Hello to all! Here we are in the last month of the Gregorian calendar yet with the yearly numerology cycle, the collective are being influenced by the year 2019. We are in a #3 year (2+0+1+9) and that affects the calculations for this month. To get a sense of what is in store for us, please read on.


I am contemplating whether or not to write a forecast for the year 2019 but I do want to share that as a collective, we will be experiencing a time of contradictions…more so than ever and this will cause confusion, doubts and uncertainty. It will be a matter of doing your best in the moment/at the time and trying to go with the flow as much as possible. Not always easy to do. Be aware of allowing room for ‘anything goes’ as there is an energy of learning to enjoy the present even if it is not to one’s liking. Finding the positive, the inspiration to turn a ‘bad’ situation/feeling into a ‘good’ experience/lesson. It’s not all bad, but the energies don’t align with a structured society and this is where some will have difficulty coping. I repeat, try to GO WITH THE FLOW as much as possible.

This month, I get a strong sense of many wanting to ‘nest’. A feeling of creating comfort, sanctuary within the home and the community. For those that are traveling, by the numbers, it’s not an ideal time to go away, yet I am not trying to dissuade anyone, but to be aware that travel plans may not work out accordingly and/or the trip may not be as wonderful as originally thought. Be prepared for anything if visiting others/another location or having visitors over, as it is best to leave out a detailed itinerary…things will happen to disrupt the best laid plans/efforts. Look at the bright side to these disruptions; it creates a memory that hopefully will be regarded as funny. Overall, we may not even want to travel so much or far (even within the community you live in), as the urge is to stay close to home or whichever place feels like home. Cozy is key.

This month is considered to be either festive or depressing depending how one feels about the Christmas season. Retailers seem to jump on the bandwagon of starting the ‘pressure’ of consumer spending earlier each year and we are inundated with choices galore. I don’t necessarily see spending down but how most want to spend their money this month. Many will be feeling unsure what to give as gifts yet, at the same time feel, they want to buy or do something that has more meaning. For those that celebrate Christmas, I feel many would rather give a gift that reflects how much they care and/or is a caring gift such as a homemade item, a donation to a charity or doing something together that is more about connecting rather than splurging. The trend may be to forgo extravagance in favour of something that creates memories. However one tends to celebrate, this year, I see many changing how they spend the holidays, whether that is about where, when and what.

The #6 is represented by the family. So issues, stories and news related to this area will be in focus personally and as a collective. It won’t all be fun and games as extra family drama crops up. This is where it can get complicated. Do you care enough to let it go or would you rather get involved? Some may choose to avoid these matters by staying away, by making excuses as to not having to spend time with certain family members. On another note, we feel or come to realize that family is more about who we care about deeply, whether that is by blood or friend relations. For those that are stressed out, saddened or upset in regards to family, this is a good time to see the patterns, including the role you play so that you can heal, let go and set healthier boundaries. Also, be aware of learning about issues/experiences/stories related to the past involving family as we may not always like what comes to light. In these cases, it is a matter of forgiving and teaching the individual/the group to be wiser. Some may be spending this month clearing away family history ‘gunk’ while others decide to celebrate the ‘quirks’ of family life/persons.

I feel the energy of care being strong this month. It plays out in many ways and involves the greater good. There may be more attention with charities and organizations that helps communities near and far. We may find we care about what is going on, happening around us more than usual. We are drawn to stories/situations that shows levels of service dedicated to the well-being of those in need, including those who have not been noticed/acknowledged in the past. The area of volunteering and giving may increase and also these areas may put out an urgent call for more help as the need is greater. Overall, this month is about service: giving and receiving are highlighted no matter the reason and area in question.

Even though it is widely known how many of us eat/drink more during this time of year, the area of food and diet will be more apparent. This will involve many scenarios such as tastebuds being affected, feeling bloated more than usual, intolerance to certain foods/drinks, taking more care to the food groups in manners of buying, cooking, eating. In general, being aware of sensitivities to food; how it is prepared, where it comes from, expiry dates, as stomach/digestive issues crop up. There may be issues with food suppliers, prices, food safety, etc. as well. It would also include addressing food management, growing, selling and serving food/diet needs in our homes and communities.

On a final note, as you can see, this month’s spirit animal for the collective is the hedgehog. Not a common animal one would encounter yet the spiritual traits of the hedgehog will align with many. It also connects with the numerology cycle for December. I recommend reading what it symbolizes by visiting: spirit-animals.com and/or whats-your-sign.com.

Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send you Divine Blessings. May December be a season of creating caring memories. Be safe and well!

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