Hello to all. For many summer has ‘officially’ started with most children out of school and carrying out plans the first part of this month for social activities. Whether this applies to you or not, may everyone have a safe and enjoyable July. For those that are interested what the numbers have to say about the energies for July, please read on.


A powerful month is in store for us as possibilities to manifest greater opportunities or greater troubles surface, however there is a tug of war between what we want and what it takes to get what we want. The #8 is about the outer world, zoning in on what appears to us, what we have and don’t have, focusing on the ‘big prize’. There is an urgency in fulfilling our innermost desires, at times bordering on obsession. Pleasure versus pain. We are fixated on achieving what we want, need, feel. The ego comes into play, what we value on a heart versus head level. Our self-confidence will be tested, lessons related to knowing ‘who I am’, ‘this is me’, and ‘I am more than what appears to be’. We want to be recognized. Persistence is key, even when we have moments of wanting to throw in the towel as we will feel we are not ready to give up just yet; a drive to keep at it no matter what. It may be annoying to others as they could view you as being pushy and arrogant when it comes to going after personal ambitions. Be mindful that it may take many tries to achieve whatever goals we set after as there is a strong ‘law of attraction’ energy involved. This means that what we may think, what the ego has to say about individual dreams and desires, the Universe is trying to set up the ‘right time, people, circumstances’ that aligns with how we feel, with the essence of the inner spirit, whether we are conscious of this or not. There is a ‘meant to be’ energy present and for some they will believe this is associated with karma.

I keep hearing the words ‘worth’ and ‘worthy’ being significant for the majority. This would apply to all facets within ourselves, our lives, our surroundings. Questions such as “Is this worth it?”, “Am I worthy of…(fill in the blank)”, any question that contains the word “worth” and “worthy” arises frequently. We become more aware of the details in matters, in others, in ourselves, not all being pleasant, but necessary as it can help us see what steps we need to initiate to attain our heart’s desire(s). It is to our advantage to choose quality over quantity during this month, as some will feel it’s about having more or being greedy, whether that is related to others, an item or a personal characteristic. We will want to make improvements as there is a focus in wanting the best, what is best and being the best. It’s about fulfilling our needs, whether it is basic (i.e. food) or wishful (i.e. winning the lotto). Generally it is all related to abundance. Not just money, although this area will often be in focus, but noticing the abundance of things that are not connected to money. For example the abundance of nature, of friends, of laughter, of having choices or of being poor, of having no love…anything that you give an abundant amount of attention to, you will notice how much more of it comes to you, whether it is wanted or not. What are you thankful for? How often do you give thanks for all the successes in your life? Do you acknowledge all the wonders in the world, your life, what we take for granted, what we dismiss as small? We have the habit of focusing on what is missing, lacking and not working. The #8 energy is connected to the infinite symbol, basically what we give out we get back, nothing is endless, everything counts, so try to be more aware of the blessings and gifts that you already have and are about to receive.

I see it will be important to be ‘perfectly clear’ about what you want to achieve this month. It’s not about perfection, but figuring out what feels and looks right to you. If that means that there are some issues and people you need to be perfectly clear with, than this energy supports you when it comes to putting your best foot forward. People are more aware of what appears before them, noticing details of behaviours, attitudes and images. First impressions are impactful during this month.

The #8 is represented by sexual energy. When I take into account how all the calendar numbers relate during this time, things can heat up quickly. Our arousals and attractions are powerful. This may include having more sex, affairs, one-night stands and masturbation. Take care if not wanting to become pregnant and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. This energy is also about incidents related to sexual harassment, indecent exposure, molestation, rape, pornography. Anything connected to sexual desires and identities on all levels, in all forms are in focus. We are more aware of the physical body, what we find appealing and repulsive. Stories and headlines related to new discoveries/breakthroughs/thoughts/beliefs related to sexuality are popular and grab our attention more often.

News related to big business, corporations and finances grab our attention. Details about how they manage their affairs and control our lives emerge. We may not like what we see and choose to take action in regards to finding new solutions in how we spend our money, where we invest in and what enterprises we want to support. For those that operate their own business this is a time to be bold, to go for it. If you can, try to spend your money with companies that reflect your own values, that are wanting to improve the world around them, that want to make a difference in some way. Our attention is drawn to our own wealth and the wealth of others in all contexts and forms.

This month is ideal for solving issues and problems that have been nagging you. Don’t discount anything you may consider as mistakes as it may take several tries to overcome and discern what works and doesn’t work for you. Ironically, swearing is a healing tool for most this month…so go ahead and say the word(s) as you will feel better sooner. Overall this month can be prosperous, it all depends on your attitude and values. It’s an energy of success if your aim aligns with your heart’s desires.

Until next time, may everyone have a Divine month!
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