Well I am so late publishing this month’s forecast…to be honest I had a hard time feeling the discipline to sit down and write…grappling with the energies of wanting to lay low (i.e not do much) versus am I being bad by not being consistent with the timeframe and regularity of these monthly articles. So, now with almost half of January gone, I am going ahead with the forecast despite whether or not anyone is interested. There may be those who already realize this month has been one of dealing with unusual and unique energies connected to various levels (emotional-physical-mental-spiritual). To get a sense of what January is about whether via confirmation or clarity, please read on.


We have started a new year and decade yet the energies feel “different” instead of “new”. It’s as if many of us can’t seem to pinpoint what it is, articulate exactly what they feel but can sense within that changes are in the air. And for some it’s a time of “bring it on!”. Encompassing defiant and rebellious attitudes that are not necessarily meant to cause havoc but to breakaway from convention and carve out a world that is unconventional to what we are used to. This month ushers in changes that impacts our world suddenly and shockingly and we may be surprised by how we respond in unique/unusual ways. Some will embrace these different energies and others will try to defy any differences as they want things to stay the same. The big theme for this month is changes, big and small ones, personally and collectively…yet not all will welcome them and some will feel it is time for change. The key is to try to honour and go along with what changes you feel are due…try embracing and inviting the different and see where it takes you.

The big difference we as a collective are going to be experiencing not only for the year but this decade will be connected to the area of our relationships and how we relate to all matters. This encompasses not just the human side but any relationship to anything that is part of our world…some examples are relationships to money, to work, to the environment, to our bodies, to our belief systems….hopefully you get the picture as it will vary from person to person and what energies are influencing us. We are entering a time where sharing and caring for/about one another holds more value, has advantages to all concerned. We are in a decade where it is about helping and being part of partnerships rather than going at it alone or putting the self first. In fact, many will embrace assistance from those around us whether we know them well or not…even asking for help will become the new norm.

So much is going on and it seems to be happening fast with a lot of it affecting the areas of stability and security. Traditions are changing. We are literally seeing and experiencing changes in our world that is impacting many of us whether it is near or far. There is anxiety and worry. We don’t always know what to believe as we catch others lying to us and we may be the ones who tells the lies. What we hear is it true or not? At times we have to trust our heart/gut and do what feels right instead of basing it all on the facts.

The #5 energy is represented by the teen generation. So this age group will be a part of major stories and issues this month but also those of us who are older, past this generation will be influenced more than usual whether it is connected to our own teen years or from teens around us. Rock n roll and do the best you can when it comes to feelings of intense angst.

Finally, this month’s Power/Spirit Animal came through as the Red Cardinal. I encourage looking up the spiritual meanings of this bird as it will relate and connect to many of us and what themes will be present in our lives.

With that, I am so grateful for all of your support and especially engaging with me on my Facebook Page and variety of posts. To find out more about what I do please visit my website: www.inlightinenergy.com I am also on Instagram and Facebook (but if you are here reading this you already know that…lol)…please feel free to follow and like Inlightin Energy at these outlets. Being a psychic for over 30 years, I am available for personal and group readings. Please feel free to connect with me via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com or via PM on my Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy. Until next time, I and my Divine Guides The Counsel send each of you Divine Blessings of ease and grace. Thank you!

©Tina De Luca