Hello to all! A heartfelt welcome to everyone that takes the time to read this article. Please feel free to comment and share this post as it is all appreciated. To get a sense of what March has in store for the collective and how this may affect each individual, please read on.


When I tune into the energies for March, my attention bounces to many different areas as the vibrations feel open and expansive. There seems to be ‘energy rushes’ where I feel excited and antsy in many forms. There is an electrical charge in the air. There is a push and pull to go…literally and figuratively. Whereas in February we were more about playing it safe, this month we want to break free even if there are lingering fears and doubts. I see the image of spreading our wings being the symbol for March. It can be a combination of wanting to run with certain ideas/activities/goals/dreams and at times wanting to runaway from it all. Depending on what occurs and with whom, it may appear to be as reckless behaviour or as exuberant action. It can be shocking and surprising to witness and hear what takes place. As I am writing this forecast, there is a song by Twisted Sister called “We’re Not Going To Take It” that is being played back to me, which makes sense as I can feel, hear and see the lyrics being connected to the overall theme of March. I recommend at least looking up the words to the song as it’s meaning speaks to many of the traits related to the #5. Even the video demonstrates characters related to rebelling against the ‘rules of society’, wanting the freedom to express, featuring teens, which also happens to be represented by the #5. For those that have been feeling stuck, there will be opportunities to move forward in our lives, to break down barriers that hold us back, whether it is connected to spiritual, emotional, physical and/or mental beliefs.

The #5 is about freedom. This involves changes. Now not everyone likes change. That’s understandable as it isn’t always easy at first and can get messy. It can be unsettling especially since many of us are creatures of habit whether we realize this or not. The word ‘sudden’ comes up strongly for many of us this month. What I pick up on are instances and situations that are sudden in nature. A combination of actions and words expressed that takes one by surprise, as if it shows up unexpectedly. This is a time where our thoughts and feelings related to wanting/yearning for change(s) in certain areas of our life can actually take place. The Universe responds to our requests for wanting things to be different, it just may not happen to how we think it should be or to our liking.

Many of us will feel the need to express oneself. The area of communication is highlighted, using your voice in some format. Now is the time to say something, even with the risk of rattling some cages as the energy is to open and expand our world. It encompasses the unusual and anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. Some will let it all out in some manner, ‘go for broke’, as if there is nothing to loose. This takes on many forms and can be about wanting to be seen, to stand out from the crowds of sameness. It’s where one wants to be unique yet ironically fit in too; be part of a ‘gang’. The idea is to find a creative outlet and experiment. This may involve dangerous/risky behaviours so be aware of what you get yourself into as it can lead to activities that attracts unsafe, unscrupulous activities and people. It will be about what opportunities are worth taking a chance on. Whatever area you try to gamble on, be mindful of not getting into trouble or in over your head.

The #5 is represented by youth, particularly the teen generation. News and stories are focused on and by this age group. We get a sense of what they experience, they may rebel in destructive or in creative ways as to instigate changes. They find ways to voice their opinions, not holding back, being open to challenging the status quo that grabs our attention. On another note, we may become obsessed with youthful looks, the chase for wanting to stay and look young gets to us on some level. New trends appear, pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable, and some may see it as being weird and wacky.

Overall, this month is about movement. No matter what part of our selves or area it takes place, we are going to experience some changes. Whatever occurs, it is to teach us to not be complacent, to reach out of our comfort zone, to be open to the possibilities of what is different, to be and think outside of the box. If anything, try to make the most of these moments, give it a go.

May everyone have a Divine March! Thank you for all of your support! Tina, founder of Inlightin Energy has been an intuitive most of her life and specializes in Numerology. She also reads regular cards and counsels those with the assistance of her Guides, ‘The Counsel’. If interested in a reading please contact her via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com. For more information about her, her story and services, please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com Finally, follow and like her Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/

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