Hello everyone! We are in the last quarter of the year but with my experience from doing Numerology, the cycles start to change about 2 months prior to the official date. This means the calendar cycle for 2017 is in the last part, where the numerological cycle for 2018 will begin in November 2017. The #1 year is winding down but still making its’ affects known, one last push before we commence the next cycle. To get a sense of what the numbers have to say for this month, please read on.


Even though September is the ninth month of the year, most of us consider it to be a month of new starts, of slowing down and taking stock of where we are in life and what we would like to change. This month the energy has a ‘I do and I don’t’ effect [i.e. I didn’t feel like writing this forecast until now :)]. There will be moments where we are ready to forge ahead and be ‘gung ho’ with new beginnings and than there will be moments where we feel withdrawn, a bit ‘ho-hum’ with plans and putting them on hold for the time being. The #1 energy is connected to the self, where many of us will have more concern about “what is in my best interest”, even trying out new ideas whether they work out or not. I keep hearing the word ‘original’ as being in focus for many this month. Original ideas, ways, expressions and including incorporating thoughts/actions/information that originated from a different era and place. Some will feel bolder and more determined to put their ideas, dreams, goals into action. Be aware of aggressive behaviours, whether it is you or another, as some will take their actions too far or come across too strong for others to take. It will be easy to feel angry and intimidated. Even the things that normally don’t upset you, may irritate you this month. Tempers flare, arguments ensue. We take things more personally. Because of this, at times some will feel lonely and some would rather be left alone. Try to remember to keep cool, as there will be tendencies to ‘fly off the handle’, ‘get hot under the collar’. The #1 is related to fire, speed and action. Be mindful in these areas, literally and metaphorically.

Anything related to ‘I’ (the self) will be a part of many moments this month. It plays out in many different ways and scenarios. The individual role becomes important in the how, what, where and why when it comes to moving forward. “What’s in it for me” , “How does this help me”, “Where do I go from here?”, “Why am I doing this?” are vital questions in terms of assessing how you fit in with your true self. It’s not being selfish or arrogant (some will think this) as it is more along the lines of getting in touch with yourself as it will eventually help the collective (whether small, big, indifferent, etc.). Try not to be pushy when it comes to getting others to agree/join your own path. Again, it’s about the self, honouring you as much as possible whether it is accepted by others or not.

The #1 is represented by masculine energy. So headlines, stories and incidents related to men are more prevalent. There may be new ideas about how man originated. Yet we may also hear of women who have been silenced by men, who were/are strong, brave and had/have the drive to implement ideas that originated/benefit the self and all. Some of us, no matter the sex, will feel challenged by roles, by what we followed/believed as to why are we here, what is the purpose of life.

This year has seen much anger and hatred. There has been evidence of hostile and brazen behaviours. Decisions made hastily, actions that seemed to be more self-righteous than thoughtful. As hard as it has been to hear, see or be a part of all that bad news, there is a reason (most likely there are many) but specifically to awaken the self, setting us on a new discovery towards becoming whole so that we grow as a collective despite appearances, status, age, sex, etc.. We may see more destruction this month. This can also include hurting yourself. The other keyword I hear, feel and see for this month is ‘invasive’. Whether it is about an actual military action taking place or whether it is personal…be aware of what thoughts, actions and feelings invade your mind, body and soul. It’s not intended to ‘freak’ anyone out, but to pay attention to the processes you take/allow that can be beneficial or detrimental. This is a good month to get clear about the self…what you would like to fulfill, to be and do.

Overall, this is a powerful month, where we may witness new and interesting events. At times it will feel like we are being forced into new situations whether we are ready or not. Be strong, be you and let your light shine as much as possible.
Until next time, may everyone be safe and Divine Blessings to you all.

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