Hello to all! Welcome, whether you are a new or a regular reader of these monthly articles. I write these forecasts with the intention of assisting all those that are open to the unique idea of receiving information. It’s a ‘heads up’ based on the interpretation of what the numbers mean combined with the energies that are present for the collective. In essence, I share what I feel, see, hear and know based on intuition and numerology. Although each individual will have different experiences, I try to hone into the messages that are relevant, no matter what area in life happens to be in focus for you, as the themes will have an influence in our day to day lives in varying degrees. To find out what this month has in store for us, please read on.


A different tone this month from January which will be noticeable by many. There is a seriousness and a ‘get down to business’ mood in the air. Most will feel motivated to tackle tasks as the previous month felt indecisive, as it was more about dealing with the present and trying to go with the flow. It’s as if the fog from the previous month has lifted and we may not like what is taking place. This month’s energy is connected to creating concrete plans, a sense of reality sets in and dealing with the facts are in focus. Now is the time to lay the groundwork for what future goals you have in mind. What would you like for yourself? Where do you see yourself going and what do you need to do to make it happen? Depending on what area in life has your attention, there is a pull to try to organize, basically get ‘your shit together’ for what is needed to reach your objectives. We are laying the groundwork for the months ahead and because of this not everything we do will have results until later on. The #4 energy likes to think about the future, whether it is for the next day or for the weeks ahead. It wants to know what is coming ones’ way. The energy is drawn to being prepared for anything and everything. Surprises and interruptions will not do. We prefer stability, want to feel secure and that is the foundation we will try to build upon this month.

For those that are drawn to spirituality, such as areas that are connected to what can’t be seen, can’t be proven, may find it challenging to balance the intuitive side to the rational side of life. The #4 is represented by human nature; it is connected to the humanness part of life. Even though it is great to visualize and daydream, at times we have to be grounded and our attention is needed to what is happening. There will be times we want to believe in something more yet we get pulled to what is. It doesn’t mean that in all cases we are destined to our present circumstances, but that is how we will think. The#4 likes proof and a proven track record because it needs to make sense intellectually. We may even hold oneself and others to prove their worth, their values, show they can produce concrete evidence to what they say and do. We are in our heads more than our hearts this month. Our minds are flooded with numerous thoughts, it’s busy up there and it becomes difficult to quiet the brain to get sufficient rest/sleep. I recommend fresh air and some sort of activity that tires the mind. It is common to have our sleep patterns interrupted during this cycle. We feel guilty when we take it easy as there will be those who pay attention to what is getting done. Are we being busy or productive? We may be harder not only on the self but with others, as higher standards are put in place. It’s easy to think others and ourselves don’t always measure up. There will be many adages related to ‘working harder’ this month yet the key to the #4 energy is to work smarter. Try to keep it simple and prioritize your tasks, needs and wants accordingly. At times one will feel pulled to getting it done and over with, facing the fear so as to be able to move ahead and prepare for what is next on the list.

I keep hearing the word ‘short’ will have significance for many this month. Whether that is short on time, on money, on support, coming up short with a project…anything that one is working with or at, the word ‘short’ will be relatable in some manner. We may feel frustrated at times when things fall short, when you think you are not getting ahead/somewhere. During this occurrence there is a tendency to feel lack and focus on not having enough. It helps to think of the quality rather than quantity during these times. Be aware of becoming restricted in your thoughts and actions. It’s easier to feel tougher than usual, to be militant in our thought processes and behaviours. It’s good to have a focus, to gain strengths in where we feel weak, to get things done that we have procrastinated with but also take the time to catch your breath.

The #4 energy is connected to the nervous system. It’s easy to become agitated especially if someone or something appears to be out of place. Life may feel extra hard this month, more stress and pressure falling onto ones’ shoulders, feeling the pain of life’s circumstances and wishing for more comfort. The breath is an important healing tool for the #4. Be mindful if you find yourself holding your breath, taking short breaths and generally not breathing well. Try to do exercises that help you breath easy, not necessarily via meditation or yoga (because these two activities are more challenging to do under a #4 influence) but just by taking in at least 3 deep breaths in and out. Even doing a counting system in your head while you take each breath will bring relief. It is easy to get caught up in the harsher realities of life during this time so seeking a break by keeping busy with an activity or physical exercise will also help. We may be more tense. Things appear and feel colder, literally and metaphorically.

We can become very particular about traditions, rules and regulations in which not everyone agrees upon or follows. Our systems come into question as in what still works and the long-term gains. There may be larger institutions and organizations that try to uphold the ‘tried and true way’ of doing things whether it is outdated or not. Wages, benefits and areas related to meeting our basic needs come into the picture often. Evidence of what one earns vs. the costs of living may show how many come up short. I see the issue of poverty being debated and that the problem is bigger than originally thought to be. I have concern over how many will have to tighten up their belts as prices increase, including small businesses, as the bigger and more influential corporations try to make it harder for us little guys and consumers. I see the ‘bottom line’ coming up often. How many will go without, whether it is needed or not. The good news though is we may start seeing proof and get facts related to how these larger companies actually do business. It may prove beneficial to support local and small businesses as much as possible. Although in theory there is enough for everybody, we may not feel that way and things could get competitive. Some areas in life will not measure up anymore. Cheap vs. expensive. Quality over quantity. Waste vs. usage. However it all unfolds, how much we spend, make use of and save our earnings, time and resources come into the spotlight. Are we getting any value from what we do and strive for? Is it worthwhile? Is what we contribute/give making a difference? What is fair? Are we getting our fair share in life?

Overall, as much as I tried to sound optimistic, I can feel and see that we will struggle with trying to be hopeful. The idea of ‘keeping it real’ can help us see what needs to improve and change over time. It can bring important issues to the surface that we would rather forget or hide. It can be a matter of knowing what is what before taking the steps to work towards a brighter and better future. This month, depending on what area of life is in focus for you, will be about making what matters to you count. May February be kind to you. Sending everyone Divine Blessings.

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