Hello to all! This month we are entering a new cycle for the coming year 2018, a #11/2. So, even though the calendar still says 2017, my experience with Numerology is that the energies tend to shift about 2 months prior to the date change. According to my calculations this month’s number reflects taking this into account. For those that are doing the math along with me, I am adding the #2 year cycle number to Novembers numerical value (11th month) to get the result of this month’s forecast. Make sense? You don’t need to be an expert in knowing the details as my intention is to explain why the cycle number for this month is such. To get a sense of what the possibilities are for the collective for November, please read on.


The month will have moments of great intensity, meaning there will be times where we think strongly about certain subjects and beliefs; we are in our heads more than our hearts. There is no ‘in-between’, it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when it comes to new ideas, options and opinions. This month it’s a challenge to be flexible with any notion that appears to be new in nature. The theme of conviction comes up often; there seems to be no room for any ‘either’ and ‘or’, ‘this’ or ‘that’ choices and decisions. We don’t want to be fooled and look foolish. At times we will notice that either the self or others will not budge when it comes to adapting and accepting what appears to be nontraditional, unconventional and liberal. We are drawn to what makes us feel safe, secure and basically going the ‘tried and true’ method. It’s more about sticking with what you know as it may feel unsettling to try and incorporate anything that is new, whether it be connected to thoughts, feelings, activities. Many want to feel stability in their lives, see concrete results and especially want certainty. Be aware of not making promises you can’t keep as you will be held accountable for not following through and making good on your word(s). Many notice the details in appearances, actions and anything that is connected to the material and physical side of life. So if you say one thing but do another, others will decide to mistrust you and have a hard time believing in you as a person. Our behaviours are more in the spotlight as they set the examples to our character as our feelings don’t seem to count that much this month. Personal excuses will not sit well with others. The saying ‘walk your talk’ is in focus this month.

The area of reality comes up often. We are drawn to what makes perfect sense. Even though we may try to have more hope and be more positive, the energy of feeling lack/insufficient in one or more areas of our lives will tend to prevail. There is a tendency to notice what we don’t have enough of, whether that be time, money, resources, support, love…anything that comes to mind. We want to move forward but often we feel we are falling back. It’s a challenge to see and feel we are getting ahead, we get frustrated with the outcomes and it will help to know that this month it is about laying the groundwork for the months ahead. The irony this month is that we focus more on the future yet we want immediate proof and results. Try to prepare, plan and organize as much as possible. Keep it simple. Get rid of what no longer works, serves and helps you. A good time to clear the clutter in your life.

Many will feel anxious and our nerves get the better of us at times. ‘Mind over matter’ comes up often. We think too much and there will be moments where our thoughts may get the better of us. There’s a play of being lazy vs. keeping busy. There seems to be a need to get things going/done, lists upon lists of what you want to accomplish and it may be daunting to the point where you don’t know where to start and if you will ever finish. Be aware of procrastinating as the more you put something off, the more you realize you should have gotten it done when it came to mind and end up creating more work for yourself. When it comes to tackling any to-do list, try to focus on what is important and at the end of the day acknowledge what you did accomplish, even if it was only one thing. It’s a challenge to relax and rest this month as the mind is constantly thinking, so don’t be surprised if you get less sleep and wake up often and at odd times. It may help to get more physical exercise and engage in any activity that tires the mind to get some sleep.

It won’t always be easy this month. One of the energies related to the #22/4 is connected to the trait ‘hard’. This encompasses anything that feels, looks and acts rigid. There may be more pressure and resistance. We set high standards and deadlines and when we fail to meet them, we become disillusioned and may give up easily and too soon. Slow but sure garners more success. Think if you are being too hard on yourself and others, being unreasonable when it comes to the work and effort put into projects and goals. We are influenced by what we see, who does what and forget about the emotional side. We may hurt others by being blunt. Impatience may get the better of us as it’s about getting to the point as much as possible. Flexibility isn’t important. Yet, this energy can be ideal when it comes to getting real about what works and doesn’t work for you and your life and implementing the steps for a better future. We become fixated on what we want and will focus on what needs to get done to reach those goals no matter what. It’s a good time to take care of what really matters and to get to the heart of matters. To put our effort into what drives you, your passions, your dreams. We want stability and a knowing that our future will be secure. Predictability reigns.

Now, when I tune into the collective energy I have concern with organizations connected to large governments and corporations. It’s common knowledge that they tend to take more than give and being so, it feels like they will try to force their own agendas more so this month. It’s like they are trying to bankrupt the people. Implementing rules and regulations that may not only hurt our pocketbooks but also our mind, body and soul. They may ask more of us and the phrase ‘when push comes to shove’ pops up strongly around big business, big companies, big administrations. For now we feel powerless and that we have to take it, follow it, almost as if we feel our hands are tied. But it’s also a matter of time before the public feels able to do something about it too…wanting to show who’s really the boss. Traditions comes up too. We say we want more but we may feel drawn to following what we know instead of trying new things. It will take some time to accept what we are not used to. Opinions and sharing of facts abound, yet is it creating a better world or restricting us? There will be some who try to force realities upon us which may make us feel lesser than. People want easy answers, the best for less but it may be daunting if you focus too much on researching, becoming frustrated with what is right for you vs. what is right because someone else said so. Be aware of those who claim to be experts and are adamant that it’s their way or the highway attitude. Again, it is about authenticity, experience and keeping it real.

Whatever unfolds for November, may everyone do your best and be gentle as much as possible. Take the time to catch your breath as there will be overwhelming moments. Sending you all much love and many Divine Blessings.
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