Hello to all! Welcome to Inlightin Energy. Besides doing intuitive readings and counseling, I enjoy writing and one of my goals this year is to do more of it. Even though I write a monthly forecast, my plans are to create more content that will enlighten and inspire others in many ways towards their own personal growth and healing. If you follow my Page: Inlightin Energy, you will have access to these articles and my intention is to launch them in the coming month. So stay tuned! For those that are interested in getting a sense of what August has in store for the collective based on Intuitive Numerology, please read on.


As you may have noticed this month’s photo is quite fierce looking and the quote is actually a definition for the word ‘gung-ho’. When I tune into the energy for the month of August the term ‘gung-ho’ feels significant and there will be a prevalence of those who feel determined to finally take some action, hence the reason why I felt drawn to post that photo. It’s strong gaze either frightens or inspires you. There is a sense of rushing in the air, being bold, being rash and I keep hearing ‘go!go! go!’ as we want to get things moving for ourselves and in our lives. There is an effect of being fed up with the sameness of life. We crave more excitement and want to feel alive. We will have experiences that introduces us to the newness of how we see, do, feel and be. Some will be pushed in these directions, while others will take the leap on their own.

The #1 is connected to the new and is about learning to be independent. Not necessarily going at it alone or being by yourself (although some will feel this way and will take place), as it is the energy of knowing and being true to yourself without the need for outside influences. There is an underlying energy of facing our fears and what can we do to overcome them. It’s time to be brave and strong. What are you scared of? Where do your fears originate from? Are you ready to step up to the plate? What bold and courageous moves are you willing to take to get going in your life? Do you have any ideas as to how you can initiate the life of your dreams? Now is the time to try as many new ways, methods and thoughts into our lives as we are called to take action. Be aware that some things will take time to develop so don’t discount anything or give up too easily, especially when it is related to a matter that you are not familiar or experienced with, as it may be a matter of looking at the situation from a new perspective. Remember we may feel gung-ho about the idealism of things that are new to us but also apprehensive to the point of standing our ground where we feel forced into a new way of being/doing. When push comes to shove, who are you and what will you do about it?

The #1 is represented by masculine energy. The phrase “it’s a man’s world” pops up frequently and is challenged by those who want to re-define this. It may be literal and also philosophical where it’s about power and control. Gender roles are being looked at in new ways and seeing how it is expressed on an individual level…it’s pushing the ideas of masculine and feminine energy vs the definitions of being manly or womanly. On another note, it can be an aggressive energy where no matter the gender, there will be those who force their will, exert their power over those who they feel they can control. The area of leadership comes into focus…who is really in charge, what are we being led into. It’s time to start taking the lead in one’s own life and noticing what influences are initial choices.

It is an energetic month in the manner of wanting to begin, where at first we are excited about starting something new but the momentum will have peaks of ups and downs. Try to remember to keep going, it’s not all going to happen at once or right away. It’s easy to lose our cool and become hard-headed about what is taking place. Sometimes it will appear quickly or not fast enough. Patience, kindness and understanding are not always present. Some will act out as if the world has done them wrong or owes them, while there will be others who feel it’s time to put themselves first…to act out according to what they want after giving of oneself for so long. It’s a matter of self fulfillment and becomes individualized as in ‘it all comes down to me’.

The #1 is loud and proud. It will say and do without thinking things through. It can be brash and bossy. It’s not an emotional or sensitive energy. Some of us may struggle with the absence of these feelings and find it to be too harsh. The energy likes to express originality and not everyone is going to agree with and like what is being initiated especially if it feels forced upon. We all get a sense of what is important according to the self…am I making it all about me or am I not including myself? Overall, the self is a big factor this month.

I do want everyone to be mindful of being too much in a hurry as this month’s energy is wanting to get around, to do things quickly…it likes being fast. Because of this energy, please be aware of your actions as it can also lead to accidents and blowing things out of proportion by not paying attention. Yes it’s great when things speed up but we also need to slow down from time to time and think things through, to not be so hasteful with our words, actions and deeds. Also at times we will need to think fast and be quick on our feet when it comes to the choices we make. Be safe and well. Until next time, my Guides ‘The Counsel’ and I send you all Divine Blessings of light and love.

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