J’s family sector. In other words, to be clear with this example, J may feel he/she doesn’t have enough time or wants to make more time for the family as time is one of the themes for March.

I feel there is much activity going on, yet on the surface it looks like not much is becoming accomplished. We feel there are moments of for every step forward taken, we fall two steps back. This attitude may either push us to do more or to not even bother: it is easy to be self-critical where we compare our actions or any physical activities to laziness: we often feel we are not getting enough tasks done this month. We feel frustrated with life right now because we are not receiving the results we want despite all the hard work. We may need to go back to the drawing board and begin again. There is a tendency to over-analyze and over-think what went wrong. Try not to get stuck in your head so much. I suggest lists as being helpful tools to help get through this month. It can be about any topic; it’s not just about a to-do list. But it is important to pace yourself and breaking down these lists into various categories such as tasks for the day, for the week, for the month, for the year…trying not to overwhelm yourself by not giving yourself enough time and energy to get things done. Be reasonable with what is important and what may need more time to get to and spend with.

Speaking of time, one of the keywords for this month is time. Whether it is literal as in looking at the clock and saying ‘where did the time go?’ or as a metaphor ‘time is money’. Anything related to the essence of time, in all forms and meanings, comes up frequently. Two phrases I hear as being significant are “I don’t have time for this”, and “It’s time.” It feels like time is the word that springs many into action in regards to wanting to move forward and direct oneself towards particular goals and dreams. It doesn’t matter the area in question: love, career, home or health. Many feel that it’s time to focus their full attention and work towards creating some sort of foundation, stability, security in the area of one’s life they feel is most urgent/important. There is an energy of ‘I should do this’ and ‘I should do that’ but it can be overwhelming as the where, how, when to start questions are the stumbling blocks. Many of us don’t have time for excuses, for waiting, for anything that may get in the way of what we want. Some are forceful in their focus, it’s difficult to change their mind, distract them or share new ideas. A ‘once the mind is made up, that’s it’ reasoning is the reality for so many during this month; flexibility is not easy. We can be indifferent to anything that is new and nontraditional.

There is a serious attitude, whether you take things seriously or you are being serious about things. It is difficult to relax, a nervous energy prevails,including others and situations get on our nerves often. Finding a physical activity that tires your mind is beneficial (i.e. doing a difficult puzzle). Also being in nature, especially around trees and solid ground areas are therapeutic. Even using wood products (having a wood bonfire, burning wood candle scents) and wearing metals such as copper are healing tools that can help calm the nervous vibrations we feel. Our physical bodies feel lethargic more often than usual, so extra meals/snacks and high protein foods are needed during this time. We burn more energy than we seem to notice.

It is a challenging month, as the #4 is not about fun or enjoying the good things in life; it feels harder than usual. Often we feel there isn’t ‘enough of’ something to help us get and be where we want to go in our lives. We look ahead to the future more often now because time is a ticking! We tend to vibrate towards being more disciplined and to use the intellect to get through each day. We want to follow a schedule, a routine, familiarity helps one feel secure. Taking uncalculated risks makes one feel uneasy, as you would rather research it to death than enter into a new decision unprepared. Do the best you can this month; try not to be so hard on yourself and others. Keep things simple as we are drawn to wanting to focus on the realities instead of the possibilities.

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Tina De Luca, is an intuitive, specializing in Numerology readings and guidance for over 25 years. She also interprets regular playing cards for short-term readings, a method passed down generations on her mom’s side of the family. Tina grew up in an environment that acknowledged, supported and encouraged anything related to the spiritual and psychic areas of life.

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