Hello everybody! According to the method I use to calculate cycles, October is the last month of the universal year cycle #11/2 (2018=2+0+1+8). In other words, what I mean is even though we follow a January to December yearly calendar, from my 30+ years of Numerology experiences, I have noticed the energies start to change about 2 months prior to when the actual date occurs. The cycle for 2019 will begin in November 2018. Why am I sharing this bit of information and what does that have to do with October’s Numerology energy forecast? Well, this month’s energy number is 3 and 2019 will be a number 3 (2+0+1+9) so we will get a bit of a glimpse/taste of what will be in store for the collective during the next yearly cycle. The energies will be confusing and I wonder if my article sounds that way too. We are winding down from being focused on relationships of all kinds, how the self relates to whatever matters in our hearts. Overall, we have had experiences and lessons that were connected to what we care about, at times becoming personal, being vulnerable and where trust issues were the main concern. This month we may feel this final push to heal our relationships, to go after our heart’s desire(s) but there is also an element of more questions than answers. To get a sense of what October has in store for the collective, please read on.


When I write these articles, so much can be said about the meanings of the numbers yet what I do is ask my Guides for their help and when I listen to their guidance, they send me information, messages and key words that will be relevant, in focus for many of us. It’s a combination of sharing a general feel of the energies but also with some specific areas that will be affected. How it plays out for each of us, will depend on the individual’s personal cycle. For example, if one is in a #6 year, this month’s energy may cause confusion in the home/family and work area but there can also be more fun, opportunities to laugh. The keywords I wrote above will show up in some manner, in many ways individually and as a whole.

When I tune into the energies for October, I get a strong sense of confusion being prevalent. A lot of “I don’t know” taking place, being indecisive and unsure about what to do when it comes to decisions related to the future. It will help to do your best in the moment as the #3 is about learning to be present. It doesn’t like to think about the past and the future. It is all about NOW. So, for some that can be unsettling and chaotic especially if you like to be organized and prepared ahead of time. Try to go with the flow, laugh off the stress and uncertainty, distract yourself with something that is fun even if it is watching a quick cute video of cats, make the mundane/unpleasant into a game to help get you through the present moment. The more you use your imagination towards something that is inspiring the easier the situation will be. The energy doesn’t like anything too serious, so go play more.

I feel there will be much talk about being happy. Back and forth discussions, ideas and what it takes for one to find happiness. This in itself can cause undo stress by getting all worked up over what we don’t have, what’s not going right, and generally with the notion of ‘ifs’, ands’ and buts’ that we use to compare each other with. I feel the answer will be about focusing on what you enjoy rather than trying to figure out what makes you happy. The more you do things that are enjoyable the more natural happiness comes about. Enjoy=In Joy.

The #3 is represented by children and childhood. Not only do we hear many stories and such about children but we also talk about our own childhood and may try to bring that to the present in some way. We need to be aware of acting childishly and we notice some adults behaving immaturely. Overall, we take cues from the children around us as they grab our attention often.

For some reason, I keep hearing ‘yellow’. I don’t have the details as to how this relates to the collective during the month but I figure it will be important and am going with it. It will be interesting to see why this came up. Please share any stories and experiences related to yellow in the comments below as I am and probably others will be curious.

I see the energy of the sun being vital. This is nothing new but we talk about the sun more, the scientific community may bring this subject to our attention frequently and may have some news to share that we don’t know about yet. And the sun is something we want more of whether that is local or by there being a spike in those traveling/wanting to travel to sunnier, warmer destinations. I also sense there will be many affected by both the lack of and the presence of the sun as it will be more noticeable in the behaviours and moods of those around us. In many ways the sun takes centre stage in many areas.

Finally I want to speak of this month’s forecast image. As you can see, it is of dolphins and the spiritual meaning of this animal will be connected to the energies of October. Now, what will be curious is how many of us are not in locations that have dolphins so it will be fun to see how a dolphin or dolphins will show up individually without consciously looking for them to appear in our life. It’s not an easy animal to come across. You may not see a dolphin live but it can be an item that looks like a dolphin. I recommend looking up the traits of the dolphin to see how it relates to to you and your life.

Whatever unfolds for you and us, I wish you all many enjoyable moments. My Guides, The Counsel, and I send our warmest regards of Divine light, laughter and fun. Be well!

Tina De Luca is a psychic specializing in Numerology and Cartomancy (reading regular playing cards). From her early childhood she was encouraged by her parents to explore and develop her intuition. Tina’s readings encompass a variety of intuitive energies such as being able to see, hear, feel, taste and smell what isn’t visible to the human five senses. Curious to learn more about her and what she does? Please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com and follow her on Facebook: Inlightin Energy Please contact her for personal and group readings via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com and via private message on her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/  A friendly reminder sharing of this article and of her Facebook Page is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for all of your support!
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