Hello to all! Depending on which side of the equator you live in, we are either in Fall or Spring season. Most of the time, my area has had a beautiful Autumn so far. All the glorious colours and sunshine adding to the air of wanting to take in the warm weather before Winter comes in. Wherever you reside, hoping the weather patterns are delightful. Now to the forecast. According to my method of calculating the cycles, we are in the final month of the universal #1 year even though the calendar still shows there are 3 months left for 2017. My experience from doing many numerology readings has been that the numbers for the cycles change about 2 months prior to the date. We ease into the flow of the energies before it picks up a steady pace and comes to a conclusion, whether we are aware of this or not. Some of us will feel a ‘final push’ energy towards areas that are important to get going and some will feel there is an underlying hurriedness taking place in everyday life…the pace quickens. To get a sense of what October’s energy has in store for us, please read on.


Well so much can be said about what this months’ number is presenting to us on a Universal level. In fact, the #2 cycle for October will be giving us a glimpse into what the year 2018 numerology energy cycle will be showing. There are some numerologists who incorporate the Master numbers (#11 being one of these) as part of the cycle systems, yet my teachings didn’t consider them to having their own cycle (there are 9 cycles, beginning at #1 through to ending at #9). I was taught that when a cycle has a Master number result, it is reduced to a single digit but it still influences the energies, they are connected, they have similar meanings, the difference is at times we feel the intensity of the traits quite strongly, it can be profound. We may be overcome by our feelings without warning and reason.

Overall the feeling of wanting to have some peace will be prominent this month. Whether that is peace of mind, peace in the heart/soul, peace in your surroundings/with others, peace in the world. So far this year it has felt rushed, sometimes situations were forced upon the self where it was all up to you/figuring things out on your own and feeling alone/lonely. Now most are looking for comfort and calm. We want a break from all the physical energy, from trying to think things out. We want to feel part of something, to feel valued, appreciated and loved as we are. The #2 energy takes things a bit slower because it likes to feel supported before taking action (whether the support is from another person, a group/organization, anything that is a ‘cushion’ of some sort to fall back on). In general, the energy doesn’t like to be hurried or feel pushed. This is where it can become tricky as there is a tendency to have our boundaries put to the test; it becomes a challenge to say no more than yes.

We are more sensitive now. The #2 is connected to the heart. Emotions run the gamut during this time so it’s not unusual to feel happy one minute and than extremely sad the next. We are more susceptible to picking up on frequencies that belong to others, in other words we feel what others feel whether we know them or not, whether it affects us personally or not. It is important to find solace in activities that soothe your heart, soul and mind during this time. Frequent breaks, water and eating extra fruits will be beneficial. Crying will take place more naturally, often and I recommend allowing the tears to flow as it will help clear the energy. Finding or having someone to confide in, to pour your heart out to, to share all that weighs heavy on your heart will involve trust issues. We will question our relationships, all types, as to whether we can believe they will keep our hearts safe from harm, from being broken. Love becomes central for all of us. We desire intimacy. At times we will find ourselves having to make tough decisions, it will be a matter of following your heart vs. your head.

This month we have opportunities to use our intuition more. It involves listening to the inner self, to trust in the process and follow this inner, unexplainable knowing. It will not always make sense but there is a value to it that becomes apparent in time. Patience is key. If interested in developing your own intuition, taking moments to practice will help grow your sixth sense (maybe not to a psychic/medium degree but enough to rely on it when you feel stuck or unsure at times). Overall we are learning to trust our instincts more.

The #2 is represented by women, it is connected to feminine energy. Stories, news, headlines related to these areas will be in focus. I see a push, a driving force of some women taking the lead in wanting to move society towards a more empowered lifestyle. Will we celebrate or degrade femininity? There will be more discussions around women rights, the role of women, whether we feel supported and how we are valued in society. Issues related to fairness and equality occur more frequently. Yet there may also be more incidents of women being hurt. These are occasions for us to to try to heal and show compassion for one another. It’s about women standing up, taking a stand and caring for each other with kindness and love. Can we support one another without judgement, without criticism? How many of us will be able to show grace under pressure?

When I tune into the energy for October, one of the keywords I hear is ‘honesty’. It’s not always about telling the truth but more along the lines of being genuine with your feelings. Honouring what your heart is telling you and sharing how you feel with those that matter in relation to what is important to you. It also involves being honest with yourself, showing care and concern for what is working and not working in your life. Be gentle and kind as much as possible. It’s easy to worry right now, especially since there will be a proneness of what others may think. Be aware of trying to please everyone but yourself. Don’t be the doormat. There is a ‘give and take’ at play...Are you one to give more than receive? Do you give enough love and care to yourself, to those that matter to you? Do you allow others to take advantage of your kindness? Do you give up easily or are you not ready to give up so soon? Multiple scenarios come up. Many of the solutions will be connected to balance. Whether that involves balancing what you want vs. what others want from you, what matters most according to how you feel vs. how others feel, to balancing areas related to your time, your effort, your thoughts. A balance of what you give and what you take for yourself, for/from others, from life. Finding new ways that help enlighten who you are on a heart and soul level which isn’t always easy but feels important now. The time has come to listen to that inner voice and allowing it to shine through.

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