Hello to all! We are halfway through the #1 calendar year cycle (because the way I calculate the cycles, they change 2 months prior to the date), the momentum of anything related to the new is in full swing, such as beginnings, ideas and thoughts. Combined with the #5 for this month, both of these numbers are related to physical energy. There will be a great deal of action taking place; some of us will be feeling excited while others will be feeling overstimulated by it all. To get a sense of what is in store for the month of April, please read on.


Well this will be quite the month! There is a restlessness in the air, many feeling that they want to break free from the tried and true. A sense of wanting more excitement as we are compelled to examine our lives and feel that it is mundane. Now, in general, some will view these experiences as a form of rebellion, it comes across as recklessness, defiant to the ‘rules’ of society, yet in some cases it will be about wanting to express ones’ true self. People will be quick to point fingers by what actions and words are expressed but there has been an emerging of new energies where it feels this is the month that we start to communicate what we want individually. People are finding their voice. It feels the theme for the month will be about freedom, in particular I keep hearing the statement “I want to break free”. Depending on what cycle you are in, this would mean changes in specific areas of yourself and your life coming either created by your own doing or by the Universe (where it seems that any changes come from an unknown or unexplainable source). Whether we feel ready or not, it’s time to get going. To do something about it. It involves moving forward and movements (such as campaigns, factions, groups).

People are tired. Asking themselves: “Is this what life is about? Isn’t there more to life than this?” We want more. We want to feel alive. We want to break free from whatever we think is tying us down. There is a push and pull effect that will take place. For some this may mean wanting to escape in some way; leaving someone or something behind, indulging in some form of an addiction and/or liberating any personal inhibitions. There is a ‘dare to be different’ attitude; exploring new territories, concepts, activities, basically anything that is in physical form. Wanting to invite unusual and unique experiences. It will be common to hear the word ‘weird’ this month; whether it is about people, places, things and events. It’s about creating more visibility; to be open to much more than what meets the eye.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation. This month we may hear and see more stories, news and headlines related to teenagers. I wonder as well, for those that are not in their teens, how many of us will want to express and visit areas related to when we were teenagers. We may learn something new from this age group and it may empower or irritate us. The motto ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’ makes a comeback, however it may be expressed via new forms we haven’t heard of yet. This month the trend will be about going against any trends, standing out, shocks and surprises. There is an energy of shaking things up, going against the norm expressed via our actions and words.

Travel and trips are in focus. It doesn’t always mean going to a distant land, as it also involves short excursions, such as taking many trips between places, whether the locations are near or far. Our vehicles feel important to us, a means by which we can get away from what troubles us, an outlet that while driving, introduces inspiration to our lives and selves. Yet, it can also be about inviting problems while travelling. Please be aware of the rules of the road as there will be a tendency to disregard and/or not pay attention to speed limits, road signs, anything that may cause traffic tickets and/or accidents. Again, a friendly reminder to watch your speed as I sense a high amount of accidents due to those being careless with driving over the speed limit. The energy of being in a hurry is prevalent. There could be an increase in those that break the law, no matter the offense. Be aware of keeping yourself and your belongings safe as thefts are one of the major crimes associated with the #5.

Communication matters are in focus. This encompasses written and verbal forms and foreign languages. People tend to lie more under the influence of the #5 energy. Some lies are for the good and some can be destructive. What is challenging is to know when we are being deceived or charmed into a belief, a purchase, anything that gives the aura of making us feel better as quickly as possible. It is easy to fall prey to being sold into or buy something that is not what it is all cracked up to be. The sales industry falls into this category and although not all are bad, be cautious of salespersons that pressure you into anything you feel you are not ready for. Please note during this influence words are powerful, they can uplift or damage us, it is easy to get caught up in having ‘war of words’ with one another.

A word of caution. The #5 is associated with electricity. Combine the energy of this month with the #1 calendar year energy being fire, there may be higher risks and/or incidents of accidents associated with with these elements. Make sure appliances and gadgets are in good order and use them safely. Explosions occur under this category. In regards to the environment, the focus may be on the atmosphere, the air we breathe, and there could be more health issues that relates to the lungs. We also need to remember at times this month, to stop and catch our breath. Our sense of smell is heightened, not only physical scents but anything that is related to the saying ‘something smells fishy’. Figuratively, some people will be blowing a lot of ‘hot air’. As far as weather is concerned, there may be more electrical storms/lightning.

Overall, change is in the air. The key is are you willing to take the risk to fly?

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Tina De Luca is an Intuitive Numerologist with over 25 years of experience. She also channels; receiving messages from a group of Divine ‘beings’ referred as The Counsel and she reads regular cards (the ones used for solitaire), a method that was taught by her mother and passed down through many generations in her family. For more information, bookings and group events please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com  She can be contacted via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com  or via private message on her Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy

Until next time, may everyone have a safe and Divine month ahead!
©Tina De Luca