Hello to all! Before I get to this month’s forecast, wanting to share February’s power animal for the collective is the buffalo/bison (I referenced as such because although I see the North American breed, they are often referred by both names). Now, for those that follow my posts, last month’s power animal was the snake. Not popular with many and some of you even expressed fears of this reptile. So when my Guides shared with me the buffalo being this month’s spirit animal, I must admit I wasn’t happy because I am scared of this animal, more so than the snake. Even looking at photos of them frightens me. I know that may be odd to some, but here’s a quick story about why I believe that I am afraid of this majestic animal. When I was quite young, about 3-4 years old, my parents took my brother and I on a trip to Fort McLeod Alberta to visit the history of the area where, many years ago, it happened to be popular with buffalo/bison. When I saw one for the first time I freaked out! I was having a panic attack (yes, I remember this episode clearly!). Needless to say, my mom took me away from the situation to calm me down. Now, before that, I had never seen a buffalo/bison or had any interactions with one, alive, dead, near or far. So realistically, I had no reason to be scared of this animal. From that point on, anytime I came across a buffalo/bison, I froze with fear. I just couldn’t look at one alive, dead (mounted and displayed), pictures, anything that had a buffalo/bison in it. Fast forward many years when I became interested with the reincarnation area, that was when I came to know the reason why I have a fear of the bison. Whether you believe in past lives or not, I was able to determine I had a past life that involved being trampled by them. And that fear has carried over into this lifetime. I still get chills when I look at their faces, especially their eyes. It’s a fear I am still trying to overcome and knowing that the bison is this month’s power animal, personally I will be aware of wanting to work with their energies so that I can heal my fear of them and what they represent. The buffalo/bison are one of the most important and highly regarded animals of the Indigenous culture. Their spiritual meanings are profound. Whether or not you are intimidated by this animal, my wish is for all of us to be able to tune into their energies and heal the areas connected to the buffalo/bison. Part of the lesson is to overcome. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of the buffalo/bison (they will be related on many websites). Alrighty, let’s move on to the forecast. To get a sense of what this month’s numerological energies will be for the collective, please read on.


This month, the word ‘roam’ will be significant. I even kept hearing the old folk song “Home on the Range”, specifically where it begins with the line: “Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam” playing along when the word roam came into focus. This even ties in with the spiritual animal for February, the buffalo. Roam has a definition of being aimless in direction but what seems to be key is that this energy may be the ‘lift’ one needs to get going, get moving. Although, it may seem unsettling as to “where am I headed?”, there is a presence of searching for what path/road to take; a “what next?” questioning comes into play. Bear in mind this roam energy may encompass our thoughts, our goals/plans, ideas as well as physical actions in the sense of going to/visiting places that would also include distances near and far. It may not always necessarily be about leaving home to visit a place as, for example, visiting websites to get to where you want to go next would be one form of roaming. Overall, this roam energy involves our inner and outer world connected to the paths/roads we take and embark on mentally, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

It does feel like the month will have many of us changing our minds more often than usual. Whether that is connected to beliefs, ideas, plans, thoughts and/or our words that are current and/or have been around for a long time, as at times it will come as a shock/surprise to oneself and those around us when we change our ‘tune’ in some manner. It may be frustrating to not have a sense of the whole picture at once, but finding that we may be changing our minds at every turn/twist as we venture down a path/road towards our ambitions. For example, let’s say you want to go on a vacation to Mexico but along the way as you get ready to book the trip, you change your mind and decide to go to Bermuda. It may surprise you that you decide to go to Bermuda as you’ve never considered visiting this location before and it may not be a ‘popular’ destination compared to Mexico. Changing our minds will also involve the little day-to-day things such as routines and habits we are accustomed to/don’t give a second thought to, are given a few shakes/changes. We feel drawn to try something different, take some chances, even if it is trying out a different recipe or changing an area of one’s life.

We long to ‘dare to be different’. This means either we feel this pull to get moving OR things unfold in our lives where we are pushed to move out of our comfort zone in some capacity. It’s connected to opening ourselves up to unique and at times unusual experiences we would never consider or have been afraid to try. There will be instances of opportunities big and small that seem to suddenly appear, where it will feel like taking a chance with what presents itself as a way out, a way to be different from what has been routine/the same. Also, keep in mind, that taking a chance may involve finally having the ‘guts’ to realize a current moment has presented itself for you to express what you feel whether that is something minor such as getting something off your chest to something that is major such as a long-standing dream/goal. ‘Daring to be different’ will be expressed in various ways, levels and areas of one’s life depending on what cycle each person is in. For example, if one is in a #6 year cycle, family, home and career are major areas that are in focus which means that this person would feel pulled/pushed to express themselves in ways that dares them to be different and moves them out of their comfort zone at work/at home and within the family. I can feel there are some that will feel uncomfortable with these energies as not everyone likes change or ‘rocking the boat’ but try to keep in mind that daring to be different leads to growth and wisdom. Freedom is present if we dare to be different and take more chances.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation and this means they come into focus more often via the news, stories and in our lives. We also may feel more influenced by them, whether we like it or not and we may be drawn to going down memory lane with our own teen years.

Finally, when I do readings for individuals, there will be from time to time, specific body areas and/or health issues that shows up for the person but when I tune into the energies for the collective the eyes and throat areas ‘lights up’ for many. So, this can mean many things such as there are/will be more having health issues with the eyes and/or throat area (please take extra care) OR there will be medical stories/breakthroughs/treatments related to the eyes and throat areas OR it may be where many will be using their eyes, throat to express themselves more OR it may also be related to a prevalence of metaphors connected to the eyes and throat areas OR it can be a combination of all. In any case, the eyes and throat areas feel significant in some manner, some way for many.
Whatever unfolds may you all be well and safe. Have fun roaming and may it be freeing this month. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send many Divine Blessings.

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