Greetings everyone! Here we are in the last month of the 2017 calendar and yet with Numerology the energy of 2018 began in November. This is because the cycles start changing about two months prior to the date in question. The calculations for December 2017 will reflect this. It may sound confusing to some, but my experience has shown me numerous times this to be true. If one wonders whether this is so or how can this be, I often recommend reading the forecast again over the course of the month, especially near its’ completion. Reviewing the forecast is a great indicator to see how the messages applied to one’s day to day life and to all of us as a collective. To get an understanding of what December has in store for us, please read on.


The #5 energy is about freedom. It likes movement and having the space to create and explore. Anything that feels restrictive whether that is on an emotional, mental, intellectual, physical and spiritual level will become more apparent this month to the point where the individual will want to make changes or if one has been thinking of making changes, the ‘Universe’ will lend a helping hand by altering what no longer serves the individual and us as a whole. Now, there are those who don’t like change, some who are frightened by the notion of things changing and some who thrive on change. Change is good even though it may not always seem so in the beginning and when going through the motions as the purpose is to help us grow and have the freedom to express our true selves. This month we are meant to have experiences that breaks the rules that limits us and for some this may appear to be rebellious. It can encompass a combination of subtle and minor transitions to major shifts. For many, this month will be a ‘wake-up call’; drawing attention to what no longer works and what needs to go. Life may appear to be unsettling and inconsistent. We are learning that nothing stays the same and to embrace being open to all that is unconventional. To challenge ideas, concepts, beliefs and systems. To break down barriers and tear down walls that hold us back. At times our words and actions will be blunt or progressive.

There are two words I keep hearing that will affect many of us this month: ‘weird and wacky’. Not the most pleasant of terms but these words will be used often when it comes to what is said and how it refers to people, places and things. Many will be wanting unique experiences and for some this will also be unusual to their character and habits. The energy in the air is ‘different’. Things will feel and appear to be odd or ‘off’. We won’t always be able to pinpoint the reasons why this happens because remember the underlying energy of the #5 is related to creating changes, to make room in our lives for more freedom from what holds us back individually and as a whole. There will be some events occurring to show us what needs to change because our freedom is being taken away or restricted in some manner. Others may express their personal freedom by escaping via addictions and although anything can be habit forming, I am especially concerned with alcohol being a bigger problem this season. Please be aware of what you drink and if possible refrain as much as you can. There may be an increase in incidents related to alcohol, including illness, arguments, abuse, rape, and drinking and driving.

December is often considered a holiday month with Christmas being the big event for many. There are many cultures that have their own beliefs and celebrations, so I wouldn’t be surprised there is a greater back and forth play between who and how the season is observed. Even those who do not believe in Christmas and all that it entails will throw in their two cents. Stories related to the meaning and traditions of Christmas, including the birth of Jesus Christ, will be prevalent even shocking and surprising to some. We may even feel we have been lied to all these years about what we have been told about Christmas. It can turn out to be a controversial month. Be discerning with what you read and hear, as the area of communication is in focus and not everything will be true. There will be those who will charm their way into the collective with their words whether they mean well or not. On a personal note, many will want to break tradition when it comes to how they celebrate the holidays this year and not everyone will like this notion. Boredom works its way into the consciousness of many. Because of this, I see many would rather do something different, even mark the occasion by an activity than by giving wrapped gifts to one another. Showing how they care by expressing it in an uncommon way/manner. Those that do want to give, will look into unique and unusual gifts as they want it to be more memorable, create an impact. Some families will change their mind with how they get together and what they do for the season, with some deciding at the last minute. Overall there is a restlessness with the tried and true ways of celebrating the holidays with some making it more about social connections and gatherings than what items are given. People want to have more fun and freedom so this may mean some will not bother doing activities (i.e. baking, decorating) that are time consuming and/or visiting and spending time with those that feel restrictive. There may be some who partake in more parties than they usually have in the past. However you choose to celebrate or not, including those around you, please try to be accepting of our differences and allow the freedom to express our contrasting beliefs. Have fun, be safe but be aware of things or others getting too wild.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation. This age group ties in with many of the traits connected to what the #5 means in Numerology. Not only will there be more focus on stories about and involving teens but some adults may even behave like teenagers. Breaking the rules, partying it up, being reckless and impulsive. People want to experiment. Some will push the boundaries. We communicate in ways that go against the norm and society as it is about setting trends rather than following them. Some people will do and say things to make them stand out from the crowd, whether that is on a public stage or within your circle of friends, family or work. Again, I repeat from before, it’ll be a weird and wacky month but it can also be a refreshing and wonderful change from the conventional if you are willing to try something unique.

For those that struggle with this time of year, taking frequent trips, even if it is a short car ride or a walk somewhere different will find this to be therapeutic and even create solutions to on-going problems. Try to get out as much as possible. Sitting still or staying in goes against the energy of the #5. Listen to music. Do something creative. Explore different cultures and areas. Find someone to talk to and share what is inside you. December is meant to be a freeing month, taking chances, to not take things so seriously yet being aware of destructive behaviours and actions as it can also bring unwanted attention and consequences.

Whatever unfolds this month individually and as a collective, may everyone have a Divine December. Many blessings to each of you. Stay safe and be well!

©Tina De Luca

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