Happy New Year! Here we are at the beginning of 2018 where many feel this is an opportunity to start their life with a clean slate. Whether one believes or not in the spiritual, in the Divine, in any kind of mysterious force, there is a common belief that the new year holds the promise of initiating fresh goals, dreams, ideas and habits. Whatever you choose to set for yourself this month, may it be with ease and grace. When I write these forecasts, so much can be said about what the numbers mean yet I try to keep these articles short and to the point by tuning into what I see, feel and hear on an intuitive level that can benefit as many people as possible. For those that are interested in knowing what the month of January has in store for the collective, please read on.


Well this is a good number to ‘officially’ welcome in 2018. Not saying that the other numbers are bad/worst (because I believe in Numerology there are no best and lucky numbers) and that we won’t have a few ‘hiccups’ this month but the energy of the #3 is about enjoying life now. For those that are setting intentions for the year, the month, the week, even the day ahead will encounter some challenges as the #3 is about being in the present moment as much as possible. It doesn’t like anything that is too serious, too ‘by the book’, too sad and that looks too far ahead into the future. It’s more of a social energy where laughter is the best medicine this month. The energy is about ‘going with the flow’. Life can be ‘messy’ and not everyone and everything fits into a tidy little box. Anything related to a schedule and set agenda of any kind will not always go according to plan whether that is by your own doing, someone else’s doing and any intervention that disrupts what we try to accomplish ahead of time. The more you can bring your attention to what is positive about the present situation you are in, how fun it can be to turn things around into a more playful experience and to feel joyful about it all, the easier ones’ circumstances will be. So if you find yourself down in the dumps or disappointed with anything and anyone, ask yourself: “What can I do to distract myself into a more cheerful and hopeful feeling?”And than do that right away.

Many of us will have ambitious goals that we want to achieve. There is nothing wrong with that however baby steps will prove to be more beneficial. We will feel we want it all now! We won’t always get what we want right away or soon enough and this is where we need to be mindful of how we behave. It will be easy to feel hurt and act out in childish ways such as pouting, crying and/or temper tantrums. Patience will be hard to come by. You know the old adage: “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”, as this phrase will play out if one tries to take on too much, too soon. There will be moments where we are greedy, even if you think otherwise, and can be related to anything that we really, really want for oneself. The underlying factor is to question “Do I really need all this right now?”Are you being influenced by what is a passing fancy or will it be helpful this very moment. We may become more persuaded or disenchanted by social media and advertising to their collective ways of how they want us to interact with one another. Are you following what makes your heart sing and dance or what is popular because someone else says so? Friendships are highlighted and it’s a matter of who you know rather than what you know that may get you to your next step in life.

I feel the curiosity trait will be in focus this month. Whether that is related to personal or world events, people want to know the why behind the stories. How, what, where, when will be posed more often and in the forefront of people’s minds. Are we asking to be more engaged, to understand, to relate or to cause harm? There’s a difference between being intrigued and being nosy. Will you be a reflection of genuine interest or of harmful gossip? Confusion seeps into the consciousness and the more questions you can ask, the better you gain a feel for what truly counts right now. Especially if that helps you gain hope and inspiration.

If possible, delay important decisions until next month and after, as the #3 has a scattered energy to it. It’s challenging to make up your mind, to doubt your choices and to stick with any ‘final’ decisions. Honestly, this month isn’t ideal to begin any resolutions unless you can make it into a game and are having a good time carrying them through. One gets easily distracted, we have many things/thoughts on the go at once because if it isn’t fun we will drop what we are doing and move on to the next ‘bright’ idea. We are attracted to shiny new things even if it isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. It’s not always going to be easy to stay focused on the task at hand during this month. Sometimes it will be even be hard to choose in regards to the smaller things in life such as ‘what flavour of ice cream do I want to eat?’ Remember to go with what you feel like in the present moment, so if that means you crave chocolate ice cream even though there are 52 other flavours to choose from, go with what you are wanting now. It’s easy to keep changing your mind and some of us will be frustrated by this energy. Again, a reminder to ‘go with the flow’, as being present as much as you can is your friend this month.

The #3 is represented by children (I would say even the inner child in all of us). This group will influence the collective and be in focus often this month. Are we taking care and nurturing young ones as best as can be, including looking after our own inner child needs? Is it a matter of taking the best parts of our own childhood memories that inspires one to enjoy life again? Paying attention to the behaviours and attitudes of children helps us learn and grow this January. Those that show their vulnerability with a child-like wonder will be the heroes of society even though there will be some who try to ‘burst their bubble’. There may even be a high amount of pregnancies this month and on another note, talk of ‘birthing’ new ways/ideas/habits showing up often.

Even though it is winter in the northern hemisphere, sunshine and warmth are significant to the #3 energy. I wonder if that means more sunshine and milder temperatures yet if that doesn’t come to be, we will be drawn to spending extra time in the sun (i.e. sitting inside by a window where the sunrays are strong) and/or in a warmer location (if unable to travel to the tropics, even in a sauna/steam room , garden solarium). Heat and light are beneficial healing tools whether that is to ease physical pain, cheer up or get energized.

Whatever and however you choose to begin 2018, may it be full of fun and laughter. The key is to enjoy, to incorporate play into our everyday lives so why not start doing that now? We are conditioned to start the calendar year with a serious mindset and for most it doesn’t always work. January’s numerology energy will invoke us to question our behavioural patterns and if you feel this is the time to go with what truly feels right for you, than the time is ripe to do so. Dance, sing and amuse your way into the life of your dreams. This month will prove to be colourful in many ways should you be open to allowing whatever makes you smile from the inside out.

Until next time, sending everyone Divine Blessings! Be well!
©Tina De Luca

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