Hello everyone! Here we are at the start of a new year even though energetically the shift to 2019 began in November 2018 for the year cycle. I intend to write a forecast based on the calendar year only but for now I will focus on the energies the collective will feel and be influenced by according to this month’s numbers. I apologize for being late publishing this forecast as it’s almost a week into the month, so I will get right to it. To find out more what is taking place, please read on.


If you noticed, the photo accompanying this month’s forecast is of snakes. Now, I realize it’s not a favourite and there are many people who have fears associated with this reptile. Personally, I am not one to pick snakes to be on a cute animal list, they usually don’t come to mind as far as which animals do you like, but my Guides showed me the snake as being the spirit animal for the month of January and even though I was reluctant to post this because I feel not many will receive the snake warmly, I am going with it. I didn’t receive a clear specific type of snake as it comes through being as the whole species. They often get a bad rap and there are many negative sayings associated with the snake. When I looked up the spiritual meanings of the snake, I was quite amazed of the many positive themes it has. One meaning in particular that stood out for me is shedding its’ skin and this month many of us will be in that mode; wanting to shed some part of ourselves/our life. There are strong traits connected to the snake and I suggest reading up on what they represent as it will relate to many of us during this month. One of the websites I recommend is: whats-your-sign.com but there are many out there with similar and well written articles explaining the hidden meanings of the snake. Okay, now onto what the numbers say.

This month the energy of time will be in focus for many. It will be associated with paying attention to the actual time and with the varying stages of life, tasks and plans we work on during this month. We will feel there’s not enough time, running out of time, too much time and basically anything that leads to keeping time whether that is with a clock and/or with the calendar. No matter where your focus is and what feels important to you individually, many of us will be taking stock. We will measure where we are at, and will feel drawn to apply principles to help plan and prepare for the future. This may be challenging, as again, the energy of time and taking stock will factor in and this means the past will have significance to our future plans and how we think about preparing ahead of time. Be aware there will be moments of feeling overwhelmed and part of it will be related to overthinking situations, matters, tasks and anything that is on our “to-do-list”. It’s easy to get caught up in one-mind thinking and going over the same thing again and again. Taking a step back, taking deep breaths to ‘ground’ oneself will be helpful ways to ease the tensions, any nervous energies that surfaces.

There is a serious tone this month and the #4 energy can feel restrictive at times as it’s not about fun and games. It has an energy of getting to work and when one is not being busy, the mind keeps going with all the things that ‘need’ to be done/tackled. It’s hard to relax easily, it takes utter exhaustion to fall asleep/stay asleep and even then, that period of time doesn’t/didn’t feel very restful. Our minds seem to be in constant motion of thoughts in the sense it doesn’t want to shut off/quiet down. Even though this doesn’t sound appealing, it is a good time to organize and simplify areas of our lives that appears to be too much. So, for example, if you feel “I have too much junk” such as clothing, tools, knickknacks yet it can also be about negative feelings, thoughts, people, experiences, we want to purge and improve specific areas in our lives. In other words, de-clutter the clutter wherever that focus happens to be for you. This restrictive energy is also about paying attention to what holds you back, what feels limiting and taking the steps to do something about it.

The #4 has many traits but I hone into what stands out and the themes that will influence us the most. Usually, the new year brings about setting new goals. What I sense is, although we will follow through on making plans, there also appears to be feelings of skepticism. That means feelings of doubts, uncertainties and a general mood of wanting some sort of proof that things will work out, that we are doing the right thing, that it will all count and be worthwhile/worth investing our time. Those that believe in the unknown/spiritual side of life may find their beliefs are shaken to some extent as there is a play of ‘what is realistic vs. what is fantasy’. At times it will feel ‘heavy’, ‘hard’ and we question how things are versus what we dream for. My suggestion is to lay the groundwork, taking baby steps that will help you get towards what you want. Results don’t always come easily right now so putting in the time and effort will pay off later. We contemplate the idea of holding back or doing something about it now.

The areas related to ethics and morals stand out. I see this being everywhere as they come into focus individually and collectively. Nothing is ‘off-limits’ and there will be some ‘strict’ opinions surfacing. Whether that is about questioning the ethics and morals of organizations, friends, family, work, and even the self…it will include anything and anyone if it goes against our own personal traditions of what we think we know and have been accustomed to. Basically, it’s akin to those who want to keep things the same, in their ‘rightful place’ vs. doing the right thing.

The #4 is represented by rules and regulations which covers many areas in our lives. Yet, this month, areas related to the military and the police come into focus. News, stories, and anything to do with these sectors have more presence. Questions regarding “Do they work/help/and matter enough or not enough?” including how they spend time and money will be focal points. Some of us may have dealings with them whether we like it or not.

In conclusion, the time to start cleaning up and clearing away whatever holds the individual and the whole back is underway. Do your best and if anything, take your time especially in regards to areas that you want to simplify but feel overwhelmed by. We are drawn to pointing out what is wrong rather than what is right, and the key is to take stock of what works for you and go with that.

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