Hello to all! Finally have taken the time to write and publish this month’s forecast based on the calendar we follow as a society. For those that are interested in what September may bring for the collective please read on.


A very sensitive vibration is around us. It relates to matters of the heart and taking some things to heart, whether that be via words, actions and thoughts. Our feelings come into focus and it doesn’t take much to be emotional. We may find ourselves being happy one moment and sad the next. Sometimes it will take a good cry to release pent up emotions. It’s an energy that is connected to all emotions and it has an impact on the heart centre. We are learning to heal the areas connected to love and relationships. The areas and types of relationships will vary for each individual but as a whole it emphasizes the energy of love on all levels…be it love for mankind, for the planet, for a spouse/partner, child/family member, friend, pet, song, idea, food, colour…basically wherever we feel love for someone or something. There will be moments that are emotions get the better of us, we feel vulnerable and we are internalizing much more than usual.

The #2 is represented by women and feminine energy. More of our attention is influenced and drawn to/by them and this side of life. We will notice the aspects, the behaviours, the qualities associated with women/feminine energy and may not love everything we see, hear and feel. We really do need to support one another and stop the cycle of negative emotions that we label and judge each other with especially when it comes to women vs. women. It’s a time to heal how we react emotionally whether you are a man or woman. There are those who say “they are there for women”, “as women we need to be there for one another”. That is put to the test as far as how do we really support and love each other. I feel the ‘uglier’ side of the female gender coming to light and it won’t be easy to take. Jealousy will be one of the main emotions that becomes apparent. My hope is we all do our best trying to make peace with it all. Show more compassion. Be kind. Be the love you seek and want.

There are many attributes associated with the #2 energy. There is a strong pull for wanting peace and not always necessarily in regards to world peace (although that is present) but mostly related to our personal world. We will have moments where we want to feel and have peace from what is taking place. We engage in whatever we feel will help calm us down be it via destructive/negative choices or beneficial/positive choices. The key in all this is to be gentle; gentle with our words, our thoughts, our actions. Take it easy. Be soft. Pause. Listen. Step back now and then. Show grace under pressure. Be patient. Keep telling ourselves: “it’s all going to be okay”. Breathe love in and out.

This month we struggle with trust issues. Depending on your personal cycle, it will vary on an individual level but as a collective it will be based on how we relate to one another. We crave support and companionship. We want to feel there is someone there for us, that listens, that has ‘our back’. “Who out there understands me? Who out there accepts all that I am, loves me for me?” Some will be mean-hearted because they may not like what is said and done. We must differentiate like and love in these interactions. One can feel that they don’t like someone or something but you can still be kind-hearted by being more loving about it…try not to take things so personally and understand that this is their choice, their journey, their lesson. Try to love and not hurt one another and oneself. Share what your heart says peacefully rather than with spite. Remember the adage: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This phrase is not about religion as it is a reminder that when we take better care of oneself, we are affecting the care for others too. Now is not the time to be shy when it comes to asking for help and being the help for another whether that is a small or big act of kindness. More is accomplished by coming together rather than what tears us apart.

Lastly I want to share that it will be important that we listen to and do what we need to heal our broken hearts, spirit, mind and body. Trust what and where your heart guides you to. And again, through it all, breathe in and out the energy of love. Don’t give up. Have hope.
Sending you all much love and light. Be well.

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© Tina De Luca