Hello and welcome to all! Even though we are technically still in the year 2019, this month’s forecast is calculated using the year of 2020 as the energies have begun to change for the collective. Why? From experience of doing and observing Numerology charts for years, I have noticed the cycles start to shift about 2 months prior to the actual date. We eased into the numerological cycle of 2020, a #4 year, earlier than usual, sometime in October and we will finish the cycle near the end of October 2020. As a collective we are already influenced by the traits and themes associated with the meaning of the #4 year cycle. This month’s forecast reflects what is in store for us as a collective and to get a sense of the energies, please read on.


This month we are influenced by care and concern. The energies are focused on our well-being, how well we live our lives, not only as individuals, but from a standpoint of communities that hits closer to home, to where we live. So although, not all of us will care about what is happening on the other side of the world (whether that is the next city/province/state or country), we come to care about how the other side of the world (next city/province/state or country) is impacting our local environment. This encompasses how healthy we are physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually and any other part of our existence. We want to improve the state of whatever area or areas seem to be lacking, not doing well and the concern we feel for those areas, helps us focus into caring more about and for what needs to be worked on. It’s time to care about being responsible for what we do and what we want for our future.

The #6 is represented by family. They will become a bigger part of what is going on and for many of us, whenever we feel we need help, we are more drawn to ask our family members, including those whom we consider to be like family for assistance. Yet, it will go two ways as far as they may offer help and if one thinks they are of no help, essentially they are but in a way that isn’t apparent or to one’s liking. We are learning the importance of what family means and is…whether that is biological or in the sense of a community family (i.e. work family-club family-friends).

During this cycle year (now until near the end of October 2020), money is a big issue and impacts many of our concerns, wants and needs more than usual. This month we are concerned about the health of money, covering a spectrum in the literal and metaphoric sense. Meaning in particular, we will be concerned about the money given and taken by/for health care, social services, education, we take note how much money we spend and receive in return on food, beauty (products and services), clothing, housing and we are concerned with our own money in regards to do we think and have a healthy relationship with this commodity.

Finally, we come to the part of this month’s Spirit/Power animal for the collective. It is the bat. The traits associated with this breed will align with us individually and as a collective. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of the bat to understand in which ways it will influence us. Also, sayings and metaphors associated with the bat will factor into our lives (i.e. “that person is batty”).

Thank you for taking the time to read this forecast and I appreciate all comments, shares and likes! Until next time, may everyone have a Divine and healthy month. Be well.

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