Today it is International Day of Peace. Yet how many feel that the thought of us ever living in peace seems to be a distant reality? There are times the world seems to be getting more violent and destructive, that it becomes a challenge to imagine if we will ever attain a peaceful existence. About a year ago, when I was writing the forecast for the calendar year 2017, today’s thought was one of the messages I received from my Guides, who I refer to as ‘The Counsel’ (yes, they want me to spell it that way and not as Council). The energy took me aback. So simple and it encompasses so many possibilities (many as in thousands, even millions of solutions). When I channel and ask for guidance from my Guides, they often include a variety of images and feelings. After all this time this message still has a profound effect on me. So much so, that there is an importance to share these words with the world: “When humankind makes peace with the animal kingdom, then there will be peace on earth.” Think about it. Take a moment to let the words sink in. Feel the emotions that arise. Picture what it all can be, mean, include and affect. Now what will you do about it? When will you start taking action that aligns with these words? Or keep at an activity that helps the animal kingdom? Some examples are: volunteering at an animal shelter, donating to a cause that supports rescues/conservation, planting trees/gardens, not using products that test on animals, recycling, not littering/picking up litter, going vegan/eating less meat, raising awareness, basically contributing in a way that benefits us all, no matter if you think it is a small or big act as it all is significant and counts. The list is infinite. Some may feel this is a ‘crazy’ solution (or whatever negative thought one may choose), as in what does making peace with the animal kingdom have to do with peace on earth? Yet do you not see how it connects to all that is alive? Whether it is water, air, soil, trees, plants…animals already understand the essence of the cycle of life, they already know how to live in peace. How many of us believe, know and understand animals have the power to heal? Do they not seem to be one of the easiest way to soothe a person’s heart and soul? Why do you think stories related to any type of animal, domestic or wild are so popular? We are often fascinated whenever we hear of what an animal can do and has done (look how popular they are on social media sites…they tug on our heartstrings). Animals of all kinds are some of the greatest teachers available to us. They persevere, love, trust, share, accept and respect under some of the worst and inhumane conditions. But despite some of the barriers we have in this world, animals recognize soul traits that we humans at times tend to dishonour and abuse. My hope is that this message finds its way into the hearts of many. That we become inspired to make peace available and real.
With that, may everyone have a Divine peaceful day. Much love to you all!