Hello to all! Can you believe we are halfway into 2018? Time seems to fly by quickly. For those that are new to this Page, I like to write a monthly forecast based on what the numbers say and combine their interpretations with intuitive messages I receive from my Divine Guides, ‘The Counsel’. To get a sense of what June has in store for the collective please read on.


Oh…a part of me is so looking forward to this month as when I tune into the energies there are possibilities of reaching greater heights within ourselves and in our lives. The #8 is about achievements. Attaining progress in areas that we have been working and focusing on. It’s as if the ‘veil’ will be lifting and the answers come to us more easily. An awakening is taking place and it’s as if many will be in the zone of “Ah, now I see, now I know”. We have the energy to want to take action, to go for it. We feel a persistent push in going after goals/dreams/desires. Even when there are moments when one thinks to give up there is a nagging pull to keep at it as it may take many tries to get to where one wants to be.

I keep hearing the word ‘soar’ as being significant. I see examples of vibrant light energy pulsating within the human body that impacts our outer world. This pulse is connected to Kundalini energy. This is a powerful force that is connected to all, within all of us and is a major life force energy that activates the energies of mind, body and spirit. Many of us will feel surges of an inner force running up and down the human body…we feel the vibrations of this energy. It makes us feel alive and empowered. It is all connected to the flow of Universal energy and now is the time to make the most of this. Use these ‘pulses’ to your advantage, feel and know that anything is possible. Feel yourself soaring to bigger and better. Feel your mind body and soul coming alive. Go for it! Blossom! Soar!

The #8 is represented by the ego and sexual energy. It can be a positive and empowering driving force in taking the necessary action towards our deepest desires yet it can also be expressed in ways that enforces power over oneself and others. One can feel anger, shame or feel proud, confident. Our self esteem comes into focus. It’s about showing the world what we are made of, making the most of our gifts yet not being conceited about it all. The area of narcissism vs. self confidence comes into play for many.

This is a month where we notice the details. What has eluded us comes into focus. “Lightbulbs go off”. We want to figure things out. Solve problems. Build a better version of oneself and one’s life. The key will be to not give up so easily. Keep at it, build up the momentum whether that is with thoughts or actions. Do your best but also be at your best. People are paying attention when we are not always looking. That includes outer appearances. Always show up feeling and looking your best as much as possible.

I do want to add that those who have been struggling with achieving certain dreams/goals, this month can be the time where there are finally some breakthroughs. Achievements are a part of this month’s energy, ones that we accomplish ourselves and being awarded from those around us. The #8 is also the infinity symbol. What one puts out, one receives back. So in other words, some call it ‘laws of attraction’, some call it ‘karma’, some call it ‘meant to be’. Be aware that what you give, you will receive, no matter if it is a thought, an action or a word…positive or negative…good or bad…it’s always there but it is much more apparent now.

One more thing I would like to add. I mentioned earlier about sexual energy. It is strong right now. Many will feel a strong attraction to another, not always being the partner you are with. Be mindful of what you get yourself into. Be safe and ask yourself if it will all be worth it in the end. It will touch upon your values and self-esteem.

Until next time, whatever unfolds for you may it be blessed with abundance. Be well everyone!
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Tina De Luca is an intuitive with 30 years of numerology and card readings. For more information about what she does and her story please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com Follow and like her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/
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