Hello everyone! “April showers brings May flowers” yet there are some areas that are still experiencing winter weather, including where I live. May the payoff bring us beautiful blooms. So, in the meantime we have to make the best of it and hope that warmer weather arrives soon, like very soon! For those that are curious I have written an article on what possibilities are in store for us based on this month’s number. Please read on.


When I write these monthly forecasts, I base them on my knowledge of numerology and what I pick up on intuitively. So much can be said about each number, yet I want to try to pinpoint what energies come into focus that can be beneficial to us all. This month, the element of ‘care’ comes through loud and strong and will play out differently for each individual. Not only will it be about what we care about and care for but we also want someone or some group to show that they care about us. Does anyone care about what I do, say, feel and/or need? Will someone help take care of me or my issue/problem? Some of us will feel the weight of our individual challenges as being burdens and we may want another to take away the heaviness, help make the load lighter in some capacity. At times, even the best of us will feel like we don’t want to care so much or why do we have to care so much or have to take care of certain areas in our life. I hear the phrase “Cut me some slack will ya?”

The main lesson for the #6 energy is responsibility. It isn’t only about what or who you are looking after but having personal accountability for your actions and attitudes. The Universe doesn’t want to hear excuses. The more you place blame for your current circumstances, the more challenges will occur until you decide to stop making excuses. When it comes to finding fault(s) with whatever you are going through, use that as an opportunity to discover what you need to take care of the matter, even if that includes finding the services that helps you improve the situation. The more you can ‘own up’ to what is going on for you, the easier life’s circumstances will unfold for you.

The #6 is connected to both the energy of home and the physical home environment and is represented by family. When it relates to the home energy, it is about the feeling of being at home within any area that is important to you this month. Do I feel at home with this person or group? Do I feel at home with my career and co-workers? Do I feel at home with who I am and how I feel? It can be connected to any area that happens to be important to you during this month. Related to the home environment, this may mean some will want to move, some will want to renovate or redecorate their present living space. Am I at home where I currently live? How do I make my place feel more like home? Do I stay or do I go? I do see the real estate area coming into focus, news and stories related to the market, especially concerning values vs. needs. There may be calls for the industry to ‘smarten up’ and we could see big changes coming about in relation to what they provide and fulfill. This would also include rental properties. There may be outcries for the government to do more in regards to tenant and landlord rules/regulations. As far as family goes, there will be opportunities to either strengthen those bonds or decide it is best to stay away as family encompasses who truly cares about you and who you truly care about…the adage ‘blood is thicker than water’ is put to the test.
Community will be important and in particular in the form of ‘neighbourhood’. Paying attention to what it is like, where it fits into your lifestyle and how it stacks up against your needs. It can also be about wanting to bring or taking away certain services in the neighbourhood. In general, community and the neighbourhood will either makes us feel like we belong or we need to leave. Are you being a good neighbour? Are you part of the solution or problem in your community? What are you doing to make your neighbourhood a better place? Are you taking responsibility for what takes place in your community? How does my needs and values impact the communities of those around me, including Mother Earth? It can encompass any kind of surroundings and how its’ beauty and health affects our well-being.

Personal beauty and appearance will influence us on some level. We may feel better or worse for it. Visits to beauticians, hairdressers, plastic surgeons, shopping…anything related to beauty are popular. Wanting to improve how you feel and look isn’t always about being vain. It doesn’t mean you have to look like a supermodel or follow superstar trends. It’s about allowing your individual beauty shine. That beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and looks. That what is shown to us as ‘ideal beauty’ isn’t always healthy and responsible. It can go both ways this month as far as the beauty industries being challenged or being supported. For those that want to improve their health and well-being this is an ideal month to start or if already into the groove of these areas to build upon or better what routines you have in place. Yet, what is peculiar about this energy is that it isn’t about sticking to one exercise and health plan. In fact the #6 doesn’t take too well to diets as it is more about incorporating a wheel of different foods; changing what you eat on a regular basis and applying a variety of physical activities/exercises. It really wants you to tune into your physical body and pay attention to what it is needing (i.e. cravings). It’s about getting in touch with your body’s natural rhythms. Now bear in mind that from time to time we may crave foods that are ‘unhealthy’ such as fast food, processed, or too sugary/salty/fatty. The key is to identify what your body is saying/doing and making a responsible choice to satisfy that craving. For example if your body is craving a Big Mac, ask yourself, why, what part of this item will help or hurt me and can I satisfy this with a homemade burger or another healthy food option? Even though we want to be in perfect health all the time, this month in particular this area comes into focus and again it will be connected to being personally responsible for the choices we make. So it can be about what you decide to eat and drink and go as deep as to what you feel and do (i.e. stress out too much, don’t exercise). Overall, health issues and related subjects, including the healthcare system are in the forefront.

So, in essence this month there are different areas that come up yet it all comes down to the energy of care and that we need to ‘clean up our act’ in some responsible manner. May everyone be well this month.

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A big heartfelt thank you for caring about what I do and share! Until next time, may everyone have a Divine April!
©Tina De Luca