Hello and welcome! Those of you who pay attention to numbers, may have noticed that there are many twos connected to this month…this means the heart has a major influence and significance in our lives…emotionally, spiritually, physically. We feel more sensitive and the area of care comes into focus. To get a sense of what energies are present for the collective this month, please read on.


This will be a very emotional month and it’s all based on heart energy. Many of us will focus on what our heart says and be influenced by how our heart feels…as examples “my heart wants to do this” and “ my heart is just not into this”. There is a sensitivity that will not always be welcomed or comfortable. So take heart…do the best you can and try to be gentle with it all, including those around you. It’s not going to be easy listening and following the heart as it doesn’t always make sense to the logical mind…reality can get in the way. A major theme for this month is related to care and caring. And again, it will all lead to the heart as in demonstrating how much we feel/show/say we care.

This month’s photo is of a llama which happens to be February’s Power/Spirit animal for the collective. When I tune into the energy of the llama, I get feelings of comfort in the sense of sheltering from the pain and elements of life. For me, there is this quiet strength that wants to take care of and nurture loved ones. It will matter what you pick up on when you focus on the llama as this will have personal meaning. I also recommend looking up the spiritual definition of the llama as it’s themes will also factor in.

The phrase “what matters most” will be significant. It doesn’t always mean something that will be said often, but more related to weighing in decisions especially concerning the future. The question will be whether your answers come from your mind or from your heart. What will matter most when it comes to taking care of and/or caring for any area of life that we are concerned with? We are not just thinking of the self, as we also will tend to include those we care about and for. “What matters most” will encompass the energies of giving and receiving. The more heartfelt we are, the bigger rewards/successes come to be.

The #6 is represented by family yet what it tries to convey is family can be more than blood relations and that the family isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. At times it is better to break away and forge your own family unit, whether that is with friends, community, groups, pets. I find with the #6 energy, family will often be in the forefront and we will hear/see from family members more often than usual. Generally, there will be more stories focused on family and related areas.

One of the keywords that came through was “host/hosting”. It “lights up”, meaning it will hold value for us in some manner. From being in this role to having others host us, it will range from the literal sense to the symbolic sense of hosting. Also, it may include hearing more tips about these areas.
Overall for the year, work/jobs are a main issue and this month we are drawn to the area of employment especially in relation to EI, benefits and the services we receive from those who take care of/for others (ie doctors, nurses, teachers). The governments will be bringing up employment issues that will concern many of us.

Finally, shelter and home are another two areas we focus on. Home is where the heart is but for some it will be more about adequate shelter as the costs of living pinches the purse strings. There may be a call out to the government and from supporting agencies to do more when it comes to housing and shelters.

Whatever February brings, may you all take care and be enveloped by loving energy. Be well!

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