Hello to all! I apologize for publishing this article almost a week into the month. So much can be said in regards to numerology yet I set the intention of sharing what comes through strongly via the energies I tune into with the help of my Divine Guides. The messages that I include are ways in which they influence the collective individually and as a whole. Each of us will feel and notice the effects in different areas of our lives but will have similar themes as to how their meanings plays a role. To get a sense of what is in store for us, please read on.


Every monthly forecast I write, I always make a photo quote that I feel will represent the essence of that particular month. If you noticed already, July’s photo quote is a popular childhood poem. I get a strong vision of many making wishes…not always necessarily connected to looking up at the night sky to do so, although some may be drawn to star gazing, but as a frequent occurrence that takes place in our daily lives. I see and hear many making wishes to the universe that relates to individual dreams. There is an energy of wanting specific hopes come to be this month. There is a sense, a longing for fulfilling dreams/goals from our past (whether that was a day, months or years ago) and that is where we will be wishing for ‘this’ or ‘that’. Some will feel discouraged, maybe even depressed, as we take a look at where we are at this point in life. What has come to be and what hasn’t. There is a lot of reflection going on. We also wish for certain things to end; mostly related to areas that we struggle with and needs to be healed (for example eliminate and heal debt/finances, loneliness/love).

The #9 has many themes related to the past where we can’t seem to help but focus on the history of our individual lives but also as a whole population. Even though there are those who say “the past is the past” and basically anything that is about forgetting the past, will discover how often/much our history comes into play. Numerology is all inclusive …everything counts and has meaning/purpose, including the past. So yes, those who try to avoid or pay no attention to the times that have gone by may struggle more with their past as the universe responds with reminders related to what needs to ‘end’, be ‘completed’ as it’s about healing, forgiving and letting go so that we can move forward. We may even have moments where we don’t look forward to what is ahead as we may get caught up in what was lost. It can be deep and difficult when these challenges arise yet it is about what wisdom has been gained from what has passed. The more you can realize and recognize the patterns of what has been and what you tend to stay in/with, the better you can take the steps to ‘finish’ or ‘stop’ what holds you back, keeps you feeling stuck/in a rut.

Even though there will be times this month where the energies feel ‘heavy’ akin to being sad more often than not, looking at the negative side of life, going around in circles, there are some bright spots to the #9 energy. We have opportunities to remember the good times, to reconnect with those that we haven’t been in touch with and revive past goals that we have forgotten about but still desire. We have the choice to either see the Divine big picture or get caught up in the drama of it all where it becomes bigger than what it actually is.

The #9 is represented by The Universe which means it is about ideas, concepts and themes connected to energies associated with areas that can seem ‘far fetched’ to our planet. Areas such as channeling, other dimensions, spiritual guides, astral traveling, reincarnation/past lives, near death experiences, life after death and even aliens/life on other planets. For those that are curious about these subjects, now is a good time to start exploring and reaching out more in any or all of these realms. Whether we believe or try not to concern ourselves with these fields of interests, there will be times where our attention will be drawn to topics that seem ‘out of this world’. In general, as a collective and as individuals, we are going to have experiences that will try to expand our systems…mind, body and soul.

Whatever unfolds for you and for all, may each be well and especially be gentle as we will need times to retreat as it is a month related to healing. Until next time, I and my Guides ‘The Counsel’, send Divine Love and Light to you all. Thank you.

If you liked this article please feel free to share with your groups and all comments are welcomed. Tina is an intuitive specializing in Numerology and Cartomancy readings. She also had a near death experience at the age of 5 years that has contributed to the energies she can feel, see and hear. For more information about her and what she does please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com Like and follow her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/ She can be contacted via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com and via private message on Facebook: Inlightin Energy
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