Hello to all! I apologize for posting a week into the month, as honestly it has been a challenge for me to sit still long enough to focus and write this forecast. And yet it’s all supposed to be Divine when it comes to timing. For those that are interested in what June has in store for the collective, please read on to confirm how the month has begun so far with the following energies and to help us navigate the rest of June.


Ahh! Time for a breather in the world. This month’s quote is by Rumi, one of my favourite poets. My interpretation of the words feels befitting to all the chaos that has been taking place. That as a collective we are tired of all the noise. A time to be drawn by the quiet, by peace, by solitude, by Divine intervention. “What is calling you from within?” Those that are brave enough to answer the call, to come this way, will discover the magical side of life.

It seems we either find ourselves stuck as there hasn’t been much movement (life has been boring/slow) or we need a break from all the whirlwind activities we have been engaged in so far this year (life has been so hectic). Whether you feel life is starting to go well or not, this month the energy is about stepping back and getting some much needed rest. Our physical bodies will be proof on how exhausted we feel. It isn’t only connected to labor/work activities, it can be related to the mind (studying, over-thinking) and the soul (emotions). The word that stands out for me when I tune into the energy of June is ‘feelings’. I sense that it will be important to go within and honour what you feel, what your heart/gut says in terms of what is important to you. If that means you have been over-analyzing or trying to come up with solutions or trying to get certain tasks accomplished or trying to feel more positive, give it a rest for now, especially if your heart isn’t in it. No matter the circumstances, this isn’t an ideal time to push for results or try to control an outcome. The #7 is a spiritual energy and much of its’ attributes doesn’t jive with the way we try to manipulate the physical world. It is about allowing and surrendering to a higher/unknown/unseen force, whether that be Angels, Guides, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, God, or the unknown, there is a mysterious presence that can’t be explained or proven ahead of time. Faith is the keyword. For some that is about religion and for others it is about the Divine. Whomever or whatever you choose to follow, the idea is to ‘believe before seeing’ not the old adage of ‘I believe it when I see it’. This means that much of this month there will not always be physical evidence or reasoning if we follow how we feel and when we have an inner sense of what is coming. It will be beneficial to believe and have faith in our instincts, our intuition, even when the outside world shows us otherwise. We will be mystified when events take place. Some areas will not make sense as there won’t be any rational explanation for what has occurred.

Personally, I believe when certain circumstances do not work out or at least seem to in our minds, that they are blessings in disguise. Try to remember when you feel defeated or disappointed with anyone or anything during this month, that a Divine source is at play, creating magic and miracles if we can step out of the way and stop managing every detail to how we think it should be. Really try to tune out the hustle and bustle that takes place in your head and go within to feel your way through things…pay attention to your intuition even when your mind doubts or questions the motives. It will all make sense later. It’s not always about immediate answers and/or results.

I understand that there are some who feel challenged by intuition; what it is, how it works, how to know, etc.. Try to be more gentle and patient with yourself as you learn to navigate and gain confidence with your intuition. I truly feel it is a sixth sense that we all have but unfortunately has been revoked for many centuries, especially in the western world. This is a good time to practice by listening and following through on smaller matters (calling the person that suddenly ‘pops’ into your head, or turning on music when you hear a certain song). There may be new ideas related to the psychic area. Phenomena that may have been around for ages yet it is new territory for some, while others may strive to reach new heights with it or feel shaken by new experiences related to the unknown. Individuals who have been searching for meaning may introduce metaphysical tools into their lives or consult with psychics as a new method for finding fulfillment.

Signs are a big aspect with the #7 energy. There are the common ones such as feathers, coins but also pay attention to anything that repeats or stands out for you. Although it is a great starting point to look up what they may mean on different sites or books, try to journal or write on the calendar what took place so that you can see how it applies to yourself, to your life. This month I feel signs will be very personal. On the other-hand, there are possibilities for individuals to create havoc or fear by pointing out signs that are related to faiths that are more fanatic in nature. This means religious groups using their beliefs on what takes place as signs to joining their faith or having more faith in their cause(s). A reminder that if something doesn’t feel or sit right with you, give it a rest. It’s not a time to act forcefully towards what they share and do, no matter what side they are for or against. The energy is trying to show us to go within, to learn to have faith in one’s own spirituality, whatever that may or may not consist of. That life has a hidden and secretive side.

Because rest and sleep are important to the #7 energy, dreams take on more meaning. This includes having vivid ones, feeling the impact of what one dreams while asleep, and finding oneself daydreaming more during the waking hours. There may be more interest in dreams and their interpretations. For those that do get lost in thought, not only is it a ‘vacation’ from the realities of life but it can be a tool to visualize the life you feel you would like. Many will have a difficult time trying to get real, be realistic and keeping it real. We want to pull the blinds down to what is going on around us and escape to ‘la-la land’.

The #7 is represented by nature. There will be more focus in this area. It encompasses everything from the environment to the nature of all that lives on this planet. Will we introduce new concepts that allows Mother Nature to thrive naturally? Will we initiate new ideas that protects the planet and its inhabitants? Will there be breakthroughs or acknowledgement towards the mysterious and mystical side of life and of all that is alive? Nature by design is very therapeutic and we benefit from taking better care of it no matter who says what. For those that are interested in alternative healing and/or being more natural with the body, this is an ideal time to begin and/or incorporate practices that contribute to a healthier well-being of mind-body-soul.

Overall, there will be opportunities to lay low, to chill out and surrender to the stillness of life. Take them when you can. Leave the details of your dreams to the Universe. Allow the Divine to help you more. To have faith that all is well and taken care of.

Until next time, may everyone be well and have a Divine month!

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