Hello and welcome to all! Before I get to this month’s numbers, I want to touch base in regards to the 2018 calendar year cycle. We are halfway through the #11/2 year cycle for 2018. In my experience the cycles changes two months prior to the new calendar year (November 2017-October 2018 is when the 2018 cycle takes place). As a collective we are in ‘full swing’ of this underlying #11/2 energy which is related to trust, relationships, the heart, emotions, intuition, listening and enlightenment. We will have experiences where some moments will be intense and profound, while at other times more subtle and gentle. Depending on what is in focus for the individual, those themes will influence specific areas in your life. In essence, this is a year related to the notions of standing on your own two feet. For all that one feels and experiences it ultimately comes down to the self. We are learning to understand the self in various ways, via the vast array of relationships we have with others, beliefs, thoughts, experiences, objects and anything that one associates no matter what it may be. It encompasses the journey to self awareness, acceptance and love. So if you have been struggling with certain persons or areas, it is a question of whether you are aligned with your soul self…all the parts that you need to be enlightened with. Not always easy but one where if you can trust your intuition, be quiet and listen, you will become more masterful in balancing your life. Now, onto this month’s forecast. To find out what is in store for the collective this May, please read on.


This month we receive a ‘double whammy’ effect with the spiritual and emotional sides of life. The #7 likes to go within, coupled with the #11/2 year energy of intuition, our feelings come into focus, navigating us through depths that some may not be accustomed to. It will be common for many to be mystified by the physical side of life as the #7 is represented by the hidden, the unseen, the unexplainable, the unrational, where things don’t make sense to the logical mind. You know the saying “seeing is believing?” Well, this month’s energy theme is about “believing before seeing.” Faith is the key word here. For some that will be about religion, yet ideally it is deeper than that. It is about having faith in the unfolding without there always being physical proof to show you are on the right track. Having enough faith in trusting your intuition to guide you without a shadow of a doubt. Taking some steps towards your heart’s desire(s) but surrendering control of the outcome. The more you get involved in the details of the dreams you feel strongly for, the more it spirals out of your control with less than desirable effects. If you can become quiet, listen to your inner voice, have faith and trust in your intuition, you will be amazed how magical and miraculous life can be. It’s about loosening your grip on the reins, allowing, not always feeling you have to be in the driver’s seat of life, at times ‘let it be’. When you feel disheartened by what doesn’t happen, it will actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The #7 energy is connected to solitude; it craves the quiet. It is drawn to stepping back from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. We unconsciously pick up on and absorb the energies of our surroundings. We are inclined to withdraw from noise, from chatter and prefer the company of being alone. It is easy to think of others as being cold and aloof during this time when in fact they feel like being quiet. So try not to be too pushy with anyone as you will only cause the other to become more withdrawn. We may feel more drained than usual, wanting to sleep more and this is a time to try to get as much rest as possible. Basically, anytime one’s energy feels depleted there is something off balance within you and going to sleep, whether it is a short nap or a few extra hours to your nightly slumber will be beneficial.

Our intuition is heightened. Not everyone is a believer or understands the realm of psychic energy. So this could be surprising for many. We have experiences that don’t make sense or are difficult to explain to others. There may be instances where one feels out of touch with the real world. Being lost in thought often, daydreaming and the head feels ‘foggy’. Having a hard time with concentrating and concepts related to the intellect and reason. Even though some will feel unsettled by this, it’s actually a gift from the Universe as they want us to take a vacation from thinking and doing too much. It’s learning to go with what your feelings tell you even when your mind says otherwise. We learn the whys to our choices at a later time, not always in the moment which is part of the mystery of the #7 energy.

I keep getting a sense of the following questions playing an important role: “Do you listen to reason?” or “Is there a reason to listen?” Hmm. Feels like it is related to how one senses the energy in that moment and each individual will define the answers in their own ways. I also see ‘stepping back’ occurring often. There are those that step back from taking too much action or getting too involved. Depending on the situation and person, I see individuals taking a break or a breather from certain plans/goals/dreams. It’s not about giving up, it’s as if they are too tired to keep going with it and are setting it aside for the time being. Feels more like giving in to “Okay, I’ve done all this work, my mind is drained, my heart isn’t all in it, it’s as if I don’t have the energy to give it my all right now.” And if that phrase resonates with you during this month, than it is a sign for you to step back…it’s all Divine. You’re being guided to recharge your inner batteries so that you will feel energized and have an inner knowing to what is the next step. I keep getting ‘blank’ connected to all this; as if there will be more people having faith and not attached to what the end result looks like. This message makes sense to me as it relates to the energy of the #7…the hidden, the mysterious, the unknown.

I am also picking up on the general atmosphere, whether with a room full of people or with the outdoors or as a metaphor, things feel like they are ‘cool, cooling off.’ We may be disheartened with some people and areas in our lives. This could be where some are giving the cold shoulder, where the weather feels cooler than usual or where certain aspects are cooling off. We seek inner solace and it may be from areas that have been unknown to us before now. We want inner comfort and be mindful what you are drawn to during this time.

Although I am not a medical professional and I do not disapprove of these services, I do want those who seek medical attention this month to make sure that any diagnosis, prescription, tests, etc. are thoroughly understood by all those involved. Best to double check everything and when possible seek a second opinion. This is because the #7 energy doesn’t ‘jive’ with the physical side of life; there are hidden elements and room for errors. I am not trying to scare or freak anyone out with this. It’s more of a ‘heads up’. Also it is a good time to incorporate alternative therapies such as massage, herbs, crystals, and especially watching our diets as far as what one eats and drinks. This is where our bodies are extra sensitive during this month’s energy, so trying to eat ‘light’ is best (more raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, fish, seafood, clear fluids).

One final note I feel guided to share. Sadly there have been some terrible car crashes these past months. Last year I received messages for the collective to be more careful on the roads as the area of vehicle accidents came into focus. I didn’t always follow through in reminding readers of this in my monthly forecasts. So once again, I keep picking up on drivers needing to be more attentive. Please be mindful of not only other drivers but your own driving too. Be safe on the roads. Give everyone patience, including yourself.

Sending everyone much Light and Love. Be well. Thank you.

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