Hello and welcome to August! These past few days I have been feeling the energy of Fall in the air…yikes! It seems as though summer has only begun and yet I sense Autumn and Winter may arrive earlier than expected. Although Fall is my favourite season, I am not looking forward to Winter’s cold. I am getting ahead of myself and let’s enjoy the present days without thinking of the upcoming seasons. For those that are new to Inlightin Energy, every month I write a forecast based on what the calendar numbers say. In other words what the energies vibrate and how their traits influence the collective and for the individual it would trigger areas related to what personal cycle you are in whether we are conscious of this or not. My intentions are to enlighten and assist others prepare for the month ahead. Please read on to find out what is possible for August.


Well I feel we are in for a bit of a taxing month. Although most will not be happy about this, there is purpose and reasoning behind it all as ironically our experiences are meant to help us let go and heal our inner wounds. I keep hearing the words ‘pattern’ and ‘repeat’. I can see how this plays out for us, whether it is individually or as a whole, where there will be situations that seem to be reoccurring, resurfacing into focus. In other words, the appearance of repetitive issues keep showing up, grabbing our attention, making it feel like we are living on rewind. Events seem to arise over and over again. Questioning: What gives? Why? What did I do? When will this end? And yet the energy feels like it is all connected to the patterns we follow, believe in, participate in. It’s to help us recognize what the individual keeps repeating as we each tend to have patterns that we create unknowingly. The idea is for us to acknowledge the truth; especially your own as we each play a role willingly or not. At times it can become deep and dark. We will be facing issues of regrets. Ask yourself: “Do you really want to heal and be able to let go of what keeps you feeling and being stuck?”The process lies in looking at what has past/came to be in a new light. Standing in your integrity. Putting an end to behaviours and beliefs that you feel you keep on recycling so that you can try to put an end to what is destructive. It doesn’t matter if we may feel other people and experiences influence our lives a little or a lot; the issue at hand is the ability to take ownership, to lead your own life instead of others taking you by the lead. We may take part in the drama of life or want to be finished with all the drama in our life…the choice is yours. Be strong and brave enough to face the past so that you can emerge and initiate the new within the next few months.

The #9 is represented by Universal Energy. This encompasses the solar system and beyond. It includes ideas related to other dimensions, other life forms/beings, any energy that goes bigger and beyond what we know here on earth. Some of us may be interested in reaching further in what it means to be alive, to want to initiate actions that delve into areas that can further our own intentions. What is fascinating about this process is how we may have to look at history, at the past to understand our present circumstances and what lies ahead in the future. When it comes to what has passed, there are new possibilities that we may discover, that sheds a new light on these matters, taking the old and making it new again or it can be about wanting to share the past with a new group, in a new manner, using new methods. It is all connected and it all counts despite some saying the past is the past. Overall, how we have been living comes into focus but we feel these experiences in new ways. Sometimes the ‘lightbulb’ goes off in our head for the very first time.

We may hear more stories and issues related to seniors, to the aging process and anything that is connected to the old (not just people). Some of our answers may come from the eldest generation as it will be news to us even though they have had this knowledge and experience for quite some time. The subject of death arises often, whether we are comfortable or not around this area, as we need to bring new ways and conversations to deal with or handle this realm.

The month will be exasperating if trying to launch any new action. The #9 has this energy flow of sudden stops, meaning you may begin something and than it suddenly halts. I call it the ‘stop and go effect’. So even though it sounds like I am saying it backwards, it actually makes sense because the motion of the #9 is to take us back, to retrace, to re-do, to remember. The intentions are to complete what no longer serves you, what no longer has meaning, basically what you are done with on any level. Yet it’s not all bad, as it can be a month to realize past dreams/goals and/or put a stop to any dilapidating actions and thoughts.

For those that have a difficult time with endings on any level, if there is one thing I hope for you to take from what may arrive within this month is this: we are releasing, a sort of cleanse so that we can feel refreshed and ready to step into our true soul selves. May you all be well and many Divine Blessings.

Well, I feel that all I want to share has come to a conclusion. Feel free to post any comments, questions and concerns. Sharing of this post is so appreciated! If you liked this article and would like to know more about what your numbers have to say about you, please email me at: tina@inlightinenergy.com or send me a private message on my Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/

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