Hello to all! In recent weeks, there have been new followers on Inlightin Energy’s Page; welcome and thank you! Every month I write a forecast based on the calendar numbers, which includes interpretations connected to Numerology and messages from my Guides, The Counsel. The purpose is to shed light upon what is occurring and to help guide us towards understanding the traits emanating according to the energies expressed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that we may experience individually and as a collective. There are characteristics that come into focus and will touch particular areas in life whether we are conscious of it or not. To get a sense of the possibilities for the month of May, please read on.


When I tune into the month of May, I feel inundated with all that is taking place (I will try to be concise) and and the word ‘importance’ is highlighted. This will be expressed on many levels, to varying degrees, but in general our attention will be on what matters to us with an emphasis on “how is this important to me?” There is much debate on the issue of being selfish vs. selfless, such as what is right vs. what is wrong when it comes to thinking of your own needs. And so it begins, the ‘importance’ of taking care of how you feel and what you want for yourself. The key word for the #6 is responsibility. Yes this may involve the obvious as in having more responsibilities but it goes deeper than that. It is to demonstrate our roles, our choices, our thoughts leading up to the circumstances and the situations we find ourselves in. And it’s not always easy or pleasant. Because in truth, we need to learn about taking more ownership of our personal well-being in all areas of our life. The further we as a group or as an individual lay blame for how we are or where we find ourselves today, the extra challenging the month ahead will be. It’s not about who did what or they did this to me or because of that, as many times it will only be a matter of admitting either to yourself or to another, “I felt, I chose, I did…” by filling in the blank with the appropriate words that fits according to where you are in life now. It’s not about beating up, putting down or shunning. These experiences teach us to empower ourselves to do and feel better when we take more personal responsibility for our actions, thoughts and deeds. The following question will be a beneficial motto for this month: “How does this serve me?” Whether it is related to a thought, a feeling, a choice, anything that you do and say, take a breath and ask yourself this before you carry on. It will help you discern what is important for you.

In general, the energy of giving and receiving comes into focus. This will be demonstrated in many ways and not limited to those who work in the service industries. People are paying more attention to what is shared and respond either with gratitude or dismay. Some will feel drawn to help out more, only because they feel a tug to reach out, a deep calling, and will do something, not expecting anything in return. Once again, the word serve shows up in our lives this month, particularly demonstrated by the actions we take. So there will be instances where some groups do good, some seem to interfere and some don’t do enough/anything. We will notice the effects of giving and receiving, whether it is positive or negative.

So many feel disconnected and/or lonely even though we have all this technology. There is a sense of wanting to feel part of a community, to belong, to feel connected with family. No matter if you like, love, have loved ones near or far, the family and home environment come to our attention. Not only will it be on a personal level, but there will be many stories, articles, announcements, anything that emphasizes the family and home area. This includes how we relate to one another, our surroundings, our lifestyles. Even how we identify with our home country, city, any location comes into play. Be aware of what is important and how does the matter(s) serve you.

The beauty and health industries align with the #6 energy. This means we will see new products, new treatments, new methods, basically being introduced to anything that is new in regards to these sectors. Some will want to improve their outer appearance such as by shopping for new clothes, getting a new haircut/style, dieting/eating better, changing their look in some fashion. We also become aware of our physical well-being. Health issues arise, there may even be new discoveries with caring for/of certain illnesses and yet a new disease may be announced. We will notice that our eating habits, foods and lifestyles play a big role in our welfare. This is a good time to start taking better care of yourself, to begin action steps towards a healthier lifestyle, to be responsible for how you feel and look.

In the western world, we have been taught to identify ourselves by what we do for a living. It feels that there will be a movement towards changing those attitudes. It doesn’t mean that we all stop working (although there will be some who may make drastic choices with their jobs), but an emergence of being mindful of how we earn money, how it supports us, and is it fulfilling our needs. I feel that the employment area will be scrutinized, and I sense a call to action in regards to the cost of living vs. how we live. The word ‘poor’ comes to the forefront. What new ideas are possible that helps not only the individual but our communities? It’s time to bridge and heal the gap(s).

Overall, this month will be educational, not necessarily connected to schooling, as we will have many moments of learning and teaching ourselves the value of paying attention to what is important to the self. It’s a process of acknowledging the mind, body and soul.

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Until next time, may everyone be well and safe. Sending you all Divine Blessings of Light and Love!
©Tina De Luca