Hello to all! Here we are in the last part of 2018 yet, according to the numerology cycles, as a collective we are entering a #3 year this month. Even though the calendar is still 2018, the method I use to calculate the cycles have an energy of changing a few months prior to the actual date. So this means the cycle for 2019 is beginning now and the effects will be felt stronger as we progress into next year. This month’s forecast reflects the calculation based on the 2019 calendar year added to November’s numeral value(2+0+1+9+1+1). To get a sense of what is in store for the general population, please read on.


Before I get to the forecast as you can see this month’s photo is of two wolves in a zoo enclosure, one of them howling *(please note photo may be viewed on my Facebook Page’s post of this article)*. This picture speaks volumes as it relates so much to the themes for November. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of wolves as their symbols will have significance for us this month.

November will prove to be full of action. We will witness much change and notice things we may have ignored/been oblivious to before personally and as a whole (as in the general public). Some of the changes occurring are a long time in the making and some will happen quite unexpectedly/suddenly. There is a strong presence of movement in the air. There is an energy of breaking free, breaking away, breaking apart from what feels restrictive, from what is holding us back emotionally, physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. It’s as if it is time to stand up, take a stand, fight for what you believe in/want whether it is personal or as a collective, for or against. Our voices, our words always matter but especially so this month. We feel called to voice our thoughts/feelings/ideas to one, to a few, and/or to many, as our words seem to have a big impact more so than ever. There is a strong pull to talk, to express and engage ourselves with others…we are more social, we gather and look for our ‘tribe’. Be aware of being blunt as some words will feel like they hit us with force. Those that tend to be quiet, may find their voice this month and even be drawn to open up more, sharing things that surprises, shocks those around them. Sayings such as “fighting words”, “fight for your right”, “give it a fighting chance”, will show up often. Free speech is again a main focus for discussion, leading to some heated debates as in where/when do we draw the line. But we also need to be aware of lies and deceit as there is a tendency to sugarcoat/embellish the truth. The idea is to open up the conversations where we can communicate the different, the unique, the unusual even if we don’t agree or align with what is said. The area of fighting lights up this month and we may end up in more arguments than usual. Know when to break free of the conversation if it gets to be too much. The #5 energy likes to shake things up, go against the norm, rattle a few feathers. It is about including all, yet defying convention, especially areas/groups that are considered to be the underdog, the forgotten, the misfits, anyone/anything that doesn’t seem to fit to the so called standards of what society should be or look like. The #5 likes to break the rules! The vibration of the #5 creates freedom by pushing the boundaries as the energy motivates us to move forward whether we like it or not, are ready or not.

I feel a lot of electricity in the air. It’s as if many will feel this invisible electric charge running through and that could be a force that gets one moving, going somewhere, doing something, as we are more restless than usual. It’s hard to sit still and this is where having a hobby, a creative outlet will help alleviate the boredom. It can also be related to the actual element where this area is in focus and its’ relevance is prominent. Be mindful of anything that uses electricity and electrical sockets as there is a higher chance of issues arising with these items. I also picked up on the wind. So this would include the weather being windier and also how the wind can change our lives such as using its’ energy to move forward in supplying our future needs. The expression ‘wind of change’also comes to mind. We may also want to fly as in spreading our wings and going against the wind.

One of my favourite themes for the #5 energy is that it is colourful. It’s meant to be vibrant and encompasses what is meant to catch our eye, grab our attention. Whether that is actual colours, a colourful personality, conversation, story, picture, outfit, food dish, language…it can be sassy and sarcastic, as if life is one big party. They all exemplify freedom of expressions; sharing the beauty and enthusiasm of what it is like to be adventurous, in taking risks, doing something exciting, going off the ‘beaten track’. Some will find it easy to break from routine, while others will struggle with breaking tradition. It can be as simple as wearing a bright coloured top as a change from wearing the usual neutral colours. Yet others will go to more extremes. Proceeding with caution isn’t always in mind.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation. There is a focus on our youth and those that are in this age bracket. Stories, themes, anything related to this generation are in the mainstream this month. We feel the impact of areas connected to teenagers, whether they are a part of our immediate circle or not…this would include references to rock n’ roll, drugs, rebellion, cool/hip, wild, angst. We are influenced by these characteristics in some way, some manner this month. For those with teenagers at home, good luck (lol)! But seriously, try to do your best and find ways to communicate with them on their level if that is possible. It may be a matter of allowing them the freedom to be as they are testing the waters more so this month.

Overall, a month where it can be exciting, thrilling and unnerving too. In a sense we are being propelled in moving forward even though it may not always be to our liking. We are breaking down walls sort to speak…a freedom from classifications of normal, following the right way, any terms/ideologies that wants us all to fit in a tight, neat box. It’s a month where the weird, the different, the unusual, the unique, the forgotten, are put to the test as far as: ‘Do we as a collective really accept these themes or are they just words? Is it really okay to celebrate all that doesn’t fit into our idea of how one should be, what they do, who they are without labels? Are we as a society flexible in our thinking, our expressions without prejudice?’ However it plays out, we are breaking the mold. It’s time to rock it!

With that, be well and be free. Until next time, my Guides, The Counsel, and I send you all many Divine Blessings of Light and Love.

If you feel compelled to say something about this article, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I like to think I keep an open mind to all views and I do reply back. Sharing of this forecast is greatly appreciated as I hope my words have an insightful presence to those that may normally don’t come across what I write and what I do. For more information about me please visit my website: www.inlightinenergy.com and if you haven’t already, like and follow my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/. I am an intuitive, practicing Numerology for over 30 years plus I read the regular cards (what is used for solitaire, poker), and I am able to tune into the energies of people, places, pets and things. To book a reading please email me at: tina@inlightinenergy.com or send me a private message on Facebook. Thank you for all of your support and being open to what I share.
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